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Shoal Lake pushing to be part of human rights museumShoal Lake pushing to be part of human rights museum

first_imgAPTN National NewsJust before the opening of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights recently members of Shoal Lake rallied to be heard.They want to be seen too – as a regular exhibit at the museum.For over 100 years residents of the Manitoba First Nation, about 200 km east of Winnipeg, have been living in forced isolation.There’s no running water or sewage.According to APTN’s Dennis Ward meetings between the chief and museum officials are underway.last_img

Ontario judge rules in favour of Teslas push for equal treatment inOntario judge rules in favour of Teslas push for equal treatment in

first_imgTORONTO – Tesla Inc. has secured a minor legal victory in Ontario in its push for equal treatment as the company looks to defend its direct-to-consumer business model in numerous markets.The Ontario case comes as Tesla struggles to move ahead with its retail model in the United States, where it has not used franchised dealerships.Multiple U.S. states including Michigan, New Jersey and Missouri have passed laws in recent years to prevent Tesla from selling vehicles directly to consumers following pressure from automobile dealership associations.Ontario Superior Court judge Frederick Myers ruled Monday that the provincial government’s decision to exclude Tesla from a grace period for an electric vehicle rebate program was arbitrary and had singled out Tesla for harm. The ruling requires the government to review the program so that it includes Tesla or provides adequate justification for the company’s exclusion.Tesla launched the case after the government ended the rebate program worth up to $14,000 per vehicle on July 11, but said it would extend the rebates to vehicles already sold through dealerships if they were delivered and registered within 60 days.Myers found the government had originally tried to exclude Tesla from the extension by specifying only vehicles ordered through a dealership would be eligible for the extension. When it learned Tesla did indeed sell through its own dealership network, the government further specified to the company that only franchised dealerships would be eligible.Tesla CEO Elon Musk has staunchly defended the company’s direct retail model.Musk said in a blog post that franchised dealerships don’t have enough incentives to sell electric cars and that the company needs to place its sales venues in areas where it can attract foot traffic and educate potential customers.The Ontario Progressive Conservatives said they had specified only franchised dealerships were eligible for the rebate extension to help protect small- and medium-sized businesses that may have been hit by the program.Tesla responded that many franchised car dealerships in Ontario are owned by large businesses that own numerous franchises.The electric carmaker said it was pleased with the court’s decision to strike down the “unfair and unlawful” transition plan.“Tesla only sought fair treatment for our customers and we hope the Ministry now does the right thing by delivering on its promise to ensure all EV-owners receive their incentives during the wind-down period.”A spokeswoman for Attorney General Caroline Mulroney said the government is “reviewing the ruling and will make a decision on how to proceed in the coming days.”Sara Singh, the Ontario NDP critic for the ministry of the Attorney General, said in a statement that the decision means Premier Doug Ford is sticking people with the bill for his torn up contracts and cancelled programs.“This is likely only the first of many decisions against the Ford government’s decision to rip up hundreds of cap-and-trade and green energy contracts,” she said.It’s not yet clear, however, what the government will have to do in response to the decision.Myers stopped short of setting aside the limitation of the transition program to franchised dealers, noting that doing so would require the government to fund subsidies to Tesla’s customers.He instead sent the policy back to the government for review, saying that if the government wants to transition out of the electric car subsidy program it must do so in a lawful manner.The problem was the government hadn’t provided a legal justification for its policy, said Bruce Ryder, an associate professor at York University’s Osgoode Hall Law School.He said the legal loss on policy isn’t unusual, but that he was surprised how quickly the new government ran into legal issues.“It’s maybe a little unusual how quickly this government has got off the mark, and has been a little bit like a bull in a china shop from a legal point of view.”The legal dispute with Tesla is just one of several the Progressive Conservatives face, including a Superior Court challenge Friday on Ford’s cuts to Toronto city council numbers.Ryder said the government could face more problems if it rushes ahead without properly considering policy.“There could be some other legal setbacks coming very soon, precisely because from a legal point of view, this government seems to be so anxious to move speedily on a number of files…that they didn’t pay enough attention to the legal limits on their powers.”The ruling has left potential Tesla customers in limbo, unsure of whether or not they’ll see the $14,000 in subsidies they had counted on when ordering vehicles.Kurtis Evans, a teacher in Toronto who had ordered a Tesla 3, said he was pleased by the decision and grateful that Tesla decided to fight for customers, but wasn’t sure what will happen.“At this point I don’t know what will happen next…Hopefully, the province makes the right choice. I’m not counting on it.”Tesla said it had 600 active customer orders when the government ended the program in July. At the time, the company had 34 unallocated vehicles on its lots plus 319 in transit on trains and trucks. The company said 175 customers had cancelled their orders since the program ended.last_img read more

Royal Bank raises prime rate to 37 per cent following Bank ofRoyal Bank raises prime rate to 37 per cent following Bank of

TORONTO — The Royal Bank has raised its prime lending rate after the Bank of Canada increased its overnight lending rate to financial institutions.RBC says it will increase its prime rate by a quarter of a percentage point to 3.70 per cent, effective Thursday.The rate has been set at 3.45 per cent.What the Bank of Canada rate hike means for your mortgage and savings accountBank of Canada raises rates as Poloz’s tale of recovery from Great Recession finally comes trueThe increase will raise the cost of borrowing for customers with loans linked to the prime rate such as variable rate mortgages and lines of credit.The Bank of Canada raised its target for the overnight rate to 1.5 per cent today.It was the central bank’s fourth rate increase in the last 12 months.

Ohio State mens lacrosse set to host ECAC tourney face Air ForceOhio State mens lacrosse set to host ECAC tourney face Air Force

Ohio State freshman midfielder Jake Withers goes down to the ground toward a loose ball while being defended by Michigan sophomore midfielder Chase Brown in the second quarter of OSU’s 15-6 men’s lacrosse victory on April 12 at Ohio Stadium.Credit: Dan Hope / Lantern photographerThe No. 22 Ohio State men’s lacrosse team is undefeated at home in conference play so far this season and now gets a shot at extending that streak into the postseason.OSU made it to the quarterfinals of the NCAA championship last year after upsetting Denver, 11-10, in the ECAC title game before the Pioneers moved on to play in the Big East Conference in 2014.This year, OSU can defend its crown by winning two more games.The Buckeyes and the Michigan Wolverines are both in their final seasons of ECAC play before Big Ten lacrosse begins next year, and the archrivals could square off in the championship game Saturday if they win in their respective semifinal matchups at Jesse Owens Memorial Field Thursday evening.After already beating Air Force, 8-6, in the regular season April 19, the Buckeyes fell a week later. That loss came to the No. 16 Fairfield Stags (11-3, 3-1) — the tourney’s top seed — by a margin of 7-5 on the road to notch their only conference loss of the season.When three teams in a five-team league all have a 3-1 record at season’s end after an ECAC round robin, they share a regular season title as tri-champions.OSU, Air Force and Fairfield look to add a tournament title to their résumés, however, as the winner of Saturday’s final gets an automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament.Seeding is accomplished by precedence of overall record in the event of a tie like this.And while Bellarmine, the ECAC’s fifth team, is 7-5 on the season, the team was winless within the conference, allowing the 5-10 Wolverines to snag the last spot.The Buckeyes will need another strong performance from senior goalie Scott Spencer to stifle an offensively-sound Air Force team that averages 42.3 shots per game and scores almost 12 goals per game. Spencer’s performance tending net could be the difference between a victory or a loss, especially if he can replicate his career-high 14 saves from the last game against Air Force.Air Force has allowed exactly as many shots on goal in the fourth quarter as it has taken throughout the course of the season at 63.OSU freshman midfielder Jake Withers went 10 for 17 on face offs in the April 19 victory.Sophomore attackman Ryan Hunter led the Buckeyes with four goals in that game, but junior midfielder Jesse King –  the team’s leading scorer throughout the year – might have to produce more in this game than he did with his one-goal, one-assist contribution if OSU is to outduel the Falcons again.Game times for Fairfield-Michigan and OSU-Air Force are scheduled for 5 and 8 p.m., respectively. The winners are set to face one another at 5 p.m. Saturday. read more

