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first_imgDear Editor,Minutes before Exxon’s announcement that it has started production of oil in Guyana, Mr David Granger delivered an address to the nation heralding the start of oil production and assuring that “no one will be left behind”. But what has the PNC-led Granger team done over the last 4 years and 5 months but leave the people of this nation behind? All that team Granger did was to work arduously to enrich the 500 or so members of the Granger cabal and their friends and family.The question that Mr Granger should really be asking himself rather than seeking to fool the nation is – “Has a deposit of cash been made at the Bank of Guyana because of first oil”? Both he and I know that zero dollars was deposited at the Central Bank because of the first day of oil production and we may have to wait for months before we see pennies on the dollars from this Guyanese crude oil. But upon checking, I found that the investors earned some US$2.2 million for that “first day” of production which will be added to their asset base as ballast (stabiliser in the boat). This reality clearly represents the exploitation that is happening to the Guyanese people as a result of this 2016 contract that was authored and executed by Team Granger.But in addition to the exploitation of the people as is being facilitated by team Granger, these people are also disconnected from the pains of the man in the street. History has proven such indifference to the plight of the people always end up hurting the rulers at the ballot box. Does team Granger know just how angry the Guyanese people are? Those who have taken the time to study the cash distribution clauses on this Stabroek Block contract are even more outraged.The local media have done a fine job of bringing this knowledge to the people by way of their newspaper reports or publication of the actual contract documents. So if Mr Granger believes that the people are unaware of what is happening, all he has to do is to dissect why the excitement and euphoria at the announcement of first oil are so mute across Guyana. As I walk the streets of Guyana, I am reassured by many people that they are upset at how team Granger continues to play with their intelligence. The people know what is happening Mr Granger, and they are waiting for you at the ballot box.And in every circus, there must be a “dog and pony show”. And up comes Mr Moses Nagamootoo with his usual hilarious commentary. This time his parody of comedy starts with the phrase – “out of economic bondage” after the first day of oil production. How more clueless can a public official get? Over the last 4 years and 5 months, it is public policies crafted by people like Mr Nagamootoo in team Granger that has subjected the Guyanese masses to a level of economic depression, only comparable to the bad old days of the ERP under the PNC when empty rice pots was a real occurrence in many kitchens.So no amount of sugar coating from Mr Granger or Mr Nagamootoo or anyone else will erase how raped the people feel this Christmas because the PNC’s man signed on the dotted line and bequeathed our patrimony for peanuts on this oil deal.Then to add salt to our injury, team Granger has abandoned the local Private Sector by failing to put any administrative framework in place to facilitate a seamless insertion of Guyanese-owned businesses into the international oil services trade that is happening on our soil. The outcome of such policy paralysis on the part of team Granger is that many local businesses have been made into aliens in their own country when it comes to this oil services trade.So do not be surprised Mr Granger when the people speak directly to you on March 2, 2020. What is important is that you act like an adult and not a child and accept the voice of the people when they speak to you directly on March 2, 2020.Regards,Sasenarine Singhlast_img

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