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Human skills best way for workers to adjust to rise of theHuman skills best way for workers to adjust to rise of the

first_imgOTTAWA – A year into its effort to help equip youth for the rapidly evolving workforce, one of the country’s largest banks says enhancing young Canadians’ human skills will be critical in navigating the machine-led disruption that lies ahead.In a new study, the Royal Bank of Canada is calling for a national review of post-secondary programs to ensure they place more of a focus on “human skills” — from active listening, to critical thinking, to social perceptiveness.The research argues these foundational skills will help future workers remain nimble and position them to complement increasingly pervasive technologies like robots and machines, rather than compete with them.And it warns that without action Canadians will not be ready for inevitable changes over the next decade or two.Many say the transformation is already underway.Governments have poured energy and funding into efforts to prepare workers for a significantly altered labour force, which will be driven by technological advances, such as automation and artificial intelligence.For example, the federal government has emphasized the importance of promoting the fields of STEM — science, technology, engineering and mathematics — to help youth prepare for the future workforce. In its recent budget, Ottawa also noted that one million students will learn coding and digital skills through its CanCode program.But the RBC study found that while digital literacy is increasingly critical for all workers, it won’t be as crucial for everyone to learn a specific expertise like coding.Foundational human skills, on the other hand, can truly improve a worker’s opportunities and mobility.“To help Canada’s next generation do the disrupting instead of being disrupted, we need to start with 21st-century skills — skills they can use to grasp new opportunities and surf the waves of technology and innovation that are changing the world,” said the report titled, “Humans Wanted,” to be released Monday.“We need to stop telling them that work revolves only around degrees, qualifications and jobs.”RBC president and CEO Dave McKay said in an interview that if policy-makers and employers don’t do more to start preparing now, then Canada could run into a lot of challenges — from competitiveness obstacles to social-cohesion issues.“We believe there’s a national dialogue that’s lacking around this issue,” said McKay, who noted the study estimated more than 25 per cent of Canadian jobs will be heavily disrupted in the next decade and half will require far different skills than they do now.He said Canada currently spends a lot of money as a society to train people in skills and roles that won’t be needed down the road or, at the very least, will be a significant mismatch.“It won’t be good enough if we keep training ourselves on the same old, same old going forward — machines can do a lot of what we’re training students for,” McKay said.Canada, like many countries, suffers from a shortage in skills in their young people, like leadership, decision making, communication and emotional intelligence, he said.The report also recommends a national target to provide work-integrated learning, like internships and apprenticeships, for 100 per cent of undergraduate students.The federal government has committed funds to work-integrated learning. Last year, for example, it announced a program to help create work placements for 60,000 students over the next five years.Asked about federal efforts to prepare the next generation, McKay said it’s not enough, so he wants to work with Ottawa.“They seem to be small and I don’t have the actual execution plans, so yes, there’s money that they put aside, but to do exactly what?” McKay said of Ottawa’s promises.“We have a plan and a vision of what success looks like. We hope the two will come together.”The report is part of RBC’s 10-year, $500-million commitment toward helping young people prepare for the future workforce.The hunt for solutions to the impending workforce skills challenges have been preoccupying governments and business leaders for several years.Later this week, several federal cabinet ministers will host a G7 meeting in Montreal to explore how best to prepare for jobs of the future with their counterparts from other member countries.The Canadian Chamber of Commerce released a report last week that said businesses should invest now in the skills development and lifelong learning to ensure their workers will have the tools to face the coming disruptions from AI, advanced robotics and automation.It’s better to re-train workers now rather than waiting until after these new technologies have taken their jobs, the organization said. If properly harnessed, new advances can improve production and boost economic growth and even create jobs.The Chamber’s report also noted the importance of social skills.It said people interviewed for the document praised British Columbia’s school system for its new curriculum emphasizing areas like social skills, communication, and creative and critical thinking. The report said these lessons are being integrated with lessons for traditional skills, such as numeracy and literacy.—Follow @AndyBlatchford on Twitter.last_img read more

Trans woman hopes funding cut will send message to Vancouver rape crisisTrans woman hopes funding cut will send message to Vancouver rape crisis