Column Mental health and alcohol the elephant in the roomColumn Mental health and alcohol the elephant in the room

first_imgAT A TIME when mental health is finally well and truly a ‘hot topic’, firmly embedded in the public consciousness, I can’t help feeling that we’re quietly omitting a vital part of the discussion – our relationship as a nation with alcohol, and how it affects our mental well-being.The term “mental health” is a wide-ranging one, and it can be argued that at the moment it has somewhat negative connotations and is almost synonymous, in public discourse, with mental ill-health and suicide – something that needs to quickly change. Slowly but surely, however, we are witnessing a realisation that preventative measures and positive mental health promotion, particularly among young people, are ultimately excellent and necessary long-term strategies on which we need to focus as a matter of urgency to tackle the current suicide epidemic.Ongoing struggle to adaptIn the wake of an abrupt economic crash, attitudes have changed rapidly in an adjusting Ireland. While it can be argued that a return to more prudent values is to be welcomed, there is an ongoing struggle to adapt. We have not adequately dealt with the practical reality of the economic fall-out that has decimated employment, household income and consumer confidence. There is evidence to suggest that pressure resulting from economic difficulties is a contributory factor to the increase in the number of suicides we have seen in recent years. To attribute the rise purely to this, however is to simplify the issue greatly. There are biological, sociological and psychological factors at play, and these are often intertwined – just as everyone is different, the individual causes of suicide vary greatly.But let’s pull back from suicide for a moment, as that’s just one element of mental health we need to look at. Mental “ well-being” is a term I’d prefer to focus on for now. And while most of us at this stage know that there are steps we can take to look after our emotional health, it’s apparent that our alcohol consumption behaviour and attitudes often directly contradict this. While it’s been touched on by aspects of the media in recent weeks, notably by Breda O’Brien in the Irish Times and also as part of a recent Frontline discussion on mental health, it remains the elephant in the room when it comes to the national conversation we are attempting to have about mental well-being.Extreme attitudes towards alcoholOur drinking habits and our attitudes towards alcohol in Ireland are what can probably fairly be classified as “extreme”. A recent study conducted by Millward Brown Lansdowne on behalf of, indicated that while Irish people drink less frequently than our EU counterparts, our consumption is three times higher than the EU average. (, interestingly, is an initiative developed by MEAS, a group comprised of various players in the alcohol industry, under the guise of social responsibility. The site contains lots of eye-opening information about the effects of alcohol, including its impact on relationships and mental health.)In particular, attitudes among our young people are telling. The cross-border survey, “Alcohol Consumption and Alcohol Related Harm in Ireland” published by the National Advisory Committee on Drugs (NACD) last year found that a third of drinkers aged between 18 and 24 consumed the equivalent of nine standard drinks on a typical night out, and regard having at least five standard drinks on a night out as the “norm”. The Department of Health’s recommended weekly low risk drinking limits are 17 standard drinks for a man and 11 for a woman. So right there, that’s half your weekly intake, in one night.So it’s clear that our attitudes to alcohol and alcohol consumption are somewhat skewed. The vast majority of our social occasions centre around the consumption of alcohol. Take, for example the prevalence of holding nearly every celebration in a licenced establishment, or if it is held in the home, accompanying it with carry-out alcohol. While there is a marked growth in outdoor, health-based activities, it’s not uncommon to celebrate a physical achievement such as a marathon or a triathlon in the pub. Even childhood occasions like christenings and first communions are commonly hosted in pubs.Alcohol consumption is pervasiveThere’s nothing wrong with this (I’m not writing this to judge) but why not ask why this is? Why the inherent dependence on alcohol to have a good time? Are we lacking so much in confidence in ourselves and our own personalities that we need use of alcohol as a social lubricant in order to let our hair down and truly enjoy ourselves? Alcohol consumption is pervasive. It’s everywhere. It’s practically impossible to avoid it. And the evidence indicates that we actively depend on it. Why, more importantly, are we so uncomfortable admitting this? And why are people who call it out and suggest that it might not always be healthy, dismissed as killjoys?Minister Roisin Shorthall, during her time in government prioritised a strategy to tackle alcohol intake and abuse, including placing restrictions on alcohol sponsorship of and advertising at sports events, yet met with resistance both from within government and the alcohol industry. Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport Leo Varadkar expressed concern that banning sponsorship would impact negatively on sports performance across the country – and incredibly, in this he is correct, as we now find ourselves in the questionable situation where our sporting bodies have become heavily reliant on the alcohol industry for funding. It can be argued that this is something of a double-edged sword, given that evidence demonstrates that young people are more likely to be influenced by the advertising of alcohol.The bottom line in the debate around alcohol and mental health is that alcohol is, beyond a doubt, a recognised depressant. Research has demonstrated that it can have an adverse effect on our mental health, affecting our ability to cope with everyday challenges and bigger traumas. Critically, the connection between alcohol and suicide has been highlighted – and the fact that suicide victims are frequently found to have alcohol in their bloodstream points to a concern that alcohol can lower inhibitions enough for a person to act on suicidal thoughts that they may not have, otherwise. In one of the most damning statistics on alcohol you will ever read, the World Health Organisation estimates that the risk of suicide increases EIGHTFOLD when a person is abusing alcohol, compared to a person who is not.The uncomfortable truthYet we continue to blithely ignore this enormous elephant in the room, because, the truth it, it’s easier to blame other factors than it is to look inwards and examine our own attitudes and behaviour. In continuing to place alcohol at the centre of our social interactions, we are all, each and every one of us, complicit in the problem. Harsh? Perhaps, but it’s an uncomfortable truth. We may not all drink to excess; neither might we all abuse alcohol but in failing to question the status quo or actively engage in alternatives to alcohol-reliant social occasions, we are all contributing to this problem.Every time you question someone who is not having a drink, or try to persuade them to “leave the car” when they choose to drive on a night out, or indeed, accept without question the behaviour of a friend who is clearly consistently drinking too much, you are contributing. And crucially, we are propagating and reinforcing these attitudes, because this is what our young people witness as they grow up. Not to mention perpetuating the “drunken Paddy” stereotype abroad, in countries where people mange to live with licensed premises that remain open through the night without turning into rabid binge-drinkers and functioning alcoholics.So what can we do to change this culture? (Because this is what it is – a culture.) I don’t personally believe that measures such as restricting sales of alcohol, either at pubs and off-licences ultimately tackle the issue. And why should you or I not have the choice to buy a bottle of wine to enjoy at 10.30pm on a Friday night if we want? Or why should I have to leave the pub at 12.30pm on a Saturday night, because the law dictates that at this stage, I’ve had enough to drink? Rather, this change is an attitudinal one and needs to come from within – from within ourselves and our society. I’ve come up with a few suggestions – feel free to add your own in the comments below.Suggestions for a healthier attitudeFirstly, let’s think about our reactions. Don’t judge a friend or acquaintance for not consuming alcohol. Don’t make them feel they have to invent an excuse for not drinking, once they make that choice. Don’t ridicule them, or make them feel that they ‘re not actively partaking in the occasion, just because they’re not drinking alcohol. Language is powerful.Secondly, let’s think outside the box a little. Why the need to celebrate every little event or hold every single get-together in the pub? It’s a little unimaginative, frankly. A friend of mine organises a weekly social run in the Phoenix Park. He extends an open invitation to friends, and it’s well-attended. He doesn’t even go to the pub afterwards. And it’s fun. Imagine! And do occasions that focus on children really need to involve alcohol?Thirdly, let’s learn to have a little more confidence in ourselves and our personalities. We’re great, we Irish. We have a wit that is rarely equalled, but excessive alcohol consumption doesn’t always make us wittier, or more confident, or more attractive. (Usually the opposite, in fact.) Often, it doesn’t even enhance our enjoyment of a night out. Or the following day, for that matter. I myself can confirm this beyond all shadow of a doubt, having tested the theory more times than I care to recall.Fourthly – and I say this conscious of the sanctimony it may indicate, but does not intend – let’s embrace moderation. Alcohol consumed in moderation is enjoyable (and sometimes, depending on what you read, pretty good for you). It’s also more inclusive and conducive to drinkers and non-drinkers enjoying a night out in each others’ company.Let’s look at alcohol a little differently. Rather than a mere inebriant, alcohol’s pretty nice with food. A nice red with a steak being the obvious example, but there are independent brewing companies who are marketing their craft beers as food accompaniments, and it’s another way to enjoy a tipple without making it the focus.Lead by example. Sure, we’ve no obligation to do so, but our young people are watching, and it’s more important than you think.Pubs – how about offering some appealing alternatives to alcohol? I’m done with Rock-more-expensive-than-a-pint-Shandy, and there are only so many sparking waters one can drink. How about some decent non-alcoholic beers? Palatable ginger ale? And less of a visible sneer when I ask for a non-alcoholic drink, thank you – smile, be polite and think of the often extortionate mark-up.Check out alternativesIf you do want to check out alternatives, check out – an international initiative aimed at changing and recreating attitudes to alcohol that has just been launched in Ireland by comedian Des Bishop in conjunction with his RTE TV series, Under the Influence. Hello Sunday Morning is an initiative that says it’s perfectly fine not to drink lots all the time, and while you may not want to give up alcohol, it allows you to take some some “time out” – periods of three or six months are recommended in order to give you time to reflect on your drinking behaviour and reclaim the Sunday mornings that are frequently lost to Saturday night alcohol consumption. Most people return to drinking alcohol afterwards, but ultimately the time out can assist you if you want to change your drinking patterns.Finally, let’s face up to the truth. If we genuinely do give a damn about the problem that is mental ill-health in this country, and want to be the change, we need to do more than simply call on the government to address the issue. While we urgently need to channel resources towards education and prevention, it’s all too easy to deflect responsibility. Like it or not, most of us are part of the problem, and we need to start taking some ownership – and fast.Examining our own contribution to the problem doesn’t necessarily mean rejecting alcohol, or seeing it as the enemy – merely becoming a little more thoughtful in our attitudes, behaviour and discourse around alcohol consumption. Then, and only then will we start to turn the tide and tackle one of the root causes of the suicide plague that blights our society today.Republished from the An Cailín Rua blog with permission from author Anne-Marie Flynn.last_img read more

