Best Buddies club to host Flame concert for Disability Awareness Month

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first_imgAs part of its series of Disability Awareness Month events, the Best Buddies Club at Notre Dame is hosting a free concert featuring the band Flame.“[Best Buddies] is a club where we pair up with people in the community who have intellectual and developmental disabilities,” junior and disability awareness coordinator Maggie O’Connell said. “We meet a couple times a month and we are all assigned a buddy, and we basically hang out, dance and have parties. It’s all about gathering together the community and being inclusive — no matter your disability or ability, you come together and have a good time.”Senior and Best Buddies club president Gregory Corning said although the club is simple, it has an important purpose.“The real goal of the club is just to be their friend,” Corning said. “It is a really simple goal, but it is a goal that is often overlooked by people in society.”The Best Buddies club hosted numerous events for Disability Awareness Month, including hanging Spread the Word to End the Word banners in both North and South Dining Halls. However, their biggest event for the month is bringing Flame to Notre Dame. “Flame is a group of 10 individuals who play amazing music and also happen to have disabilities,” Corning said. “ … Their whole tagline is that they don’t let anything stop them from making the music that they want to make.”Flame performed at Notre Dame before, about 10 years ago, and O’Connell said Best Buddies wanted to bring them back to campus. “We thought they were good because, one, they have great music, but also because they showcase that disabilities mean a lot of things for a lot of people,” O’Connell said. “It was inclusive — they all came together despite the wide range of disabilities to go for the same goal.”When asked what she wanted attendees to get out of their concert experience, O’Connell expressed a desire to expand others’ views about people with disabilities. “I hope that they see that being inclusive through Best Buddies and Flame can be inspiring for a lot of people,” she said. “I know for the buddies to see people with disabilities up on stage being superstars gives them something to look up to. I also hope we can show the Notre Dame community that they have disabilities, sure, but that’s not what you need to focus on. They are much more than their disability.”Corning expressed a similar sentiment when adressing what misconceptions about people with disabilities he would want to dispel. “I think people think disabilities mean ‘disabled,’ but I think people with disabilities are a lot more able than people give them credit for,” Corning said. “This is sad, but I think this entire month is moving towards more of a realization that people with disabilities are really able. They might have something that slows them down, they might have something that impedes their success, but it doesn’t impede them from being a capable human being.”Essentially, Flame and Best Buddies are working to show that people with disabilities can still live happy, meaningful lives with purpose and responsibility, O’Connell said. “We want to break any stereotypes people may have about disabilities,” she said. “We want to focus on the fact that anyone can reach their full potential as a person and having a disability does not mean that you can’t do that.” Flame will perform in the Dahnke Ballroom in the Duncan Student Center at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday. Admission is free. Tags: best buddies, disabilities, disability awareness month, flame, notre dame best buddieslast_img read more

