Is Asia also our opportunity for tourism investment?

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first_imgWe recently wrote about current trends in tourism according to, which should be paid attention to. Richard Clarke, an analyst at Berstein Asset Management, then proposed one of these trends as an exceptional economic opportunity – namely, investing in tourism development within one of Asia’s most populous countries, China.Surprisingly, there is a shortage of hotels and similar accommodation units in the Asian market, while at the same time a mobile and affluent middle class is developing, fascinated by Western brands. Some of the biggest players present there, the giants Marriott, Hilton, Accor and IHG are already planning to expand to a total of 64% of the total market, and just today the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) announced that in cooperation with Vynn Capital, a company specializing in capital ventures in the early stages of implementation in the Southeast Asian market launched this strategically important partnership that should actively promote the tourism sector through the promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation.The joint effort of Vynn Capital and the World Tourism Organization should create a framework and policy that would support technological start-ups, which recognize the possibility of developing the tourism sector of the region. Both sides will seek to motivate existing industries and actors such as hotels and gastronomic associations to adapt digital strategies, but also the private sector to technology investments. The role of Vynn Capital is to support tourism entrepreneurship and existing market players as a partner of the World Tourism Organization as the market turns to new technologies and innovations.”The World Tourism Organization is proud to partner with Vynn Capital to help us create real solutions for the much-needed digital transformation of tourism. Such partnerships are key in continuing to generate opportunities through tourism and to demonstrate that capital ventures are also crucial if we are to establish progressive sustainable development.”Said UNWTO Secretary-General Zur Pololikashvili.According to the UNWTO, the number of international visits in all regions has increased since the beginning of 2018, which continues last year’s strong trend. Significant growth is led by Asia and the Pacific, especially Southeast Asia with 10% and South Asia with 9% growth, which has already surpassed last year’s increase in international visits by 6%.”Tourism represents a great opportunity for Southeast Asia where we are witnessing the emergence of a strong middle class. Vynn Capital has recognized tourism as a key investment area and we will continue to work together with entrepreneurs and existing actors to promote the region’s tourism sector. We believe that technology organizations that focus on consumer mobility, such as Indonesia’s Travelio and Carsome, will continue to be the bearers of the economic benefits of tourism development. We have teamed up with the World Tourism Organization to raise a new generation of innovative tourism organizations in Southeast Asia. ”, said Victor Chua, one of the founders of Vynn Capital and president of the MVCA (Malaysia Venture Capital & Private Equity Association).It is certainly useful to follow the development of the situation…RELATED NEWS:CURRENT TRENDS IN TOURISM WHICH SHOULD BE ATTENTEDlast_img read more