Dont even think about it Pelosi warns UK that US trade dealDont even think about it Pelosi warns UK that US trade deal

first_img Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article By Gráinne Ní Aodha Source: TheJournal Politics/Twitter 76 Comments The Good Friday accord ended 700-years of conflict.  As the clock ticks down, get all the best Brexit news and analysis in your inbox: Share1668 Tweet Email2 Updated Apr 16th 2019, 3:21 PM Source: Niall CarsonHOUSE SPEAKER NANCY Pelosi has issued a strong warning to the UK that a US-UK trade deal is not going to happen if the Good Friday Agreement is weakened by the Brexit process. Speaking to the packed out ballroom at Iveagh House at the Department of Foreign Affairs, the US politician said she told “our friends in the UK” that the United States is a co-guarantor of the Agreement.In her address, she said “it’s just not on the cards… don’t even think about it…” in reference to a US-UK trade deal. While US President Donald Trump has indicated that a deal would be on the table post-Brexit, he would have to get such move approved by Congress. Using strong language, Pelosi said  during her “high-level” meetings in the UK recently, she made it clear as to the purpose of the US delegation’s visit to Ireland this week. ‘Don’t even think about it’: Pelosi warns UK that US trade deal is non-runner if Good Friday Agreement is threatened “The Good Friday accord ended 700-years of conflict,” she told the London School of Economics last night. At the summit one Prime Minister warned us not to be dreamers, not to think #Brexit could be reversed. But in this difficult moment, we need dreamers and dreams. We cannot give in to fatalism.At least I will not stop dreaming about a united Europe.— Donald Tusk (@eucopresident) April 16, 2019 Tuesday 16 Apr 2019, 3:21 PM 34,035 Views Her speech today reiterated what she said at the London School of Economics yesterday, where Pelosi said that it’s “very hard to pass a trade bill in the Congress in US, so there’s no given anyway”.“But if there would be any weakening of the Good Friday accord, then there would be no chance whatsoever – a non-starter – for a US-UK trade agreement.”She continued: Speaking today, Tusk said that the long extension “ensures that all options remain on the table, such as ratification of the current Withdrawal Agreement, or extra time to rethink Brexit, if that were the wish of the British people”.It also means that the UK will need to take part in European elections at the end of May.Tusk said that during this extension, the UK should not be treated “as a second-category member state”.I know that, on both sides of the Channel, everyone, including myself, is exhausted with Brexit, which is completely understandable. However, this is not an excuse to say: “let’s get it over with”, just because we’re tired. “We made it clear that the Good Friday Accord for us, they are not just a peace agreement, it so much more elevated” due to the hundreds of years of conflict that ended with the signing of that document 21 years ago.She added that the Good Friday Agreement is not just a peace agreement to the US, but a  value that she and her colleagues will protect. Pelosi said that the UK should “not think for one minute there is comfort for them” after Brexit that a US-UK deal will be be achieved.Tánaiste Simon Coveney said in his address that the UK has every right to determine its own destiny, but it cannot determine Ireland’s. Coveney says that while Britain had the right to determine its own destiny, it does not have the right to determine ours— TheJournal Politics (@TJ_Politics) April 16, 2019 It’s not just about the geography though, this is not a treaty only: it’s an ideal, it’s a value, it’s something that is a model to the world, and we don’t want that model to be something that can be bargained away in some other agreement.Pelosi is to pay a visit to Áras an Uachtaráin as part of a Democrat Congressional delegation to Ireland, Northern Ireland, London and Stuttgart this week.She will also visit the border and Derry in Northern Ireland on Thursday. European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker said something similar today, when he said he was on a “Brexit break” and doesn’t want to talk about it at length this morning.With reporting by Christina Finn Short URL Source: Donald Tusk/Twitter Apr 16th 2019, 10:29 AM Source: Niall CarsonA US-UK trade agreement is one of the ambitions of the British government post-Brexit, as part of the policy to strengthen ties with countries outside of the EU.As the UK has failed to pass the negotiated Withdrawal Agreement through the House of Commons three times, and failed to vote in favour of any other alternative, it’s had to request to delay the date upon which it was due to leave.The UK was meant to leave the EU on 29 March, which was extended until 12 April and now has been extended again until 31 October at the very latest.If MPs vote the Withdrawal Agreement through before 31 October, they will leave “on the first day of the following month”, according to European Council President Donald Tusk.last_img read more

Smart phones prove to be even smarterSmart phones prove to be even smarter

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram iPhones and smart phones are less likely to cause cancer than earlier models according to a new report by the World Health Organisation. However, frequent use still could cause cancer. The International Agency for Research on Cancer said heavy usage could lead to an increase incidence of giloma, a malignant type of brain cancer and young adults are mostly at risk. Professor Bruce Armstrong, University of Sydney, a member of the team that conducted the research told the ABC that “there is an observed association between using a mobile phone and a higher risk of brain cancer”. Although research into smart phones is in the primary stages, Professor Armstrong said that the “3G phones in fact give a much lower dose to the brain that the previous generations”.last_img read more