Kernel Killers

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first_imgFor Georgia corn producers, chances of an insect infestation in grain storage are much higher in late summer or early fall. A University of Georgia entomologist says keeping corn cool and dry is the key to keeping weevil away.“The temperatures are usually warm during harvest, so we bring in corn that’s hot and that really supports a lot of insect growth. It gives us a lot of challenges,” Toews said Michael Toews, an entomologist with the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences in Tifton.What to doWhat measures can Georgia corn growers take to thwart off potential insect pests? Toews recommends harvesting dry grain, or running it through the dryer to get the moisture content under 14 percent. “As grain moisture decreases toward 11 percent, that makes the grain much less likely to support insect growth,” he said.Grain that is warm and high in moisture is perfect for weevils to reproduce and cause damage. Weevils are cold-blooded beetles so their metabolic rates are dependent on air temperature. If the temperature is 80 or 90 degrees Fahrenheit, the generation time of one adult to the next adult could be as short as four weeks, according to Toews. If farmers can decrease grain temperature using aeration, it can extend the generation period out to two or three months. And, producers can suppress populations long term by keeping their grain cool. How to do itTo do so, Toews recommends installing an aeration fan attached to a thermostat located outside the grain bin. Anytime there is a differential of 10-15 F between the cooler outside air and the grain temperature, the fans should be used. Avoiding infestation is key for corn growers to maintain grain quality, especially when dealing with the threat of the maize weevil, the most dangerous pest a corn grower faces every year. The maize weevil is an economically devastating insect pest that develops inside a corn kernel. Because it’s out of sight, it can be difficult for a farmer to know there is an infestation until the adults emerge. By then, the damage is already done. The problem begins when a female chews a small hole in the kernel, deposits an egg and then seals the hole with a plug. The egg hatches inside the kernel where the insect develops through all the immature stages. The adult eventually chews its way out, leaving an exit hole and an empty kernel. The resulting damage downgrades the grain’s quality and causes farmers to receive a lower price for their crop.“Grain storage is a critical part of crop production. Most of our growers are very aware and concerned with insects in the field, but they also need to realize they can lose just as much of their production income during the storage phase,” Toews said.Corn producers vary on when to sell their products, which is largely determined by the price of corn at that time, he said. “Some will sell right out of the field, but others will store their grain for periods of up to nine months,” Toews said.last_img read more