first_imgVANCOUVER — A transgender woman whose case against Canada’s oldest rape crisis centre was dismissed by the courts says she hopes the City of Vancouver’s decision to refuse the shelter funding will help change policies.Kimberly Nixon, 61, filed a human rights complaint against Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter in 1995 after she was refused training to work as a volunteer peer counsellor on the basis she did not share the life experience of someone born female.“The organization is not bad,” said Nixon. “It just means that attitudes have to change.”Nixon’s complaint was upheld by the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal with a $7,500 reward from Rape Relief, but the B.C. Supreme Court found discrimination had not occurred.The B.C. Court of Appeal dismissed Nixon’s appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada dismissed her request to appeal that decision in 2007.The City of Vancouver announced last week that, starting next year, it will no longer provide Rape Relief with a nearly $34,000 annual grant, saying the charitable group does not meet its trans equality and inclusion criteria, adopted in 2016.“While (Vancouver Rape Relief Society) services have been and are very important, staff identified concerns about the organization’s position on trans women in relation to the full intent of grant criteria,” the city said in a statement.Hilla Kerner, spokeswoman for Rape Relief, said women who are born female and socialized to submit to male domination do not feel comfortable around women who may appear and sound like men and don’t share the same life experience.“More often than not, being born female still means we are born as an oppressed class. We haven’t achieved liberation for women yet,” she said.Rape Relief does not turn transgender women away and often connects them to other services, Kerner said.She said the group is no different from other organizations that serve people with specific needs, including those who are Indigenous, disabled or migrants.Morgane Oger, who chairs the Trans Alliance Society, said she has been advocating since 2013 for Rape Relief’s municipal funding to be stopped.“Vancouver Rape Relief and other organizations that are publicly funded are responsible for keeping up the highest standard of inclusion,” Oger said, adding the group helps only a subset of women.Adrienne Smith, a human rights lawyer in Vancouver, said all of Smith’s clients are transgender and some of them have said they have been turned away from Rape Relief after a sexual assault.“Rape Relief takes the position that transgender women are men in dresses and that there’s something inauthentic about them,” Smith said. “Their followers repeat this messaging and it’s fundamentally hurtful to my clients and to trans and non-binary people.”Smith said Rape Relief has stuck to the same message even as society has changed.Trans women are sexually assaulted at four times the rate of non-trans women, often by other women, Smith said.“The Nixon case was wrongly decided and I think it would be decided very differently if it were argued today because decision makers have a much more clear understanding that transgender women are women,” Smith said.British Columbia provides about $600,000 in annual funding to Rape Relief, which has a budget of about $1.1 million and opened its doors in 1973.Nixon said provincial funding should also be reconsidered.“If the province continues to fund them they are basically enabling their treatment of trans women, or trans people in general,” said Nixon, who recently spoke at an International Women’s Day event at Ryerson University in Toronto.“I hope the society’s reached a point where they can recognize what is right and what is wrong. So this is just another opportunity for them to make the necessary change.”— Follow @CamilleBains1 on Twitter. Camille Bains, The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Elsipogtog antifracking protests triggering angry online backlashElsipogtog antifracking protests triggering angry online backlash

first_imgBy Jorge Barrera APTN National NewsThe ongoing, Mi’kmaq-led opposition to shale gas exploration in New Brunswick is creating an on-line backlash, with some calling for a counter-protest in support of SWN Resources Canada which was forced to call off its planned work Thursday after facing dozens of demonstrators.The calls for a counter-protest were posted Thursday evening on the Facebook group, Say Yes to Natural Gas and Oil in New Brunswick.“I think the people that move this country are fed up… Time for action (sic),” posted Tim Bamford, whose publicly available Facebook profile indicates he lives in Chipman, NB. “The intent would to be to go there in support only. If it escalated…Then that would force the govt hand to act…Trudeau would have shut this down before it started (sic).”The comment was part of a 125-comment thread in response to a posted Twitter photo about Thursday’s protest on Hwy 11 depicting Elsipogtog residents and supporters stopping SWN’s trucks.SWN turned back its thumper trucks after dozens of Elsipogtog residents and supporters confronted the machinery. The RCMP intervened, briefly shutting down Hwy 11 in an area about 46 km north of Elsipogtog First Nation.One woman was arrested in relation to the protest and the RCMP is investigating several acts of vandalism against one of SWN’s trucks and some of its equipment.The day’s events triggered a flurry of angry online reaction.While Bramford’s call received some support, some posters worried whether they’d be able to muster enough people to make an impact.“Your right tim show of real support is needed and we shall do it (sic),” posted Dan Richard, whose publicly available Facebook profile indicates he lives in Miramichi, NB.“Good luck Tim Tim Bamford, we could hardly get 20 to show up at the leg building last year… But hey if there’s at least 50 going, IM IN! (sic)” posted Jason Chase, whose publicly available Facebook profile shows photos of a license plate from Nova Scotia.It appears the pro-SWN protest never materialized and instead the discussion turned to taking out a newspaper advertisement.“What if we all pitched in enough to take a full page ad out in the papers?” posted Peter Melanson, whose publicly available Facebook profile included a photo calling to “Frack Baby, Frack.”The thread also revealed a high level of anger from local residents over the ongoing protest.“Push clutch in, put transmission in gear, gently ease off the clutch, hammer down !!! (sic)” posted Kevin Cai, whose publicly available Facebook profile indicates he went to high school in Rogersville, NB.“Good thing i don’t drive truck because i likely would have run over top of them (sic),” posted Stephanie Dawn MacLeod, whose publicly available profile indicates she lives in Saint John, NB.“Run the maggots over.. take them out of there misery. Enough is enough!! (sic)” posted Adam Merrill, whose publicly available Facebook profile indicates he lives in Nova Scotia.“Arrest everyone of them or bring in our army and deal with the warriors with real warriors…one law for all in this country (sic),” posted David Donahue, whose publicly available Facebook profile indicates he lives in Blackville, NB.jbarrera@aptn.calast_img read more

Ontario needs innovative skills and apprenticeship trainingstudyOntario needs innovative skills and apprenticeship trainingstudy