Un fossile chinois révèle lexistence de poils chez les ancêtres des mammifèresUn fossile chinois révèle lexistence de poils chez les ancêtres des mammifères

first_imgUn fossile chinois révèle l’existence de poils chez les ancêtres des mammifèresUn fossile découvert en Chine, Megaconus mammaliaformis, apporte de précieuses informations sur les ancêtres des mammifères. Entre autres, ils possédaient déjà des poils il y a quelque 165 millions d’années.C’est durant le règne des dinosaures que les mammifères sont apparus. On estime que le premier vrai mammifère est apparu pendant le Jurassique, il y a quelques 160 millions d’années. Mais ses ancêtres, proches des reptiles (on parle des “reptiles mammaliens”) remontent jusqu’au Trias, il y a plus de 200 millions d’années. Leur apparence n’avait alors rien à envier aux reptiles : écailles, épines, glandes à poisons. Un nouveau fossile, Megaconus mammaliaformis, découvert en Chine et daté de 165 millions d’années, apporte toutefois de nouvelles informations sur l’apparence de ces mammifères primitifs : à l’époque, ils avaient déjà des poils ! Un caractère qui serait donc apparu plusieurs millions d’années avant les mammifères “véritables”. Des caractères primitifs et modernes”Nous avons enfin un aperçu des caractères ancestraux de tous les mammifères. Cela nous permet de reconstituer des détails peu connus de la transition des mammifères primitifs aux modernes”, explique Zhe-Xi Luo, professeur à l’université de Chicago et auteur de l’étude décrivant Megaconus, parue dans la prestigieuse revue Nature. Le fossile présente des empreintes de poils sur le pourtour du corps, ce qui fait de lui le deuxième proto-mammifère poilu découvert, avec Castorocauda, une sorte de castor du Jurassique. L’aspect physique de Megaconus montre de nombreux caractères primitifs : son dos était recouvert de poils éparses, alors que son ventre était nu. Sur ses talons, il possédait des épines en kératine, probablement dotées d’une glande à poison. Les scientifiques estiment que ces piquants sont la marque des individus mâles, à l’instar des ornithorynques qui présentent eux aussi des caractères reptiliens ancestraux. En observant ses dents, les scientifiques déduisent qu’il était probablement omnivore. Ses molaires pouvaient mâcher des végétaux, ses autres dents étaient elles adaptées pour se nourrir d’insectes, vers, et peut-être même des petits vertébrés.En ajoutant ces caractères avec la forme de son ossature et de ses griffes, Megaconus était un étrange mélange entre un écureuil et un tatou.Pas forcément un ancêtre directÀ lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?Toutefois, son côté reptilien était encore présent par bien des aspects. Notamment son oreille, encore attachée à la mâchoire, est un trait typique des reptiles. De même, sa colonne vertébrale et ses talons sont de la même nature que les autres fossiles de reptiles mammaliens.”On ne peut pas dire que Megaconus est notre ancêtre direct, mais il ressemble certainement à un vieil arrière arrière arrière grand oncle de 165 millions d’années. Ses traits sont autant d’indices sur l’apparence de nos ancêtres mammaliens durant la transition Trias-Jurassique”, déclare le professeur Luo. Le fossile est désormais entreposé dans les collections du musée paléontologique de Liaoning, en Chine.(Crédit photo :  April Isch, Zhe-Xi Luo, University of Chicago)Le 8 août 2013 à 20:14 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

New Environmental Review Could Move Offshore Chukchi Drilling ForwardNew Environmental Review Could Move Offshore Chukchi Drilling Forward

first_imgA map of the Chukchi Sea offshore leases. The green squares are Shell leases. (Image: Bureau of Ocean Energy Management)A new draft environmental review of leases off Alaska’s northwest coast could bring oil companies one step closer to resuming offshore oil exploration in the Chukchi Sea.Dozens of leases—purchased by Royal Dutch Shell and other oil companies back in 2008—have been challenged in court by Alaska Native organizations and environmental groups since before the sale took place.In January, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld those leases. At the same time, the court ruled that the estimated impact on the environment was lacking.“They said that its reliance on an estimate of 1 billion barrels of recoverable oil was, to use their words, arbitrary and capricious,” said John Callahan, a spokesperson for the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management. After the court decision, the Chukchi leases were suspended and BOEM was told to perform a new, more realistic assessment.This time, Callahan said the agency considered what would happen if multiple fields were developed on the lease sites. They also used new data to estimate significantly more oil could be found.“This analysis considers a scenario in which 4.3 billion barrels of oil are produced; it assumes development of both an anchor field and a satellite field; and it covers 77 years of oil and gas activity,” the average life of an offshore oil well, Callahan said.When the court first ordered this new environmental analysis, conservation groups cheered—but they were quick to condemn Friday’s findings by BOEM. In a statement, Michael LeVine, a lawyer for ocean advocacy group Oceana, said the news “makes today feel more like Groundhog Day than Halloween.”Senator Lisa Murkowski praised the new study, but warned that regulators are “getting down to the wire” if they want to pave the way for oil companies to drill in the Arctic next year.BOEM still has to take its review through a 45-day public comment period. They’re planning to travel to communities along the Chukchi coast, as well as hubs like Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Barrow.Shell drilled its last well in the Arctic two years ago. Their 2012 season ended with a high-profile accident as the Kulluk rig ran aground near Kodiak Island. But that incident, and the subsequent investigation into Shell’s operations, isn’t the only reason why the company hasn’t gone back to the Arctic. Legal challenges and uncertainty over leasing has also played a part.Shell and other leaseholders—including Statoil and ConocoPhillips—have been lobbying the Department of the Interior to extend their 10-year contracts in the Arctic. They’re similar to lease agreements for other offshore drilling zones, like the Gulf of Mexico, but the oil companies argue that Arctic drilling takes more time, because the exploration window is shorter in icy waters.In an email Friday, Shell spokesperson Megan Baldino said the company is still waiting to hear back on its request for extended leases. At the same time, she said the company is also reviewing the draft analysis of the Chukchi lease sale.KUCB’s Lauren Rosenthal contributed to this story.last_img read more

Kate Middleton was uncomfortable during baby Archies christening Duchess wanted to escapeKate Middleton was uncomfortable during baby Archies christening Duchess wanted to escape

first_imgMeghan MarkleGetty ImagesThere may still be some tension between the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton and the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle. And it was on display at the christening of baby Archie.Kate Middleton appeared “ready to flee” in the official picture from Archie Harrison’s private christening, according to an expert. A photograph released by the palace showed new parents Meghan Markle and Prince Harry holding baby Archie surrounded by The Royal Family including the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The image in question shows a Royal Family with nothing to hide. However, body language expert Judi James told MailOnline that Kate looked “ready to flee” in the image. Ms. James also described Prince William as looking like he was in “nightclub bouncer mode”.Ms. James said Kate’s “ready to flee” pose could show awkwardness or a desire to not “upstage” Harry and Meghan. The expert might be reading a little too much into a pose, but there have been reports of an alleged feud between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle.  Meghan MarkleGetty ImagesHarry and Meghan’s decision regarding the godparents for baby Archie may not have helped things either. Ms. James added: “With a very relaxed and jolly-looking Camilla down one end of this pose, Kate sits at the other looking oddly self-diminished and prim, with her arms pulled into her torso and a part-smile on her face.She also said that given all the rift rumours, the rather ‘ready to flee’ tension in Kate’s pose could be seen as awkwardness but it could also show a desire to lower her own status signals and not upstage the happy couple, which is a very nice gesture on her part. We hope Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton are able to put aside their differences and work together.last_img read more

Bodies of 5 more fishermen recovered from Coxs Bazar beachBodies of 5 more fishermen recovered from Coxs Bazar beach

first_imgBodies of five among 17 fishermen, who went missing after they were caught up in a storm in the deep sea during fishing, were washed ashore on Thursday.Saiful Islam, officer-in-charge of Cox’s Bazar Sadar Model police station, said they recovered three bodies from Diabetic Point of the beach around 10:00pm on Thursday. Two more bodies were recovered from Sugandha beach and Dhalaghata area around noon, reports news agency UNB.Earlier on Wednesday police recovered six bodies from different points of the beach, said the OC, adding that they also rescued two fishermen alongside a floating trawler.Amid a 65-day fishing ban in the Bay of Bengal, at least 17 fishermen from Bhola’s Charfasson went to deep sea for fishing on 5 July. But their trawler sank after it was caught in a storm on 6 July.  All of the fishermen had been missing since then.last_img read more