Remarkable youngsters give golf a new voice

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first_img24 Jan 2018 Remarkable youngsters give golf a new voice A group of 11 remarkable young people are set to give golf a fresh, new voice.They are Young Ambassadors for England Golf and the Golf Foundation and through their own stories, enthusiasm and love of the sport, they will challenge negative perceptions and play a part in getting more people talking about and playing the game.The ambassadors range in age from 10 to 22 and include school pupils, students, a volunteer coach, a trainee PGA professional, a would-be PE teacher and a trainee doctor.  They’re all prepared to do what it takes to inspire others, whether it’s speaking at meetings, blogging or vlogging, getting involved with national campaigns or helping to organise events.“They’re an amazing group,” said Lee Dolby, England Golf’s Young People Manager. “They’re bringing to life our Children and Young People’s Plan for Golf and helping us achieve our vision of inspiring a love of golf that lasts a lifetime.“By sharing their stories they’ll help raise awareness of golf, show the positive impact of young people and prove that it’s a game for all.”The Ambassadors are:Emma Anderson, 20, of Sherwood Forest Golf Club, NottinghamshireElla Baker, 12, of Warley Woods Golf Club, HalesowenIsabella Bleaken, 10, of Westonbirt Golf Club, GloucestershireWarren Clark, 17, from Hampshire and a member of Salisbury & South Wilts Golf ClubEmily Furniss, 18, of Gaudet Luce Golf Club, WorcestershireMorgan Halpin, 19, of Morecambe Golf Club, LancashireAli Jodiyawalla, 18, of Hatchford Brook Golf Club, BirminghamYsobel Lush, 16, of Langdon Hills Golf Club, Essex,Hope Neild, 16, of Royal Norwich Golf Club, NorfolkJessica Pilgrim, 12, of Harewood Downs Golf Club, BuckinghamshireMatthew Wilcox, 22, of West Lancashire Golf Club, LancashireThe ambassadors recently got together for a training session involving the Youth Sport Trust and the Sport and Recreation Alliance. It was a chance to share their stories and experiences and similar themes emerged right across the age range.They spoke of how golf has given them confidence and inspired their career ambitions, how they want to work to make the game truly inclusive and their passion to show that it’s not an ‘old man’s’ game.Here, four of them talk about golf:Ali Jodiyawalla took up golf at the age of 12 when his dad was introduced to the sport through his work. Now, aged 18, he wants to give back, commenting: “Golf’s given a lot to me, if it wasn’t for golf I think I would just be out with my mates a lot more, instead of being focussed on something.Ali is a Level One volunteer coach and his main interest is helping other people to enjoy golf and discover what a great game it is. “There’s a lot of stereotypes around golf but when you actually start playing and get more and more involved it’s so different,” he said.“If young people start representing golf a lot more than the elderly it will take away the biggest stereotypes, that it’s an old man’s sport and a rich man’s sport.  And if younger people are doing it, it looks a lot more fun!”Ysobel Lush is, at the age of 16, a veteran volunteer, having helped to recruit girl golfers for three years with Girls Golf Rocks in Essex. The sport and her experience has shaped her life and ambition to be a PE teacher. She says: “I’ve been playing golf since I was little and I’ve made all my best friends through golf. It’s made me what I am and what I want to be.”Morgan Halpin started playing golf with plastic clubs as a three-year-old and is now in the first year of his PGA training. He likes the social aspect of golf and comments: “It’s fun, that’s what it’s all about.”Morgan is passionate about sharing his pleasure in the game and has particular interest in disability golf, inspired by his sister who has a rare genetic disorder. His mum and a friend founded Unique Kidz, a charity to help families find suitable childcare and social activities for their disabled children, and Morgan has been involved with golf activities.Emma Anderson was England Golf’s 2017 Young Ambassador of the Year in recognition of her extensive volunteering. But the university student reckons she has benefited from golf: “It’s made me so much more confident and helped me know that I want to work in sport.”She’s upbeat about the way golf is changing, but says the challenge is getting the wider world to recognise this. “When I talk to people my age about golf there is a perception that it’s older people who are making the decisions, but within golf a lot of young people do have a voice that is listened to. What we’ve got to do is get that voice out there to say that golf is a progressive sport which is changing and that it’s something for people to get involved with.” Tags: England Golf, Golf Foundation, Young Ambassadorlast_img read more

The Olympia Food Co-op Adopts a $15 Starting Wage

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first_imgFacebook624Tweet0Pin0Submitted by The Olympia Food Co-opThe collectively managed and member owned Olympia Food Co-op has adopted a gradated policy to bring the starting wage to $15 per hour by 2018. This decision follows the national movement of low wage workers mobilizing to demand a living wage.The Olympia Food Co-op stands out as a values based, community run and collectively managed grocer and for the last forty years has been a leader in the community, working to make good food accessible to more people and encourage economic and social justice. The decision to move to $15/hr starting wage supports the efforts by the Olympia Food Co-op to foster a socially and economically egalitarian society.The movement for a $15 minimum wage began in 2012 with New York City fast food workers walking off the job for day long strikes. Workers have argued that full time workers should not have to work second jobs or rely on public assistance, which many low wage workers must for basic subsistence. While the movement was initially criticized as unfeasible, the $15 minimum wage has gained considerable traction and has steadily become reality as many cities have passed or are considering raises to their minimum wage. In addition to the fast food industry, other employment sectors such as home care workers, childcare providers and big box retail workers have also joined the movement for higher wages, as well as sick leave and union organizing rights. Locally, Sea-Tac became the first city in the US to institute a $15 minimum wage, followed by a long term plan by Seattle. Now cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and many others are following suit in an attempt to reduce poverty.Long time Olympia Food Co-op staff member and Finance Committee member Grace Cox says, “The Co-op already offers a solid wage and benefits package. As a Co-op employee I hope that all employers will embrace the need to raise wages for the lowest paid workers.” Emily Van Kley of the Co-op’s Labor Systems Committee adds that, “By committing to $15 an hour, I hope the Co-op is lending its support to a movement that values the contributions of all workers.”last_img read more