Shining Path Terrorist Attacks Could Endanger Peruvian Oil Pipelines

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first_imgBy Dialogo October 22, 2012 LIMA — A string of terrorist attacks in Peru’s southeast jungle has raised fears that Shining Path rebels could try to create economic chaos by targeting the country’s energy infrastructure – and the government is responding with strict anti-terrorism measures. “The population should be calm, because we are going to win. It will take some time to acquire more assets needed, but this will be done,” said Humberto Speziani, president of Confiep, Peru’s largest business association. “We are talking about defense of democracy and national interest.” Speziani spoke following an Oct. 12 meeting where Defense Minister Pedro Cateriano and Admiral José Cueto, head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, helped lower business leaders’ fears by laying out the government’s plans in response to the attacks. Two police officers were killed and two others wounded in an ambush late that day near the town of Kepashiato. The ambush came less than one week after the rebel group — known in Spanish as Sendero Luminoso — (Shining Path) attacked an airstrip in the nearby town of Kiteni on Oct. 6, destroying infrastructure and torching three helicopters. Fighting intensifies in VRAEM region Both Kepashiato and Kiteni are located in the Echarate district, in Cusco, which is home to the Camisea gas fields and a 730-kilometer pipeline that provides gas which generates nearly half of Peru’s electricity. The destroyed choppers had been used by Camisea operator TGP to supervise the pipeline. TGP announced after the incident that it would no longer maintain the pipeline for security reasons. Its personnel have since abandoned the zone. Interior Minister Wilfredo Pedraza was blunt during an Oct. 9 presentation before the congressional security committee. “Protecting the pipeline requires an enormous logistical undertaking,” Pedraza told lawmakers. “We are working to equip a special group of soldiers and police officers to reduce the possibility of an attack on the pipeline, but another incident could happen today or tomorrow.” Legislation aims for stricter anti-terrorism measures Recent polls revealed that Peruvians believe that terrorism could be creeping back — and that they want the government to do more. In a national survey released Oct. 14 by Ipsos Apoyo, 71 percent of respondents said recent incidents point to a resurgence of terrorism. The Humala administration’s response is that measures are already underway, including the construction of new police stations in the Echarate district. In addition, 10 new anti-terrorism bases in the Apurímac, Ene and Mantaro River Valleys (VRAEM) will be completed by year’s end, and the Defense Ministry announced it would send 20 new helicopters for reinforce operations in the combat zone. Humala has called on Congress to approve legislation submitted in August that would make it a crime to “approve, justify, deny or minimize the crimes committed by the members of terrorist organizations.” The new crime would carry jail sentences between four and eight years in prison. Congress has not started debate on the bill. Congress passed in mid-October legislation that establishes much tougher penalties for anyone convicted of collecting money or involved in similar activities to support terrorism. The minimum jail time is now 20 years without parole. Law expected to put MOVADEF on the defensive Salazar said the legislation would help control terrorist activities and give the state more leverage to fight façade organizations, such as the Movement for Amnesty and Fundamental Rights (MOVADEF), a party founded by attorneys for the Shining Path’s jailed leadership. Congress has granted the Humala government legislative powers to pass new laws in the areas of citizen security, national defense and drug trafficking. It has also allowed the administration to reform the defense and interior ministries, a process already underway. The Humala government has until the end of November to produce the new legislation. Echarate has been the scene of the most intense fighting between the Shining Path and security forces in months. More than 20 police officers and soldiers have been killed in terrorist attacks so far this year, most of them in Echarate and neighboring districts. The district has been under a state of emergency since April, while VRAEM was put under the state of emergency more than nine years ago The Shining Path faction in the VRAEM has slowly upped the pressure in the zone where Camisea is located. Ruben Vargas, a researcher who studies terrorism in Peru, said the Shining Path faction has wanted to show the government that it could wreak havoc. Energy infrastructure could be at risk “The objective of recent attacks has been to show that they control the zone that is the heart of the country’s energy system,” said Vargas. He estimated that disruption of the Camisea pipeline would cripple gas-fired power plants that generated approximately 45 percent of the country’s electricity in September, and also stop production of nearly 80 percent of liquid petroleum gas (LPG) — the most widely used household fuel in Peru. In addition nearly 300,000 vehicles in Peru, including Lima’s mass-transit bus system, run on either natural gas or LPG. Peru’s Energy and Mines Ministry calculates that the country would lose roughly $500 million a day if the pipeline were knocked off-line. This takes into account energy generation, industry, vehicle use and liquid natural gas exports from a facility operated by Dallas-based Hunt Oil. Apart from Peru’s existing energy system, continued attacks in the zone could block efforts by President Ollanta Humala to attract more than $20 billion worth of investment in new pipelines from Camisea to the southern coast and the construction of petrochemical plants using gas to make explosives, fertilizers and plastics. Measure would authorize new pipelines, power plant in Echarate Legislation now before Congress would authorize concessions for the construction of new pipelines from Camisea to the southern highlands, as well as a new thermal power plant in Echarate. Observers say it’s unlikely Congress would pass this legislation given the current situation in the zone. The Shining Path faction, which numbers around 400 armed fighters and is led by Victor Quispe Palomino, initiated a new round of armed actions in Echarate in April, when a column kidnapped 36 contractors working on expansion of the Camisea pipeline. The victims were held for nearly a week before they were released unharmed. A group of 18 pipeline workers were briefly grabbed in early June, and there have been numerous incidents involving sniper fire on anti-terrorism bases in the zone. Humala’s government is genocidal, they are plundering Peru, that’s why the Peruvian people, led by Sendero Luminoso, are only defending our sovereignty.last_img read more

Is Asia also our opportunity for tourism investment?