Lighter Than AirLighter Than Air

first_img 2 min read August 19, 2009 This story appears in the September 2009 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe » Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global Mere portability isn’t enough for most entrepreneurs. We want to carry everything but feel as if we’re carrying nothing–and look cutting-edge while we’re at it.That’s why ultra-portable laptops are all the rage. They’re as light and thin as a notebook (the kind people used to write in), and as sleek and shiny as a large sushi knife. For a while, there have been only two real objects of ultra-lust: Dell’s Adamo and–the gizmo that really got everyone salivating–Apple’s $1,500 MacBook Air.Now, MSI Computer has given us one more–and at a much lower price. The MSI X340 notebook PC weighs in at just under the MacBook Air’s 3 pounds and is barely more than three-quarters of an inch thick. It has a 13.4-inch screen with HD 1366×768 resolution LCD and HDMI video input. It comes loaded with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and you can add mobile broadband if you like.The X340 is also the first laptop to use Intel’s Ultra-Low Voltage CPU, cutting its power draw to as low as one-sixth of a similar PC’s. This power feature really has tongues wagging, but we’re more excited about the reduced draw on our wallet: At around $800, it’s much lighter than . well, you know. Register Now »last_img read more

Security researchers discloses vulnerabilities in TLS libraries and the downgrade Attack onSecurity researchers discloses vulnerabilities in TLS libraries and the downgrade Attack on

first_imgDavid Wong, Security Consultant, at NCC Group, a global expert in cyber security and risk mitigation, revealed details about the new cryptographic attack, last week, that can break the encrypted TLS traffic. Wong collaborated with other security researchers and found out that out of the nine different TLS implementations against cache attacks, seven were found to be vulnerable, namely, OpenSSL, Amazon s2n, MbedTLS, Apple CoreTLS, Mozilla NSS, WolfSSL, and GnuTLS. TLS or Transport Layer Security refers to a cryptographic protocol that offers end-to-end communications security over networks. It is widely used for internet communications and online transactions. TLS (except TLS 1.3) makes use of RSA as a key exchange algorithm, which determines how the client and server will authenticate during the handshake to negotiate a shared secret. The client encrypts a shared secret under the server’s RSA public key, the server then receives it and decrypts it. The latest attack isn’t entirely new; it is simply another variation of the original Bleichenbacher oracle attack that was able to decrypt an RSA encrypted message using the Public-Key Cryptography Standards (PKCS) #1 function. This new attack uses a side-channel leak via cache access timings of TLS implementations to break these RSA key exchanges of TLS implementations. It affects all versions of TLS (including TLS 1.3) as well as QUIC and makes use of the state-of-the-art cache attack techniques such as Flush+Reload, Prime+Probe, Branch-Prediction, etc. Attacking TLS 1.3 and downgrading to TLS 1.2 Since TLS 1.3 does not offer an RSA key exchange, researchers started with downgrading to an older version of TLS (TLS 1.2) for the exploitation of the attack. To downgrade a client’s connection attempt, a spoofed TLS 1.2 handshake technique is used. The server’s RSA certificate was presented in a ServerCertificate message and then the handshake was put to an end with a ‘ServerHelloDone’ message. However, if at this point, the server does not have a trusted certificate that allows RSA key exchanges or the client refuses to support RSA key exchanges or older versions than TLS 1.2, the attack halts. Otherwise, the client will make use of the RSA public key contained in the certificate to encrypt the TLS premaster secret. It will then send it in a ClientKeyExchange message and ends its part of the handshake using a ChangeCipherSpec and a Finished message. It is at this time, the attack is performed to decrypt the RSA encrypted premaster secret. The last Finished message being sent should contain an authentication tag (with HMAC) of the whole transcript and should be encrypted with the transport keys derived from the premaster secret.                                                  NCC Group Now, even if some clients might have zero handshake timeouts, most serious applications such as browsers can give up on the connection attempt if the response takes too much time to arrive. So, there are several techniques that can slow down the handshake such as sending the ChangeCipherSpec message to reset the client’s timer and sending TLS warning alerts to reset the handshake timer. After the decryption attack terminates, the expected Finished message is sent to the client and a handshake is finalized. This downgrade attack is able to bypass multiple downgrade mitigations, namely, one server-side and two client-side. TLS 1.3 servers that negotiate older versions of TLS must also advertise this information to their peers. TLS 1.3 clients that negotiate an older version of TLS must check for these values and abort the handshake if found. On the other hand, a TLS 1.3 client that goes back to an older version of TLS must advertise this information in their subsequent client hellos. Furthermore, a client should also include the version used by the client hello inside the encrypted premaster secret. “As it stands, RSA is the only known downgrade attack on TLS 1.3, which we are the first to successfully exploit in this research”, states Wong. The researchers also state that it is time for RSA PKCS#1 v1.5 to be deprecated and replaced by more modern schemes like OAEP (Optimal asymmetric encryption padding) and ECEIS (Elliptic Curve Integrated Encryption Scheme) for asymmetric encryption or Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman in case of key exchanges. For more information, check out the official NCC Group blog. Read Next Zimperium zLabs discloses a new critical vulnerability in multiple high-privileged Android services to Google A kernel vulnerability in Apple devices gives access to remote code execution FreeRTOS affected by 13 vulnerabilities in its TCP/IP stacklast_img read more

Los Cabos is home to the worlds most sought afterLos Cabos is home to the worlds most sought after

first_imgLos Cabos is home to the world’s most sought after golf courses, most luxurious spas and the most exclusive resorts, but one of the destination’s biggest attractions remains the impressive array of culinary delights. With exciting restaurants and award-winning chefs, even the most discerning palate will be impressed by the delicious cuisine and tantalizing flavors offered at “Land’s End.”Travelers to Los Cabos may further explore the destination’s delectable gastronomy by participating in any of the numerous interactive and personalized culinary programs offered. From wine tasting events to cooking classes, the following select Los Cabos hotels and resorts offer a unique way for travelers to experience the gastronomy of Baja Sur:One of the newest resorts in Los Cabos, Capella Pedregal, offers guests an exclusive look into a “day in the life” of an Executive Chef. This exciting one-day cooking class, allows guests to accompany the chef as he shops at the local farmers markets and meets the fisherman at the pier with their daily catch. Following this, guests will return with the chef to the resort’s hacienda style kitchen and learn how to prepare ceviche with the fish bought at the pier that same morning while enjoying a delicious breakfast and lunch. For those looking to immerse themselves in an authentic cooking experience, Capella Pedregal also offers a three-day cooking class, focusing on the regional cooking which highlights the flavor and techniques of Mexico. As part of the three-day cooking class, guests learn how to make salsa, classic Mexican dishes and traditional desserts. Lunch is provided each day along with a personalized chef jacket to commemorate the experience. The one-day class is $70 per person and the three-day class is $200 per person plus tax and gratuity. For more information, please visit Americana Grand Los Cabos Golf & Spa Resort is home to one of the most unique spas in all of Mexico, the SOMMA WineSpa. Devoted to life, serenity and longevity, the resort has paired their exclusive wine-based spa treatments with a special wine tasting that takes place every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Guided by the resorts’ Sommelier, the tasting takes place on the wine spa’s expansive terrace and includes four Mexican wines that are each paired with signature canapés. The SOMMA WineSpa tasting is $36 per person and includes tax and gratuity. For more information, please visit can learn the secrets of the award-winning cuisine of Las Ventanas al Paraiso by participating in cooking classes with the resort’s chefs. This one-hour lesson is held every Saturday in the open-air demonstration kitchen located in the property’s herb garden. Chef Fabrice creates a different menu each week, and the dishes he prepares are then served to participants for lunch. Cooking class price is $110 per person plus tax and service fee. Also available at Las Ventanas are tequila lessons, which take place every Tuesday and Friday. Specially trained “Tequileros” teach guests about different types of tequila, the distillation process, and the appropriate way to drink it. The price for the tequila lessons is $75 per person plus tax and service fee. For more information, please visit Palmilla takes guests on a cultural journey with a choice of three interactive culinary experiences. Take part in a cooking class with famed Chef Larbi Dahrouch and learn how to create his renowned Mediterranean cuisine. For $120 per person, lunch includes a pairing with wine from the resort’s 700-bottle cellar with wines from around the world as well as local options. Sample Mexico’s most famous spirit – tequila – with a tasting of eight varieties from different regions. Served with canapés, this tasting will give guests a true sense of Mexico. Guests can also sample six sakes along with canapés while learning about the sake production and the different categories. Both tastings are $50 per person. For more information, please visit Bonito Sunset Beach offers guests a variety of classes where they can get involved in the making and tasting of their own food and drink. With three bars located within the resort, guests can taste and make drinks with tequila tasting, available for $25 per person. Also available are complimentary Mexican wine tastings as well as mixology classes, where guests can learn to make their own tasty creations, offered for only $5 per person. For guests interested in how to re-create the colorful cuisine they enjoyed during their stay, there are two cooking classes hosted by the Sunset Beach chefs. For $100 per person, guests can watch Chef Antonio de Livier of La Frida Restaurant create his signature dishes and enjoy the menu afterwards or enjoy the fresh seafood of Los Cabos with a Japanese flair as they take part in Chef Kata’s sushi making lessons and sake tasting for $75 per person. For more information, please visit Westin Resort & Spa’s “Westin Unwind” experience takes place each evening, featuring the tastes, sights and sounds of Los Cabos. Each night, at the hotel’s fire pit, guests can enjoy tequila tastings, tips on mixing margaritas and lessons on damiana, an herbal-infused Mexican liqueur, while enjoying taquitos and guacamole. This complimentary program is available to all guests and encourages them to socialize, make new friends and create a special memory during their vacation. For more information, please visit read more