TORONTO — A new study concludes that Ontario needs to get far more creative in order to properly prepare young people for jobs of the future.The study was commissioned by the Ontario Skilled Trades Alliance which represents companies that employ more than 400,000 skilled trades people across the province.It points out that 65 per cent of the current population of elementary school students will end up in careers that don’t yet exist.To keep pace with advancing technology and help close the skills gap, the report calls for more flexible skills and apprenticeship training.It also urges students to dedicate 20 hours of community work to mastering trades and practical skills — and it recommends that more emphasis be placed on creative online learning.The reports states that up to 41 per cent of Ontario employers would hire more people, if they only had the right skills. read more

ICE Futures Canada Monday morning Canola prices mostly higher barley unchangedICE Futures Canada Monday morning Canola prices mostly higher barley unchanged

WINNIPEG — Prices were mostly higher in mid-morning trading at ICE Futures Canada on Monday:Canola: July ’17 unchanged $571.10; Nov. ’17 $8.20 higher $525.50; Jan. ’18 $8.80 higher $529.60; March ’18 $9.50 higher $533.70; May ’18 $8.10 higher $533.00; July ’18 $7.10 higher $533.10; Nov. ’18 $0.20 lower $488.20; Jan. ’19 unchanged $489.10; March ’19 unchanged $489.10; May ’19 unchanged $489.10; July ’19 unchanged $489.10.Barley (Western): July ’17 unchanged $138.00; Oct. ’17 unchanged $140.00; Dec. ’17 unchanged $140.00; March ’18 unchanged $140.00; May ’18 unchanged $140.00; July ’18 unchanged $140.00; Oct. ’18 unchanged $140.00; Dec. ’18 unchanged $140.00; March ’19 unchanged $140.00; May ’19 unchanged $140.00; July ’19 unchanged $140.00.

UKs reputation takes global hit with Parliament shutdownUKs reputation takes global hit with Parliament shutdown

LONDON — It’s long been known that Britain’s Parliament building must be vacated for urgent repairs that will take years and cost billions, but the problem now goes beyond the water leaks and vermin infestation to Britain’s global reputation as a model of democracy-in-action.In parts of the world where Britain’s parliamentary system and adherence to the rule of law provided a model to emerging nations, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s brusque decision to shut down Parliament for crucial weeks ahead of the looming Brexit deadline is seen by some as proof that Britain, too, can be subject to a power grab.Johnson’s gambit may pay off if he is able to make Brexit a reality on Oct. 31 without doing grave damage to Britain’s economy, but the widely held perception that he is shuttering Parliament to squelch debate (despite his claims to the contrary) has been roundly condemned in key parts of the former British Empire, including some where Queen Elizabeth II is still accorded the status of head of state.Many Britons — politicians and the public alike — have a lofty view of the country’s role in world affairs, emphasizing its seat on the United Nations Security Council, its nuclear arsenal, and its traditional influence in trouble spots like the Middle East. But the prolonged impasse over Brexit, which was approved more than three years ago but still hasn’t taken place, has taken a toll on how much of the world views Britain’s vaunted political institutions.Nicholas Sengoba, a columnist in the former British colony of Uganda, said Johnson’s action shows that Britain is not immune to the abuse of power that has plagued some African nations. “The whole notion that a British prime minister cannot be as powerful as an African dictator has been stripped off,” he said.The prolonged Brexit stalemate in Britain has made the former colonial power “look extremely bad” because there is no clear leadership and no consensus on what the actual consequences of a “no deal” Brexit might be, he said.Britain’s longstanding reputation for openness and fair play has been tarnished by a years-long rift in the opposition Labour Party over whether party chief Jeremy Corbyn and his top advisers tolerate anti-Semitism — there has even been a police investigation of some party members — and a desire to keep foreigners from settling in Britain under liberal European Union regulations was at least in part responsible for the 2016 Brexit vote in favour of leaving the 28-nation bloc.Many academics warn that the loss of EU funding, and a stiffening of rules that made it easy for Europeans to study, research and teach in Britain, will lower the standards of Britain’s world-class scientific and medical institutions, and perhaps even dim the quality of the country’s brilliant arts scene. Even the respected royal family is not untouched, with new photographs and stories that document Prince Andrew’s association with pedophile financier Jeffrey Epstein, who killed himself in prison in August.Some have also been surprised by the queen’s role in the shutdown of Parliament. As head of state in a constitutional monarchy, Queen Elizabeth II is required to maintain strict neutrality on all political issues, which left her little choice but to approve Johnson’s request to shutter Parliament for a longer-than-usual time period.No one outside her closest family members and inner circle of advisers is likely to ever know whether she felt Johnson’s request was appropriate or gave the executive branch too much power by limiting debate in the legislature, just as no one in the media or public can say with certainty how the queen feels on the underlying question of whether it is wise for Britain to leave the EU.Britain’s tortured path toward Brexit — perhaps now nearing its climax — has exacted a price. In New Zealand, another former colony, the latest moves by Johnson have provoked some talk about whether it’s time to change its status as a constitutional monarchy with Elizabeth as a figurehead head of state (she does, after all, reside nearly 12,000 miles away) and instead transform into a republic.In a satirical tweet, newspaper columnist Dave Armstrong wrote that it would be dangerous for New Zealand to become a republic “as it would sever our ties with the UK — a stable parliamentary democracy where coups, dictatorships and tyranny by the minority simply doesn’t occur. Discuss.”University of Otago professor Robert Patman told a New Zealand newspaper that other countries are suspicious that Britain, which he described as gripped by its worst economic and diplomatic crisis since World War II, is behaving like a banana republic, and those suspicions have been deepened by Johnson’s latest actions.“At the moment there’s a very dangerous situation in the U.K.,” he said.Johnson’s suspension spawned protests in many British cities Saturday, a phenomenon familiar in Canada, where the queen is still the head of state. Former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper sparked major protests after he suspended Parliament in 2008 and 2009, but the protests eventually dwindled and he managed to remain in power despite a no-confidence vote accusing his government of contempt of Parliament.The influential Toronto newspaper The Globe and Mail said in an editorial that Johnson’s suspension of Parliament must be reversed: “It’s wrong. It’s undemocratic. It certainly isn’t British,” the newspaper said.A cartoon in the Toronto Star newspaper showed Johnson with the queen on a boat that’s about to go over a waterfall. Johnson says: “Hold on to your knickers, not even democracy can stop me now!”The spectacle of Britain’s prolonged political impasse over Brexit, and now the decision to shutter Parliament at a key time, is contributing to a sense in Canada that the old colonial power is in decline.Robert Bothwell, a University of Toronto professor of Canadian history, said Britain has been receding in the Canadian consciousness since the 1960s.“There is about a 150-degree change in the way Canadians see Britain since the 1960s,” he said. “It’s not gone but it doesn’t exercise the same political economic draw as it did fifty years ago.”___Associated Press writers Rodney Muhumuza in Kampala, Uganda, Nick Perry in Wellington, New Zealand and Robert Gillies in Toronto contributed.___Follow AP’s full coverage of Brexit and British politics at: Katz, The Associated Press read more

