SalonLabs ThreePart Hair System Wants To Give You Lustrous Beautiful Loc

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first_img Tiny Countertop Dishwasher Cleans Your Dishes in Just MinutesThe Best Robots of CES 2018 If you’ve ever been the victim of awful shampoo, rejoice! Hair product manufacturer Schwarzkopf is looking to help create the best, most amazing shampoo for your hair. And it only takes a quick client profile, a few questions, and a custom mix to get you where you need to be. One lucky tester at CES 2018, Victoria Song, was on hand to try out this new service, which was made a reality via the impressively high-tech glam machine known as the Schwarzkopf Professional SalonLab Analyzer and two additional stages beyond that.First, a client’s hair is scanned via the SalonLab Analyzer, while a worker creates a profile out of several different bits of information gathered at the hair consultation — that’s the idea, anyway. You’d be quizzed about how healthy your scalp is, if you treat your hair with chemicals, etc. All those important questions are to help determine what type hair you have and what kind of chemicals will be needed to both clean it and make sure it stays healthy.Next, a technician is meant to take the Analyzer machine itself and grab readings from your ends of your hair all the way to the roots using infrared spectroscopy, which Song had done on her own hair during her time at the Schwartzkopfpro booth. It can evaluate the inside and outside of the hair shaft and pull valuable information and measurements in this manner. It’s all quick and painless, much less so than even having your hair detangled — that hurts.After the consultation is over, you can use the SalonLabs app to see how a new color on your hair would turn out, if you so desire. From there, the SalonLabs Customizer can get started mixing a shampoo or other liquid beauty product (perhaps a dye) for your hair, specifically. You can also choose a fragrance that works for you. When finished and mixed, it all comes in a nifty personalized shampoo bottle with your own custom label, name, and a barcode. You can continue reordering your shampoo mix from there.From then on, it’s all up to your salon professional to determine pricing and follow-ups. That’s the entire routine, more or less. This isn’t a system you can just purchase for home use, and it’s meant to be implemented in your favorite salon. But it’s a good glimpse of the future of hair care that’s customized for you, and something that certainly makes us feel like we’ve stepped into an episode of The Jetsons…and hopefully not something closer to Black Mirror, with the shampoo turning out awful or something of that nature.For more CES coverage visit our sister site PC Mag. Stay on targetlast_img

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