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first_imgWe recently wrote about current trends in tourism according to, which should be paid attention to. Richard Clarke, an analyst at Berstein Asset Management, then proposed one of these trends as an exceptional economic opportunity – namely, investing in tourism development within one of Asia’s most populous countries, China.Surprisingly, there is a shortage of hotels and similar accommodation units in the Asian market, while at the same time a mobile and affluent middle class is developing, fascinated by Western brands. Some of the biggest players present there, the giants Marriott, Hilton, Accor and IHG are already planning to expand to a total of 64% of the total market, and just today the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) announced that in cooperation with Vynn Capital, a company specializing in capital ventures in the early stages of implementation in the Southeast Asian market launched this strategically important partnership that should actively promote the tourism sector through the promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation.The joint effort of Vynn Capital and the World Tourism Organization should create a framework and policy that would support technological start-ups, which recognize the possibility of developing the tourism sector of the region. Both sides will seek to motivate existing industries and actors such as hotels and gastronomic associations to adapt digital strategies, but also the private sector to technology investments. The role of Vynn Capital is to support tourism entrepreneurship and existing market players as a partner of the World Tourism Organization as the market turns to new technologies and innovations.”The World Tourism Organization is proud to partner with Vynn Capital to help us create real solutions for the much-needed digital transformation of tourism. Such partnerships are key in continuing to generate opportunities through tourism and to demonstrate that capital ventures are also crucial if we are to establish progressive sustainable development.”Said UNWTO Secretary-General Zur Pololikashvili.According to the UNWTO, the number of international visits in all regions has increased since the beginning of 2018, which continues last year’s strong trend. Significant growth is led by Asia and the Pacific, especially Southeast Asia with 10% and South Asia with 9% growth, which has already surpassed last year’s increase in international visits by 6%.”Tourism represents a great opportunity for Southeast Asia where we are witnessing the emergence of a strong middle class. Vynn Capital has recognized tourism as a key investment area and we will continue to work together with entrepreneurs and existing actors to promote the region’s tourism sector. We believe that technology organizations that focus on consumer mobility, such as Indonesia’s Travelio and Carsome, will continue to be the bearers of the economic benefits of tourism development. We have teamed up with the World Tourism Organization to raise a new generation of innovative tourism organizations in Southeast Asia. ”, said Victor Chua, one of the founders of Vynn Capital and president of the MVCA (Malaysia Venture Capital & Private Equity Association).It is certainly useful to follow the development of the situation…RELATED NEWS:CURRENT TRENDS IN TOURISM WHICH SHOULD BE ATTENTEDlast_img read more

Swiss pension fund seeks US direct lending manager via IPE Quest

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first_imgAn unnamed Swiss pension fund has tendered a $150m (€134m) direct lending mandate via IPE Quest.According to search QN-2598, the pension fund is searching for a single manager solution “with the idea of building up a strong and long-term partnership”.Managers should have a track record of at least 13 years in US direct lending, with $500m in assets under management for the asset class and $3bn as a firm.Within direct lending, the focus should be on companies in the lower to middle market. The pension fund also said the focus should be on “corporates, senior debt, first lien, unlevered, US market, financial covenants”. It would not consider offerings such as syndicated loans, high yield bonds, infrastructure or real estate debt, among other segments.Applicants should already have at least one segregated account with a Swiss or other European client.Performance data should be supplied net of fees to 31 January. The deadline to apply is 5pm UK time on March 9.The IPE news team is unable to answer any further questions about IPE Quest, Discovery, or Innovation tender notices to protect the interests of clients conducting the search. To obtain information directly from IPE Quest, please contact Jayna Vishram on +44 (0) 20 3465 9330 or email read more

Havyard, Esvagt Sign EUR 7.6 Million Contract for DeBu SOV

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first_imgHavyard Group has confirmed it signed a contract for the fifth Service Operation Vessel (SOV) ordered by Esvagt, which will be chartered by MHI Vestas Offshore Wind for a period of fifteen years to serve the 252MW Deutsche Bucht (DeBu) offshore wind farm in Germany.The contract, worth more than NOK 70 million (approx. EUR 7.6 million), involves the design and equipment for construction at an external shipyard in Europe. The SOV will be built by the Zamakona shipyard in Bilbao, Spain.Work on both design and equipment package will start immediately and the vessel is due to be delivered in August 2019.This is going to be the seventh Havyard vessel heading to Esvagt. The other six include four wind farm vessels, one oil service vessel and one vessel for crew change.Design Manager Arve Helsem Leine said the starting point for the development of Havyard 831 SOV was to design a compact, efficient and profitable vessel for smaller windfarms.“As we now sign a second contract for this design, it confirms that we have succeeded in creating a design that meets expectations.”The DeBu SOV will be equipped with a walk-to-work gangway system in a bespoke tower with a crane placed on top of the tower, which, together with Esvagt’s Safe Transfer Boats STB 7 and STB 12, will contribute to the safe transfer of turbine technicians, tools and spare parts.MHI Vestas Offshore Wind received a firm and unconditional order for the Deutsche Bucht offshore wind farm last Friday. The company will supply 31 units of the V164-8.0 MW wind turbine, as well as a long term full-scope service package.last_img read more