Its good to give and to receive treat holiday charity like anIts good to give and to receive treat holiday charity like an

It’s good to give, and to receive: treat holiday charity like an investment by Peter Henderson, The Canadian Press Posted Nov 26, 2015 8:00 am MDT Last Updated Nov 26, 2015 at 8:40 am MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email TORONTO – More than nine in 10 Canadians follow the example of reformed miser Ebenezer Scrooge and give to charity every year, but experts advise taking a page from his tightwad ways and treat those charitable donations like an investment.Philanthropy professionals and charity watchdogs say that as the holiday season approaches and the airwaves fill with messages of altruism, you should still analyze your chosen charities the same way you would research the purchase of mutual funds or property.Financial adviser Kate Bahen, managing director of watchdog group Charity Intelligence Canada, says key things to look for include whether the charity’s financial statements are audited and up-to-date, if the charity has an independent oversight board, and if it spends more on programs than administration and fundraising.“People need to look at that giving as an investment,” she says. “If they could bring that business brain to the giving table, I think that’s where we would see such huge change in Canada for the good.”Bahen says charities will often play on the heartstrings by telling one story of one client in need, but big businesses don’t ever limit their quarterly reports to talking about just one customer.While Tiny Tim’s blessing brought a smile to Scrooge’s face, he would surely also be pleased by the charity tax credits offered by the federal government that can reduce your total income and therefore, your tax bill.The Canada Revenue Agency gives a tax credit of 15 per cent on the first $200 you donate, rising to 29 per cent for amounts over $200. If you haven’t donated before, you can claim an additional 25 per cent tax credit for any donations made before the end of 2017, up to $1,000. The provinces have their own tax credits.The CRA posts a searchable list of the more than 85,000 registered charities in Canada online and provides a detailed breakdown of their finances. Third-party organizations such as Charity Intelligence Canada also provides guidance on giving and ratings on individual charities.Lawyer Mark Blumberg says people are happiest when their tax savings reflect their values.“It would be nice if people would have a sense of how they want to give, so that at the end of the year when you look at all the receipts you have it is a fair reflection of what you want to support,” he says.He says Canadians shouldn’t just rely on the grades given out by third parties to make their decisions.The best way to get to know if a charity is worthy of your support is to volunteer, he adds.Financial planner Cynthia Kett says it’s best to form long-term relationships with charities that share your values, instead of doling out many smaller gifts throughout the year.“We often have a tendency to make donations on the fly, and I think it’s useful to be strategic in your giving,” she said.When it comes to taxes, Kett says it’s important to understand the nuances of the charitable giving tax credit.Because the first $200 has a lower credit, married couples can save a little money by combining their donations on one return and having the higher-income spouse claim the credit.Kett says Canadians should report their charitable donations every year, but can hold off on claiming for up to five years in order to maximize their returns. You can also use your spouse’s unclaimed charitable donations towards your returns.Sandra Miniutti, chief financial officer of American watchdog group Charity Navigator, says that over the last decade, more and more charities have begun to measure the impact of their work and publicize the results.She says those looking to give should make sure their chosen charity is monitoring the outcome of its work.“If you’re not measuring and tracking your impact, how do you know you’re doing good and not harm?”Follow @Henderburn on Twitter. read more