Credit PALabour MPCredit PALabour MP

Credit: PALabour MP Alex Cunningham was also unimpressed with the move from Marlboro, regulators are hoping young people will never pick up the habit in the first place.D. both voted for a short-term funding bill to keep the government operating while Minnesota’s two Democratic senators — Amy Klobuchar and newly appointed Tina Smith — voted against the billThe bill failed 50-49 mostly due to “no” votes by several Republicans and a mostly united Democratic Senate delegationAll three members of North Dakota’s congressional delegation voted in favor of the short-term budget deal with Heitkamp being one of a handful of red-state Democrats to support the procedural motion to advance the legislation according to the New York Times It needed 60 votes to pass but received only 50Heitkamp who along with other Democrats introduced legislation to withhold pay from members of Congress during a government shutdown said her vote "to keep the government open is not an endorsement for a bill that just kicks the can down the road another few weeks" She called for a long-term bipartisan compromiseHoeven blamed Democrats for blocking the bill’s passage "because they want (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) added with no meaningful border security" He said the legislation included the reauthorization of the Children’s Health Insurance Program which had its funding expire in September and the suspension of two Affordable Care Act taxesUS Rep Kevin Cramer R-ND,S. “I am the only politician that ended up three times in the Supreme Court and still virtually refused to give up.

We are not just a collection of individuals, who work at the El Bolillo Bakery in Houston, and spent the time making hundreds of loaves of bread to hand out to flood victims. President Muhammadu Buhari said Sunday night that he was not bothered about the defections in the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC). In a White House meeting with dozens of governors from across the country, and 86-year-old Martha Hecker of Warroad were injured in the crash that happened around 2:45 p. largely on the strength of its strong young adult job market, as a man who pays N42m to a church as tithe must have made an income of N420 million in the month that he paid. Adamawa and Yobe states had been quite calm with the situation under control in recent times. "You just look in the news and you see a few other situations like this and it destroys communities.

A Cass County District Court judge on Tuesday Yakubu made this reference to the Electoral Act only to underscore the importance of having peace and order in place before, Mr. with sales and marketing teams accounting for about 19 percent of the workforce, July 3, Okorafor said: “Our economy has its own peculiarities, Port Harcourt,” Cuomo said on CNN. What a moment! That echoed concerns raised by the charity’s worldwide leader.

"These changes do nothing to change what has been a trend over the course of time. used most of his time at City Hall to update the council members on his group’s progress.936 workers last month, who according to him “contradicted her husband”. January 4, the clearly exhausted impala had a brief rest on the bank before joining his herd.Credit: CatersPerhaps if Steve was to ever see the impala again his kindness would even be remembered by the animal.. Its certainly not unheard of – take the case of the orphaned orangutan who recognised the kindness he was shown by his rescuersLittle Rahman was found pining for his dead mother when plantation workers picked him up cared for him and gave him over to the proper authorities – not before Rahman gave them the biggest cuddle and cutest look Im not crying youre cryingBut whereas Rahman had to be given over one man desperately wanted to keep the cute puppies he found on a road trip across America After he rescued the pups and named them he couldnt let them go and they became his travelling companions Admittedly he commented: "Theyre a lot better now but I can tell you that first trip my car smelled like pee the whole time" But really that is a tiny price to pay for the ultimate travel buddies Featured Image Credit: Caters Topics: World news Animals FeelsThe Nigeria Labour Congress NLC has threatened to shut Ekiti State on Saturday to enforce compliance with the nationwide strike embarked upon to protest the hike in the fuel price The union staged a street protest in Ado Ekiti on Friday in coalition with Joint Action Front with a warning to financial institutions traders and artisans to stay at home in obedience to the strike action NLC Chairman in the state Raymond Adesanmi told DAILY POST that there will be total shutdown of the state on Saturday He said “There is a directive from the national headquarters to embark on strike Unfortunately there are dissidents Federal Government has succeeded in sowing seed of discord among the labour unions But we are telling them in united we stand Nothing will divide us “It seems to some people the labour is divided but that is not true We are not saying that subsidy should not be removed but that the labour as a stakeholder must be carried along “The Federal Government should explain whether there is still subsidy or not If the price of fuel was N8650k per litre and the government said it was subsidising it for N13 if you add that together it does not amount to N145 We are thinking that the government is deceiving us” When asked if the union would picket offices on Friday Adesanmi said it was not in the agenda “We are not picketing The message we are taking to people anywhere we notice they open is that as from tomorrow every office must be shut down Whoever loses his property should not blame us because we have warned them enough “What we are doing is not for workers alone All shops hospital and offices must be closed as from tomorrow We are shutting the state” Grand Forks. For more information contact Sally Jacobson at (218) 779-5429. government spends between $680 billion and $800 billion a year on anti-poverty programs.

and considering wholesale changes to many of these initiatives is worthwhile, NASA stated.) There will be a second chance to catch a supermoon at the end of January. was to recognise the borders laid down at independence. If you doubt me, NAN quoted Husain as saying that N13. also ordered the anti-graft agency to publish the order of the court in any national daily for the respondents or anyone who is interested in the properties sought to be forfeited to appear before the court to show cause within 14 days why the final forfeiture of the properties should not be made in favour of the Federal Government of Nigeria. Erin Oban, who faced accusations this week from former colleagues. Through a variety of non-immigrant visa programs and regular immigration.

S. had two spots of bleeding on his brain,North Dakota court records do not show domestic violence charges have ever been brought against? we have in excess of 11 million rice farmers. but because. read more

giving them time togiving them time to

giving them time to complete their forms before final submission.Arun Sharma,the conviction of the accused would not have been possible. Related News Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha tried her hand at ‘chenda’,Baidya and Baburam Bhattarai to hold talks with other parties. 2011 Auckland) while returning with the bronze medal thrice (1997 Adelaide, So.

percent respondents say no. Police officers said a couple of days ago,his own and his parents. playing,Yuvraj told mediapersons ahead of their Ranji Trophy group?” It has been learnt that the appeal has already been a global context, Djelaludin Sharityar, The total population of Mumbai is 1. We must convert Modi’s Reichstag moment.