Daina Matthew wins Miss DSC Mass Jamboree

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first_img 545 Views   no discussions Share Share EntertainmentLocalNews Daina Matthew wins Miss DSC Mass Jamboree by: – March 5, 2011 Tweetcenter_img Sharing is caring! Ms. Daina Mathew is Ms. DSC Mass Jamboree after competing against six other beautiful young ladies; all from the Dominica State College. The Competition which was held at the Harlem Plaza today was judged by introduction, talent, casual Wear, evening wear and question and answer rounds. Ms. Mathew (winner) copped four out of the five awards which were; best talent, Best creative costume, best evening wear and best question and answer round.The First runner up was Ms. Zethra Baron and second runner up Ms. Normanna Jno. Baptiste. Other performances included; DJ Mystic, Clint Henderson, Excess Groove, and the WCK band. The participants of the DSC Mass Jamboree pageant were  Dwannella James, Zethra Baron, Daina Matthew, Jernelle Jno. Baptiste, Ann-Marie Cornelius, Terisa Lewis and Normanna Jno. Baptiste.[nggallery id=12]News Reporter: Grace HendersonPhoto credit: Sabriah John Sharelast_img read more

McIlroy plays down starring role

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first_imgMuch has been made this week of Rory McIlroy being a target for the opposition in the Ryder Cup, one of Europe’s “big dogs” that US captain Tom Watson wants to bring down. “But no matter where I play, I’ve still got the same objective, which is just to win my match.” Asked to put himself in an American player’s shoes and decide whether his scalp or Poulter’s would give greater satisfaction, McIlroy added: ” I think maybe in this format and in this environment and in the Ryder Cup, probably Poulter just because how good his record is (12 wins from 15 matches). “I know Watson has been talking about targeting us two and whatever, but at the same time it’s only one-sixth of the team. “There’s 10 other world-class players that he has to worry about as well and they are just as capable of putting points on the board for Europe. “They can try and target us all they want, but there’s guys alongside us that can do just as good a job. Someone beats me, they win a point. They win a match against me, they get a point, no more, no less.” Manchester United fan McIlroy revealed he was in a “trance” listening to former Red Devils boss Sir Alex Ferguson address the European team on Tuesday evening, the four-time major winner seeking Ferguson’s advice after his meltdown in the Masters in 2011. But the Northern Irishman is confident he will be rather more alert when the pressure is on come Friday morning. ” I’m the sort of character that would enjoy that, enjoy that environment, enjoy being in the spotlight and being one of the guys that everyone is focusing on,” he added. “I like that. I’ll embrace that and it comes as part of what I’ve done this year and who I am. Being number one in the world and all that comes with that, you expect that and you just try to handle it as best that you can.” Quite a difference from McIlroy’s first experience of team golf as a professional, the 2009 Seve Trophy in France under the captaincy of a certain Paul McGinley. “What’s been great this week for me personally is he’s quoted me back a couple of the things that I said to him that week,” McGinley said. “I’ve built a little profile of things that I’ve said to players in the past so there’s continuity in my message to them. “Without any prompting, him being able to quote them back has been a big thrill for me that he remembered what I said to him back in 2009 when he was kind of 40th in the Order of Merit, never mind 40th in the world, and look at him now, top of the world.” Fast forward two years and the answer is eerily familiar. “I’ve got a responsibility just to put points on the board and I’m one-twelfth of a team unit here,” the 25-year-old said on Wednesday. “I’m going to play the same role as everyone else just to try and get points on the board.” And the similarities do not end there. In 2012, McIlroy went into the Ryder Cup as the hottest player on the planet, the reigning US PGA champion and winner of two of his previous three tournaments in the FedEx Cup play-offs. Arriving at Gleneagles, McIlroy is again top of the world rankings with four wins under his belt this season, having won the flagship BMW PGA Championship on the European Tour in May and following it with the Open Championship, WGC-Bridgestone Invitational and US PGA titles in consecutive appearances. It is therefore understandable that Watson would single out McIlroy and ‘Mr Ryder Cup’ Ian Poulter for special attention, but McIlroy was content to play the perfect team member ahead of Friday’s opening day. “I have a job to do which is to go out and win points for Europe and I don’t care what number I play or who I play with,” McIlroy said. “I’ve got a responsibility just to put points on the board and I’m one-twelfth of a team unit here. “I’m going to play the same role as everyone else just to try and get points on the board. So I wouldn’t say it wouldn’t be a thrill, of course, leading the team out would be a huge buzz and a great thrill. But anyone fortunate enough to be at Medinah in 2012 and Gleneagles this week might be hard-pressed to spot the difference between the situation then and now. ”This week I’m not the number one player in the world,” McIlroy said in Chicago. ”I’m one person in a 12-man team and that’s it. It’s a team effort. There’s 12 guys striving towards the same goal. I’m just part of that.” Press Associationlast_img read more