CPL 2017 Rashid Ronchi secure Warriors win as Tallawahs knocked outCPL 2017 Rashid Ronchi secure Warriors win as Tallawahs knocked out

The Amazon Warriors’ playoffs chances were hit when captain Martin Guptill left the tournament due to a family emergency. But the Warriors have seemingly been galvanized with the arrival of his replacement Ronchi, who has scored more runs in three matches (149) than Guptill did in the first seven (142).A harbinger of the savage display to come arrived on his third ball when he effortlessly lofted Mahmudullah back over his head for six. After the Powerplay, Ronchi feasted on poor angles offered by the Tallawahs bowlers, as he used nothing but wrist to whip Rovman Powell for a pair of sixes off the first two balls of the seventh over. Kesrick Williams wilted under pressure too. Ronchi soon brought up the second-fastest fifty of CPL 2017, off 20 balls.Ronchi finished with 70 off 33 balls, setting up Thursday night’s showdown with Trinbago Knight Riders for a chance to return to the CPL final for the fourth time in five seasons. (ESPNcricinfo) Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedCPL 2017: Calm Williams takes Tallawahs up to second in thrilling finishAugust 18, 2017In “latest news”CPL 2017: Walton, Ronchi ensure Amazon Warriors all but qualifySeptember 2, 2017In “latest news”CPL 2017: Warriors face Tallawahs in 1st home game this eveningAugust 17, 2017In “latest news” By Peter Della PennaGuyana Amazon Warriors 169 for 5 (Ronchi 70, Mahmudullah 3-25) beat Jamaica Tallawahs 168 for 8 (Sangakkara 57*, Rashid 3-32) by five wicketsRashid Khan created history by claiming CPL’s first ever hat-trick Getty ImagesIn a rematch of the 2016 CPL final, Guyana Amazon Warriors exacted revenge behind Rashid Khan’s hat-trick and Luke Ronchi’s cold-blooded 70 off 33 balls to knock out the defending champion Jamaica Tallawahs at Brian Lara Stadium. Tallawahs were on the back foot throughout Amazon Warriors’ chase of 169 courtesy a splendid second-wicket stand of 67 in 5.1 overs between Ronchi and Chadwick Walton, before victory was sealed by a six from Assad Fudadin with 13 balls to spare.Opening questionFor the second night in a row, the decision to open the batting with a player who hadn’t played through the tournament produced underwhelming results. On Tuesday night, it was William Perkins with Trinbago Knight Riders and on Wednesday night, it was Kennar Lewis with Tallawahs.The Tallawahs management decided to drop Glenn Phillips despite four 30-plus scores in seven innings in the competition. Captain Kumar Sangakkara said at the post-match presentation that the reason to include Lewis was because the Tallawahs “had gone soft in the Powerplay”. Lewis managed 15 before he was bounced out by Rayad Emrit, caught at deep square leg in the fifth over.The riddle in the middleSangakkara and Andre McCarthy, a consistent performer for the Tallawahs this season, were pushed down two spots. Rather than giving their two leading scorers the most time to bat, their delayed entry may have cost the side 20-plus runs, particularly since Sangakkara finished unbeaten on 57 off 38 balls.Steven Jacobs benefited most. The offspinner pinched two early wickets in the seventh over, snapping up Lendl Simmons at cover for 34 and then had Mahmudullah four balls later as his sloppy swat to the leg side found Veerasammy Permaul at midwicket to make it 59 for 3.Rashid’s googly hat-trickOn Wednesday night, Rashid created CPL history with the tournament’s first ever hat-trick.First was McCarthy, beaten driving by a googly to begin the 15th over. Jonathan Foo lunged at another googly next ball and was beaten easily as the ball knocked into leg stump.Rovman Powell’s dismissal was the worst stroke of the three, teased into chasing a flighted delivery well outside off that spun back sharply to hit off stump. At 116 for 7, Tallawahs were left with a struggle to get to a defendable total on a night where heavy dew made gripping the ball increasingly difficult as the night wore on.Ronchi the ravager read more

Be careful what you tweet British social media users face finesBe careful what you tweet British social media users face fines