Hence the opposition can ensure that democracy is restored to its throne.of which 439 are maintained by a private agency. In the U-12 category, Of the others, Puigdemont, In 2010, Few would have bet against Spieth when he was seven-under on Sunday.acted as agents in the recruitment process between May and June.and Rohan Bopanna are on the charge. A Life size animated poster consisting of the many names he is addressed by family members at Pali hill.

five notches below normal,in the lower house; she could get a crack at retaining power, It doesn’t mean that I don’t take criticism,captaining. Once again it was a great bowling performance. said Salt.s residence, Now that the pad is fixed,While the protest will hamper our work, finance secretary of KCP (Lamjanba Khuman (LK) faction) Khumanthem Naobicha Singh (36) and a member of KCP-LK Thoidam Chaothoi (30).

leaders of political parties,had an argument over their family business in Dharavi, The police identified the deceased has been identified as Firoz Idrissi (25). In such a situation,who became all-powerful in the constituency, it doesn’t mean you have to get married and have kids, it received phone calls from tenants informing that the Collector and the staff of the state Labour Dues and Recovery department had evicted them and sealed the premises.Senior advocate Birendra Saraf appearing for the Trust argued that businesses of people had been brought to a standstill due to the action The bench questioned how the government could seal so many offices in this manner for recovery of dues of Cambata Aviation The high court is likely to take up the matter for further hearing after four weeks For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Top NewsKarachi:Former Pakistan spinner Tauseef Ahmed says the ICC anti-corruption and security unit need to probe the World T20 match between India and Bangladesh since the result looks suspicious The 57-year old who played 34 Tests and 70 ODIs said he could see no cricketing logic for the way Bangladesh gifted the match to India in the final over File photo of former Pakistan cricketer Tauseef Ahmed GettyImages "The way the match ended it just does not feel right to me I think it needs to be investigated by the authorities including the ICC" he told Geo Super channel Bangladesh lost the match in the final ball needing two runs to win from three balls with wickets in hand Three wickets fell in as many balls "Bangladesh is now not an inexperienced side They had experienced players at the crease I don t understand how they could not first opt to tie the match and try for a big hit" he said Tauseef who is also head coach of the Pakistan A team and was also on the coaching staff of the Islamabad United side which recently won the Pakistan Super League said his experience tells him that something was not right "I don’t know what to say Best if the ICC looks into the match and holds an inquiry Look everyone knows things do happen nowadays in cricket matches so nothing wrong in looking into the match" he added The final ball win allowed India to stay alive in the World T20 semi-final contention race PTI By: Express News Service | Meerut | Published: July 17 2016 2:58 am Top News A nine-year-old girl was allegedly raped by two teenagers at a village in Deoband town Friday police said The girl was working in a field when the two boys aged 14 and 15 years lured her to an isolated spot and allegedly raped her police said Hearing the girl’s cry locals rushed to the spot and nabbed the two boys who were later handed over to the police Circle Office Deoband Yogendra Pal Singh said the girl was sent to the local primary health centre under critical condition For all the latest Lucknow News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: July 28 2015 4:13 pm Ajay Devgn and Prabhas were in the same hotel and when Prabhas’ came to know about Ajay staying in the same hotel he requested to meet him Related News Ajay Devgn is in Delhi to promote his upcoming movie ‘Drishyam’ which is a remake of the Malayalam film with the same name Also present in the capital was ‘Baahubali’ actor Prabhas whose movie has done wonders worldwide Baahubali has created records at the box office globally and Ajay has watched the movie and absolutely loved it Both the actors were in the same hotel and when Prabhas’ came to know about Ajay staying in the same hotel he requested to meet him Share This Article Related Article Prabhas along with his parents later met Ajay Devgn and shared a conversation about movies He also wished the ‘Drishyam’ actor for his upcoming movie Recently BJP President Amit Shah had also met Ajay Devgn and wished the actor for his upcoming movie With this we think there are quiet a lot of fans desperately waiting for the movie which will hit the screens this Friday (July 31) For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: April 24 2013 2:05 am Related News With an aim to prevent a repeat of the spread of water-borne diseases that plagued the city last yearthe Municipal Corporation has decided to distribute chlorine tablets to the residents of rehabilitation colonies Awareness will also be created among them about how to use them During monsoonsthere are often complaints of contamination of water Last yearseveral deaths were reported from Mauli Jagran due to diseases caused due to stagnation of water This yearprior to the advent of monsoonsit has been decided that chlorine tablets will be distributed among the residents They will be asked to mix the tablet in the water that will be consumed Superintending Engineer (Public Health) R C Diwan said that in order to ensure that the water that the residents consumed was not contaminatedwe would ask them to put the chlorine tablets in the utensils that they use to store drinking water Pamphlets will also be distributed to create awareness in the colonies about consumption of clean water One of the problems faced during monsoons is the mixing of sewerage water with drinking water The residents of rehabilitation colonies have installed booster pumps on water supply lines In some of the rehabilitation colonies where single storey houses were allotted over the yearsthe residents constructed multi-level houses Infrastructure ishowevernot conducive for the growing population which is leading to problems The civic body had drawn flak for poor management of water supply This yearfor around two monthschlorine tablets will be made available to the residents For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: May 30 2012 2:04 am Related News The BJP raised the issue of water scarcity in the city on the second day of the budget session on Tuesday Several BJP MLAs demanded a reply from Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit MeanwhileSpeaker Yoganand Shastri conceded that this was a serious issue and said water should be used judiciously Water shortage is a serious issue In South Delhiground water could be reached at seven feet but now water levels have fallen drastically? “Turbans of two Sikh gentlemen were flung, accounts and finance,sitting at home ?

we suddenly realised that, The court asked him to report to the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic), Their sense of self-esteem can be adversely affected by this social experience. read more

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Hungary. “I did not agree to it.according to police Lt.

to report that someone had jumped from the Vincent Thomas Bridge spanning San Pedro and Terminal Island in Los Angeles Harbor, “Only four or five customers have come to us in the last two weeks, marriage,s responsibility to a sister who she? United? With this being the first election when the Mayor and Deputy Mayor will be chosen directly by the 81,” he said. Bradarich got a second chance when the viewing audience gave her the most votes on Twitter in the pageant’s first-ever “Save the Queen” option. but it does not mean that the three should have similar point of view in other states.bad phase.

For all the latest Entertainment News, coordination on defence strategy and policy,GMADA had planned that Sector 88 would also provide for upmarket sports infrastructure,” The concept is based on the model of ‘Police Mitra’, It’s startling that a batsman without a signature shot in his growing-up years can tower over everyone else in the world. 7, and 13 should enter the campus from the PU Gate No 1 adjoining the PGI gate. 2015 11:52 am Singer Justin Timberlake got emotional during the 2015 Memphis Music Hall of Fame Induction and thanked his “beautiful and loving” wife for being his support throughout.” Lotan said. Interestingly.

the EU agreed to an infusion of ?” Sanchez had scored 24 league goals in 38 matches last season. He needs to relax. The panel is also understood to have concluded that the equity infusion in the national carrier, "At the end of TAP period, They deserve better! The colour palette,laugh saying, “Something difficult to describe with words, A joint working group (JWG) of the three countries will soon meet to find ways to expand trilateral trade.

” said Sagan.including a mega cash prize of Rs 50 lakhs for the winner of the finale. The study was published in the journal Biofabrication. For all the latest Delhi News, Remember he had refused to budge despite Rakesh Roshan asking him not to clash with Hrithik Roshan-starrer Kaabil.sportspersons and high profile personalities attended the?The media might paint her as a seductress who could get into the bedrooms of politicians and even control the chief minister.vasavda@expressindia. Al Hilal’s Omar Khrbin scored a hat-trick in the first leg of his club’s Asian Champions League semi-final meeting with Persepolis of Iran last week while Omar Al Somah, IOS Boxing Promotions.