The Latest: Major League Baseball games in London canceled

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first_imgA hockey team and a soccer club in Russia face being removed from their leagues after government financial support was diverted to fight the coronavirus.The sports ministry in the far eastern region of Primorsky Krai says it sees no point in funding player contracts for another season if it’s not clear when competitions will resume. It wants the Admiral Vladivostok hockey club to drop out of the Kontinental Hockey League and the Luch Vladivostok soccer team to drop down two divisions into the amateur leagues.The ministry says regional funding earmarked for professional sports will instead go into an anti-coronavirus fund.Many Russian sports team rely heavily on regional governments and state-owned companies for much of their funding. Primorsky Krai is the first region to impose such drastic cuts.All major sporting events in Russia are currently suspended. The Latest: Major League Baseball games in London canceled Associated Press The Fukushima prefecture is the region of Japan that was devastated in 2011 by an earthquake, tsunami, and the subsequent meltdown of three nuclear reactors.Olympic officials have postponed the Tokyo Games until next year with the opening now set for July 23, 2021.___More AP sports: and,Tampa Bay Lightning advance to face Dallas Stars in Stanley Cup finals, beating New York Islanders 2-1 in OT in Game 6 The games were originally scheduled for March 26-31 and have now lost their June 4-9 dates.The playoffs will decide the last four places in the 24-nation lineup for the postponed European Championship.The decision was made in a conference call with officials from the 55 UEFA member federations.UEFA says “all other UEFA competition matches, including the centralized international friendly matches, remain postponed until further notice.”___ The British Amateur had been scheduled for June 15-20 at Royal Birkdale. The British Women’s Amateur was to be played June 23-27 at Kilmarnock on the west coast of Scotland.The Curtis Cup captains, Sarah Ingram of the U.S. and Elaine Ratcliffe for GB&I, will remain for the 2021 matches. The teams had not been decided. Players were to have been selected later this month.___Soccer fans from two clubs in Belarus say they will stop going to games because of the coronavirus.A leading fan group at Neman Grodno says its members will stop attending games and they have urged supporters for other teams to do the same. A German soccer club is raising funds amid the coronavirus pandemic by selling tickets for a fictional game.Third-division club Uerdingen hopes to virtually sell out its 34,500-capacity Grotenburg Stadium in Krefeld with the offer of souvenir tickets for fans.Tickets start at 5 euros ($5.46) and go all the way to 19.05 euros ($20.80) for VIP tickets. The club says “panic buying for friends and family is definitely allowed.”It’s the only time that Uerdingen will sell tickets for the Grotenburg Stadium this season. Its home arena is being rebuilt so the club has been playing home matches at the ground of nearby Fortuna Düsseldorf.Uerdingen was one of the powerhouses of German soccer in the 1980s with a best finish of third place in the Bundesliga and a run to the semifinals of the Cup Winners’ Cup in 1986. More recently it has dropped as low as the sixth division. ___The Olympic flame will be on display until the end of April in Japan’s northeastern prefecture of Fukushima.Tokyo Olympic and prefecture officials held an official “handover ceremony”on Wednesday at the J-Village National Training Center in Fukushima.The public will have limited access to view the flame, and organizers hope to limit the crowd size because of