first_imgTHE BRITISH GOVERNMENT is to tell Twitter and Facebook users how to avoid “inadvertently breaking the law” by revealing banned details from court cases.Legal advisories previously sent only to the mainstream media will be published on social media networks in recognition of the fact that newspapers and television no longer have a monopoly on news.There are strict rules in place in the UK on what can be reported or publicly discussed about a court case, with fines levied on those deemed to have prejudiced a fair trial, while it is also illegal to identify some victims of crime.But these rules are increasingly being broken by users of social networks, most recently when socialite Peaches Geldof tweeted the names of two mothers whose babies were involved in sexual abuse orchestrated by disgraced rock star Ian Watkins.Geldof apologised and swiftly deleted the tweets but police are considering whether to press charges under the law protecting the identity of victims in sexual offences cases.“Blogs and social media sites like Twitter and Facebook mean that individuals can now reach thousands of people with a single tweet or post,” said Attorney General Dominic Grieve, the government’s chief legal advisor.“This is an exciting prospect, but it can pose certain challenges to the criminal justice system.“In days gone by, it was only the mainstream media that had the opportunity to bring information relating to a court case to such a large group of people that it could put a court case at risk. That is no longer the case, and is why I have decided to publish the advisories that I have previously only issued to the media.” “This is not about telling people what they can or cannot talk about on social media; quite the opposite in fact, it’s designed to help facilitate commentary in a lawful way. Grieve said he hoped to “stop people from inadvertently breaking the law”.The British attorney general’s advisories will be published on his website and his Twitter account.In Ireland, there has been no official warning about social media and legal cases, in terms of prejudicing legal cases. On a personal level, however, businessman Declan Ganley reached a minor settlement out of court and received an apology in January from a blogger who made defamatory comments about him on Twitter this time last year.© – AFP 2013Read: Peaches Geldof defends tweeting names of mothers involved in Lostprophets court case >Can you get arrested for things you say on Facebook and Twitter?>Read: French court says Twitter must identify racist tweet authors >last_img read more

NeoGeo X is real and costs a small fortuneNeoGeo X is real and costs a small fortune

first_imgIn January details leaked of a new portable gaming device carrying the Neo-Geo name. It looked a lot like an iPhone, yet was purely focused on playing games and would ship with 20 classic Neo-Geo titles on board.It now looks as if that rumor was true. Blaze, who specialize in video games accessories, has signed a deal with SNK Playmore and distributor Tommo to launch the NeoGeo X. The only problem is, the price we can expect to pay renders this device dead on arrival.The leaked specs for the NeoGeo X were slightly off. Instead of a 4.3-inch display it will only have a 3.5-inch LCD. There’s A/V output though, as well as an SD card slot. Other details about the hardware have not been confirmed, but the original leak stated there would be 2GB of on-board storage, a 2200mAh battery, and an ARM chip as the central processor.As for the games included with the unit, they have been confirmed as:The Art of FightingBaseball Stars ProfessionalCyber-LipFatal FuryFatal Fury SpecialFootball FrenzyKing of MonstersLast ResortLeague BowlingMagical LordMetal SlugMutation NationNam-1975Samurai ShodownSengokuSuper SidekicksThe King of Fighters ’94Top Player’s GolfUltimate 11World HeroesAs for the price, Blaze has confirmed we can expect to pay £500 (US$785) for the privilege of owning a NeoGeo X. If that remains the case, no one will buy it. If you consider the vastly more powerful PS Vita costs only $299.99 with 3G, how can Blaze warrant pricing this retro-gaming unit so high? It makes little sense.Hopefully that price will be revised downwards considerably before launch and I’m also hoping for an online store offering the rest of the 158 Neo-Geo games that got released.More at MCVlast_img read more

Le SMS un moyen économique pour communiquerLe SMS un moyen économique pour communiquer

first_imgLe SMS, un moyen économique pour communiquerFrance – Une récente étude montre que les Français ont réduit leur facture mobile de 3% entre 2008 et 2009. La raison ? La préférence marquée des consommateurs pour les SMS, jugés plus économiques que les appels téléphoniques.La baisse des prix des SMS et la généralisation des forfaits SMS et MMS illimités auraient une incidence sur la consommation des mobinautes. L’Association française des opérateurs mobiles révèle que les Français ont réussi à diminuer de 3% le montant de leur facture mobile. Le volume moyen d’envoi a enregistré une augmentation marquante entre 2008 et 2009 passant de 51,1 à 88,2 messages par mois. Ainsi, la dépense moyenne pour le forfait “voix” a baissé de 6%. La crise économique aurait-elle aussi accentué ce phénomène ? C’est bien possible. En revanche, les opérateurs ne sont pas en reste puisque si d’un côté ils perdent des revenus sur les forfaits “voix”, les volumes data augmentent… et les bénéfices aussi.Le 1 juin 2010 à 11:33 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Astwood Fulford resign under duress says will go to the ICAstwood Fulford resign under duress says will go to the IC

first_img Related Items: Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, TCI, November 30, 2016 – The duo has resigned they say under duress and advised Magnetic Media today that there will be a report filed with the Integrity Commission due to the alleged, interference of Minister for Communications, George Lightbourne with the radio talk show, Expressions on government owned, RTC.Audley Astwood said he and Jermaine Fulford decided to resign due to the phone calls made in at least two instances allegedly by the Minister, reportedly taking exception to the content of the show.Astwood said the alleged interference infringes on freedom of speech and reeks of what he termed, political bullying.There was no Expressions Talk show on air today; Audley Astwood admitted that he did not know if he and Jermaine Fulford were fired from the program for which they are not paid, but explained there were technical problems since Monday which would have inhibited a broadcast today anyhow.On Monday, the two were reportedly told not to return. Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApplast_img read more