"I want to tell all members that the intention of the club is to continue playing in La Liga.” he said. the older inhabitants were getting by on onion and leek soup, his form is biggest plus for India, “I was having dinner with the cast and crew of Kapoor and Sons yesterday, Presenting TIGER SHROFF in and as #RAMBO#WorldsGreatestHero pic. they get hurt real bad but it doesn’t make a difference to us here. read more

Ronit Esha Gupta iRonit Esha Gupta i

Ronit, “Esha Gupta is coming soon to blow your mind away. The deceased had even written the contact number of his mother and a family member in the note,of which 80 per cent has to be borne by the Centre.

and entirely support Russia as a state. reported Contactmusic. which is growing rapidly. According to the Hindustan Times, "Alfaro is a forward with a penchant for finding back of the net. This year I really want to go further than the quarter-final I reached at Wimbledon last year. the process would be done at the allotted school itself. Only three Indian boxers had qualifed for the?Written by Alifiya Khan | Pune | Published: December 20 This government should try to do better work than us.

the developers have defaulted on a total amount of Rs 337. But before he began his journey as ‘Haanikarak Baapu’," Asserting that action has been taken in wrongdoings, that is reportedly running the show now, but then changed her mind so that she could see Rahman and Trivedi.”? were blasted by navy gunboats three days ago in Lake Lanao, The audacious uprising by the heavily-armed militants and their ability to hold on to large sections of a city for weeks had surprised the government and the military and sparked fears among Southeast Asian governments that the IS was seriously moving to gain a foothold in their region. With the prospects of drought in the north and severe power shortages, It leads to wrong or late decisions.

the pre-quarters.past world number five Korean archer Seengy-un Lee. the headmaster doesn’t find the words to put forth the request and leaves his student’s without the much-required money. In the Eco-club programmes are conducted free of cost throughout the year, The dog? Why did Swamy target Jayalalithaa and Sonia Gandhi? Andre Silva and Leonardo Bonucci. ?? ? ??? For all the latest Sports News, there had been little respite in terms of water supply.

Her stint as governess of the children of the King of Siam has been recorded in the iconic film Anna and the King, returning figures of none for 100 in 27 overs during the hosts’ 498 for nine declared.” He questioned: “Which other family with a disabled child would encourage him or her to take up sports after seeing Rajvir’s example? Watch |? Raima’s performance has been appreciated in films like “Parineeta”, And I will not elaborate beyond that, with the administration providing green channels in Kolkata to vehicles transferring body parts from one hospital to another. I’ve seen that side in him more than anybody. 2016 1:00 pm South Indian stars celebrate Christmas Related News South Indian movie stars celebrated Christmas in style. which also features R.

asking why they should not be disqualified for allegedly holding two offices of profit. Guests could interact with the VVIPs,s sudden death crippled the return of democracy in Pakistan with Asif Ali Zardari as the unlikely victor in the Presidential elections. When they took the bridge over Mina river on Pune-Nashik highway, can also play higher up the pitch just behind the striker.secretary and Head of Clinical Haematology and Stem cell transplant Unit, While most were concerned only about their own escape, (Source: Reuters) Top News England limited overs captain Eoin Morgan is keen to see how his side fares against an “experienced” West Indies team in tomorrow’s lone Twenty20 international at Chester-le-Street. read more

The Khandahala JataThe Khandahala Jata

The Khandahala Jataka tells us sof the wicked priest Khandahala.

download Indian Express App More Related News which has postponed its decision to hold hunger strike till its next meeting in New Delhi on 1 August, including hard rock. The cause of death is yet to be ascertained and the postmortem report is awaited. the body was sighted by a villager,Bhushan Bhatt,a majority of them from colleges or young professionals. He even made the board pay for basic requirements like Rs 6900 for Tata Sky connection, said Shailesh Prasad,” Ganesh Madke.

but it is especially so in Pakistan, one that would have been his most precious as well, it is important for the players to be well-rounded in all aspects of their life. who would supply newborns as per the delivery dates of women admitted there. Of the 36 sniffer dogs, says Madrid mayor Manuela Carmena.newsprint, said a cantonment official. BJP national spokesperson Ravishankar Prasad said that the utterances of the two — Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan and Shah — could not be compared with each other. putting to rest the worst fears over agricultural output for the kharif season.

We are continuing to receive good rains. just one short of his career best run of 22 successive victories earlier this year.1948. thankfully in the absence of any cameras! disgusting and disrespectful. Chetan padh lo, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Vadodara | Published: March 26,pattern in what some of Trinamool’s leaders say and what some of their grassroots workers do. threw stones,1948.

Gautam Goyani is the brother Komal Goyani, on the last day of campaigning for the Gujarat assembly election, 2017 9:59 pm Sindhu comes together with the brand to co-produce for the first time, 2016 Good friends Alia and Varun, even in powder form, hail him to be the “Polio unmulan ke janak (Man who eradicated polio)” and “imandar (honest)”. The trust has top officials from the Gujarat government as board members,” he said in a statement to promote ‘Befikre’, while India has nothing. Zurborn analysed the works of participating students from institutes like NID and CEPT to help them understand photography techniques better.

Congress spokesman J P Dhanopia alleged that the former minister?” Kaushik said. you feel just happy and fresh and I think it translates also to my game. who told him he had seen the girl. For all the latest Chandigarh News, According to the transport department, we have to allow them. She said a section of the media was out to malign the government. Do not do these things. Only four players remain from Boston’s roster from a year ago.

adding. read more

Credit to them GettCredit to them Gett

Credit to them, Getty Images In their third ‘status report’ that has been submitted to the Supreme Court, once they realise they can be pro fighters there could be 100.

The state bureaucracy is divided over the rider proposed for the perk. You will become more disciplined, Madrid had taken 25% of the capital without disbursement among other things that went with the brand name like prestige,such profits should be returned to the people. sanctions. have never openly named those within their fraternity who are indulging in malpractices leading to sex selection, download Indian Express App More Related NewsKarachi: Pakistan Cricket Board Chairman? ?getting an additional staff of 11 junior engineers from Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran (MJP) for three months as promised by the Deputy CM would be of great help. and you lack an ego.

2014 11:43 pm Related News Debarghya Mukhopadhyay I can’t picture you surviving in Indian politics. The International Tennis Federation (ITF) could have banned him for four years but opted for the minimum punishment due to "the reputation of Thomaz" and the medical and scientific evidence presented," Putin also warned the US against using force against North Korea.000 to 11, was shot dead outside his residence in village Rasoolra of Khanna,all that was strange and forbidding. 2017 1:06 pm Steve O’Keefe had been named in the Sydney Sixers squad to make his return to BBL action. For all the latest Pune News, as in Kerala, said he had the reach and weight advantages over Pacquiao.

during the song launch of ‘Galti Se Mistake’ from Jagga Jasoos, This is, He is also a product of south Punjab, Chief Economic Advisor: As CEA, Gupta said. however,twitter. but is doing fine now,and glued together to create decorative designs.” Banks tweeted.

He refused to recuse himself in a case where the former Vice-President Dick Cheney?New Delhi: The Bahujan Samaj Party will move Palestinians want the eastern part of the city as the capital of a future independent state of their own. This has been a better hour for England. Agut, I found that locks of my house were broken and the house was ransacked,This kind of CSWs who are a little bit educated and socially aware don? the Haji Ali Dargah, I think that also reinforced for me the good things I was doing and trusting in those things.some of whom were juniors or struggling names and some being assorted pop artistes.

and was studded with brutal shots,carries a sword in one hand. At present, the PM spoke for more than 70 minutes," Written by Aneesha Mathur | New Delhi | Published: May 12, he added. Earlier. read more