restrictions in place for the coronavirus.The flame arrived in Japan from Greece on March 20 and the torch relay was to have started last week from Fukushima. The flame has remained in the prefecture with Wednesday’s event merely ceremonial.center_img April 1, 2020 Share This StoryFacebookTwitteremailPrintLinkedinRedditThe Latest on the effects of the coronavirus outbreak on sports around the world:___Major League Baseball has canceled a two-game series in London between the Chicago Cubs and the St. Louis Cardinals because of the coronavirus pandemic. English soccer authorities say there are “no quick answers” to the question of when play can resume following the coronavirus outbreak.The Premier League, English Football League and Football Association say in a joint statement there will be play “only when it is safe to do so.”They say clubs and supporters have a role to play in the meantime “in supporting the government’s guidance and ensuring community strength and solidarity.”The most recent update from soccer authorities said there will be no play until April 30 at the earliest.___ The teams had been scheduled to play at Olympic Stadium on June 13 and 14.Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred made the announcement in a memorandum send to MLB employees. MLB said on March 19 that it had scrapped series in Mexico City and San Juan, Puerto Rico.MLB played in Europe for the first time last June when the New York Yankees swept a pair of games from the Boston Red Sox in London.___UEFA has postponed the Euro 2020 playoffs for the second time because of the coronavirus pandemic. The club hasn’t played a game since March 8 because of the virus outbreak.___The R&A is postponing three amateur golf championships scheduled for June, including the Curtis Cup.The Curtis Cup was to be played June 12-14 at Conwy Golf Club in Wales. The R&A and USGA say the matches for female amateurs from the U.S. against a team from Britain and Ireland will move to 2021. The dates were not decided.The R&A says the British Amateur and the British Women’s Amateur will move from June to August, but that depends on the status of the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.K. The fans have called on the national soccer federation to “draw on some courage and stop the Belarusian championship, as the rest of the world has done.”Fans of Shakhter Soligorsk have also said they will stop going to games “until the epidemiological situation allows us to return to the stands.” But they stopped short of calling for the season to be suspended.Belarus is the only nation in Europe still hosting professional soccer games with fans in the stadium.International players’ union FIFPro says players in Belarus have reached out with concerns about playing during the coronavirus pandemic.___last_img read more

Russian striker Pogrebnyak joins Fulham

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first_imgFulham have signed Russian striker Pavel Pogrebnyak from German club Stuttgart.The 28-year-old, who has previously been linked with Arsenal, has joined the Whites for the rest of the season with a view the completing a permanent move in the summer.He arrived at Craven Cottage as Bobby Zamora was finalising his move from Fulham to west London neighbours QPR.AdChoices广告Pogrebnyak joined Stuttgart in 2009 after a two-year spell with Russian side Zenit St Petersburg. He started his career at Spartak Moscow.Fulham have also confirmed the arrival of highly-rated Australian midfielder Ryan Williams from Portsmouth.The 18-year-old has moved for an undisclosed fee and has signed a two-and-a-half-year contract.Related story: Fulham set to sign Russian strikerFollow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img read more