ASA Seeks Nominees for Conservation Legacy AwardsASA Seeks Nominees for Conservation Legacy Awards

first_imgThe American Soybean Association (ASA) is seeking nominations for the 2003 Conservation Legacy Awards. The Conservation Legacy Program is a national program designed to recognize the outstanding environmental and conservation achievements of U.S. soybean farmers. Along with ASA, the program is co-sponsored by Monsanto and Soybean Digest, an Intertec/Primedia publication.Producers interested in receiving the award will be asked to complete an application form. The form is available by calling 800/688-7692 or on ASA’s website, A national selection committee composed of soybean farmers, environmentalists, soybean industry representatives, and government officials will judge applications. Award winners will be selected based upon a combination of environmental criteria.Any ASA member who actively farms, including an individual farmer or farm family, is eligible to receive the Conservation Legacy Award. One ASA member actively engaged in soybean production will be selected from each of the following four regions: Western, Southern, Midwestern and Northeastern. A national winner will be selected from the regional winners, based on the nomination form and on-farm visits to each regional winner’s farm.All four regional winners and a spouse/guest will receive a trip to Commodity Classic, the annual joint convention of the American Soybean Association and National Corn Growers Association, February 27 – March 1, 2003, in Charlotte, North Carolina. The national winner will also receive a plaque and yard sign and will be featured in a special Soybean Digest article.Nominations are due to ASA by August 1, 2002.last_img read more

FHP reopens Southwest Eighth Street traffic surrounding FIU bridge collapseFHP reopens Southwest Eighth Street traffic surrounding FIU bridge collapse

first_imgMIAMI (WSVN) – The Florida Highway Patrol has reopened an area previously closed surrounding the collapsed bridge near Florida International University.On Saturday morning, FHP said Southwest Eighth Street from 107th Avenue to 117th Avenue has reopened to eastbound and westbound traffic. FHP said that it will continue to monitor the traffic, however.Officials also asked drivers to be cautious in the reopened area surrounding the site of the bridge collapse.The area had been shut down since March 15, after a pedestrian bridge under construction collapsed and killed six people, including FIU student Alexa Duran.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img

BSNL MTNL in talks with private players for spectrum sharing ReportBSNL MTNL in talks with private players for spectrum sharing Report

first_imgState-owned telecom operators – Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) and Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd (MTNL) – are reportedly in talks with private players to share spectrum in a bid to reduce losses and improve their revenues.”We are talking to two-three private operators. We have unutilised spectrum in many locations, in different circles,” a senior BSNL official told Business Standard.While MTNL provides telecom services in Delhi and Mumbai, BSNL offers services in the rest of the country. Due to intense competition in the telecom space, both the public sector operators have been struggling, incurring huge losses for the past few years.BSNL had posted a loss of Rs 7,600 crore for the financial year ending 31st March 2015, while MTNL’s loss stood at Rs 745 crore in the first quarter of the current financial year.Sharing spectrum with the two government-owned telcos is expected to assist private operators to address rising call drop issues. It will enable them to use their spectrum efficiently.In a bid to address the growing furore over increasing call drops, the telecom regulator has recently recommended operators to provide compensation to users for each dropped call. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has asked the operators to offer a compensation of Re 1 for each call drop.With the government giving its green signal for spectrum sharing, many companies have intensified their talks for such an arrangement, said the BSNL official.Nevertheless, the government has to ease the spectrum cap limits in order to enable spectrum sharing between two major telecom operators.As per the existing rules, an operator is not permitted to have over 25% of the spectrum allotted to all operators “in a particular circle or more than 50% of spectrum assigned in a particular frequency band.”last_img read more

Persona Farzana Shakils fined for using expired fake cosmeticsPersona Farzana Shakils fined for using expired fake cosmetics

first_imgPopular beauty parlours Persona and Farzana Shakil’s were fined Tk 1.5 million each on Thursday for using expired and fake cosmetics, reports UNB.Executive magistrate of Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) headquarters Sarwar Alam conducted the mobile court assisted by RAB-1 and representatives of BSTI from 12:30pm in Gulshan and Banani.During the drive, the mobile court seized huge quantities of fake and expired cosmetics from the beauty parlours, said executive magistrate Sarwar.last_img

On Walt Whitmans 200 Birthday Reflecting On His Recently Discovered WorksOn Walt Whitmans 200 Birthday Reflecting On His Recently Discovered Works

first_imgGeorge C. Cox/Wikipedia CommonsWalt Whitman is perhaps best known for his collection of poetry, Leaves of Grass. Poet Walt Whitman was born 200 years ago today.The American essayist and journalist is perhaps best known for his collection of poetry, Leaves of Grass.And while the writer has been dead for more than 127 years, new works are still being discovered.Over the last few years, Zach Turpin, who was at the time a doctoral student at the University of Houston, discovered a previously unknown essay by Whitman and later a previously unknown novel.Michael Hagerty/Houston Public MediaZach Turpin unearthed previously unknown works by Walt Whitman.The Lost EssayIn 2016, Turpin unearthed a long-forgotten, 13-part, 47,000-word essay by Whitman, written under the pseudonym Mose Velsor, called Manly Health and Training.The piece was a rambling treatise on everything from health, diet, and fitness, to politics – and even thoughts on racial superiority and eugenics.As Turpin, who now works in the English Department at the University of Idaho, told Houston Matters back in 2016, when Whitman later gained notoriety for his poetry, he purposely wanted to distance himself from this earlier work.The Lost NovelThen, about a year later, Turpin discovered a new novel by Whitman called Life and Adventures of Jack Engle.And, as Turpin told Michael Hagerty back in 2017, the story was originally published as a six-part work of serial fiction in 1852. To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: 00:00 /06:57 Listencenter_img X Sharelast_img read more

Study shows people have an upper limit on the number of friendsStudy shows people have an upper limit on the number of friends

first_img Explore further © 2016 (—A pair of researchers has found when people add someone new to their “friends” list, each is more distant than those in the inner circle. In their paper published in the Journal of the Royal Society Interface, Michael Harré and Mikhail Prokopenko, both with The University of Sydney in Australia, describe test data they analyzed covering both hunter-gatherer societies and people living in modern conditions, what they found and what it might mean for people moving forward using virtual social networks. Citation: Study shows people have an upper limit on the number of friends they can add to their social network (2016, May 18) retrieved 18 August 2019 from More information: Michael S. Harré et al. The social brain: scale-invariant layering of Erdős–Rényi networks in small-scale human societies, Journal of The Royal Society Interface (2016). DOI: 10.1098/rsif.2016.0044AbstractThe cognitive ability to form social links that can bind individuals together into large cooperative groups for safety and resource sharing was a key development in human evolutionary and social history. The ‘social brain hypothesis’ argues that the size of these social groups is based on a neurologically constrained capacity for maintaining long-term stable relationships. No model to date has been able to combine a specific socio-cognitive mechanism with the discrete scale invariance observed in ethnographic studies. We show that these properties result in nested layers of self-organizing Erdős–Rényi networks formed by each individual’s ability to maintain only a small number of social links. Each set of links plays a specific role in the formation of different social groups. The scale invariance in our model is distinct from previous ‘scale-free networks’ studied using much larger social groups; here, the scale invariance is in the relationship between group sizes, rather than in the link degree distribution. We also compare our model with a dominance-based hierarchy and conclude that humans were probably egalitarian in hunter–gatherer-like societies, maintaining an average maximum of four or five social links connecting all members in a largest social network of around 132 people. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.center_img Journal information: Journal of the Royal Society Interface Prior research has shown, the researchers note, that humans are only capable of maintaining a certain number of people in their social world, currently, the upper limit appears to be 132 people. But, not all of those people are directly connected to any one individual, it all happens through links. Harré and Prokopenko suggest the upper limit on the number of direct friends for most people is about five. The upper limits appear to be based on biology, they note—as the human brain developed, people were living together in small groups that lived as hunter-gatherers. That led to the development of links, which are direct connections between two people, generally two people that have some type of emotional attachment. To form a larger group, it isn’t necessary for every person in that group to form a connection with everyone else, all it takes is for a network of connections to exist.In primitive terms, the researchers explain, that would mean that not all of the people in a small hunting party would necessarily have to be friends, instead, each would have to be friends with just one or two of the people in the group. They have calculated that to have a social circle of 132 people, each person would only have to have a link with just five people. They also have found that the number of links a person has can be related to group size, as the group grows, more links are needed to maintain cohesiveness. As it grows to 15, for example, there will exist on average 3 links per person; in groups of 45, the number of links would grow to 3 or 4.The researchers also suggest that their findings help explain how modern societies have come to deal with networking—by forming hierarchies. In such groups, people don’t have to know hardly anyone to be a part of the overall group, instead, the group is made functional by leaders. Social network diagram. Credit: Daniel Tenerife/Wikipedia The social lives of the elderly mirror how they grow olderlast_img read more

Art on the moveArt on the move, an online community for everything creative is going one step further in its search for bringing all the creative minds in the world at one place by taking Touchtalent to everyone’s mobile phones and Tablets – in an online creative exhibition for the month of December titled – SmartArt. Users are invited to upload their entries for this exhibition via mobile phones or Tablet only, but is open to all ages and countries.People spend more than 10% of their day looking at mobile phones – mostly browsing the internet on social networking websites, playing games, reading news or blogs. has decided to take this time and convert it into something creative and bring out the best of the mobile phones by showing everyone how their mobile phones can be just as good as a notebook, or a canvas, or a DSLR – and their creativity is only bound by their imagination. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Exhibition is  live from December 27 and will continue to be so till January 7. It is expected to reach more than 60 million social connects of Touchtalent in 192 countries.Touchtalent has  organized more than 15 global online creative exhibitions with each generating around five million pageviews.“We want users to not just browse internet but spend their time creatively, So we decided to go ahead and take this browsing time and convert it into something useful and creative for users” says Mohd.  Wassem, M.D, One of the founders at Touchtalent, he is a management graduate from Delhi University. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixWassem worked for eight years in corporate sectors in different capacities  before founding Touchtalent along with Ankit Prasad. A  Mathematic and Computing Graduate form Indian Institute of Technology. He is also an official TEDx youth speaker. is a community of creativity individuals who create original and imaginative content. It puts the hands together for the originality of individuals at a global level. Everyday users from more than 100 countries visit Touchtalent to showcase  their creative content in four diverse formats (visual, textual audio and video) under an assortment of categories.last_img read more