Jurors from Breonna Taylor grand jury shed light on trial lies

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first_imgFollowing the announcement, an anonymous juror identified as “Grand Juror #1” by attorney Kevin Glogower said that the grand jury not only disagreed that certain actions taken by the police that night were justified, but that it was never given the opportunity to indict any officer for homicide.“I came out of my chair and said he just lied,” Juror #1 told VICE on how he responded to the announcement of no charges. He then filed a motion to allow the 12 jurors to speak publicly about what happened during the trial. In a rare incident of grand jury records being made public, a judge ruled that records could be released in order for jury panelists to speak publicly about the case, Daily Kos reported. Days after the motion was approved, a second juror confirmed Juror #1’s statement that charges to consider were limited.- Advertisement – Juror #2 added that he believed Kenneth Walker’s recollection of the incident (Walker, who was Taylor’s boyfriend, said the police did not knock or announce themselves before forcing their way into Taylor’s apartment, and that he fired his gun thinking they were intruders). “Each of the officers had a different story,” he said. “The only time when their story came together was when they said three phrases: ‘I don’t know,’ ‘I don’t remember,’ and ‘I’m not sure.’” He added that each also tapped their fingers on the desk after saying these phrases. “They had holes in their stories [and] they had holes in their holes.”While it is unclear if other jurors will also speak out about lies and inconsistencies present at the trial, both Juror #1 and Juror #2 have been consistent in their stories contradicting Cameron’s lies. Cameron initially tried to stop records from being released, then issued a statement last month claiming that the trial was conducted lawfully and he is “fine with the jurors speaking and making their position known.” As more of the trial inconsistencies become known and Cameron’s lies are exposed, we can only hope that Taylor will receive the justice she rightfully deserves. Both jurors spoke to VICE Media Wednesday to give some insight into how the trial took place; one even brought a notebook with notes taken during the trial. His notes depicted not only how he responded to the evidence presented, but how he processed it, giving a glimpse into how the jurors were thinking during the trial.“Cameron did not give a choice with this and we did not agree with anything he said,” the anonymous juror identified by VICE as Juror #2 said. “But I had my notes with me because I need for these people to understand I didn’t do this.”Looking at the notebook, VICE noted the phrase “covering up.” When asked about this, the juror explained that he felt the Public Integrity Unit present at the trial acted like defense attorneys for the police, giving them “softball questions” in addition to interpreting what they should be saying.- Advertisement –center_img – Advertisement –last_img read more

Sumner County Sheriff Weekly Bookings: July 14 – July 21, 2014

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first_imgCastro, Jenry A. Jr.40Wellington, Ks501 N Washington Wellington, KSSUSOWarrant- PV x 27/16/14 Lowry, Kyle R27Wellington, Ks1030 N College Apt #209WPDTheft, Battery, Disorderly Condact7/16/14 Monday 0600  to  Monday 0600  WEEKLY   BOOKINGS 7/14/2014 thru 7/21/2014  Sandell, Aaron29Wellington KS1309 OntarioSUSOProbation Violation x27/18/14 Turcotte, Daniel J. Jr.24Mulvane, Ks.100 W. Main, Mulvane KS.MPDDUI7/19/14 Gingerich, Tremain D.18Wellington KS1503 N. Olive, Wellington, Ks.WPDBurglary7/15/14 Wellington PD         Davis, William25Newcastle, Tx 16th and Olive Wellington Ks 16th and Olive , Wellington KsSUSODUI7/20/14 Redmond, Curtis L.21Hendrix, OK610 E Hillside Wellington KsSUSOWarrant- FTA7/18/14 Banks, Ernest  L.58Cedar Hill, Tx.Port of Entry, South Haven Ks.KHPF.T.A.7/14/14 Voyles, Chadrick L.38Wellington, Ks1332 N A St. Wellington, KSSUSOReno County Warrants- FTA x 27/17/14 Bookings Sumner Co Gingerich, Tremain D.18Wellington, Ks.1503 N. Olive, Wellington, Ks.W.P.D.Criminal Damage to Property.7/14/14 Rusk, Tyler M.28Wellington, Ks.1120 N. “H”,  Wellington Ks.W.P.D.Criminal Damage to Property, Poss. of Drugs, and Poss. of Paraphernailia7/14/14 Appelhans, Phillip L.36Wellington, Ks.117 W. 117th, Wellington Ks.W.P.D.Forgery (felony) and theft7/15/14 McArthur,Jimmy26winfield KS111 W College Oxford KSOXPDCriminal Trespass and Disorderly conduct7/19/14 Bail Bondsman The Sumner County Sheriff Weekly Bookings for the Sumner County Jail for July 14 to July 21, 2014 are as follows:  Lawrence, Brittany25Marion AR400 S US-81 Hwy Wellington KSSUSODUI7/19/14 Rains, Drake C.18Wellington, Ks.200 N. “C”, Wellington, Ks.W.P.D.Rape7/18/14 Lea, Merideth R.26Wellington, Ks.610 E. Hillside, Wellington Ks.SUSOProbation Violation (3 day quick dip)7/14/14center_img Belle Plaine Chase, Shiloh J.22Homeless100 E. Olive, Oxford, Ks.O.P.D.Probation Violation7/14/14 Lambrecht, Charla531369 N State Hwy 15 Mulvane1369 N State Hwy 15 Mulvane KsSUSODV Battery7/21/14 Sedgwick Co Finney, Gregg A.38Clearwater, Ks.610 E. Hillside, Wellington Ks.SUSOServe Sentence 48 Hours7/19/14 NameAgeHome TownArrest locationAgencyChargesDate of Arrest Caldwell PD Jensen, Ryan35Hot Springs ARKTA MP 23 Wellington KSKHPDWS,TOC,No registration,No proof of insurance7/20/14 KHP Brown, Melody39Wellington KS1529 N A St Wellington KSWPDPossession of opiate,possesion of paraphenila,distrubite opiate,Theft7/20/14 Hoss, Dustin L.32Wellington, Ks.400 S. Ash, Wellington Ks.SUSOSUCO warrant for Probation Violation and City of Wellington warrant for F.T.A.7/19/14 Bippert, Dustin R.34Mulvane, Ks.1481 N. Easy St. Mulvane Ks.SUSOProbation Violation (3 day quick dip)7/14/14 Henton, Jessica D.38Wellington, KsMadison/AdamsWPDForgeryX2, Theft7/16/14 Arrieta, Angela36Wellington KS500 E 140th St South HavenSUSOAggravated endahgering of achild,DUI,TOC,Violation of restricitions on DL,Unlaful use of a DL7/20/14 Manly, Ernest L.27Arkansas City, Ks.1200 block S. U.S. 81SUSOPoss. of Marijuana & Poss. of Drug Paraphernailia7/14/14 Myers, Thaddeus J.40Wellignton KS1529 N A St Wellington KSWPDDistriibute opiate,Possession of opiate, Conspiracy to sell controlled substance,Distrubte opiate,Theft7/20/14 Myers, Thaddeus J.40Wellington, Ks.10th and “C”, Wellington Ks.W.P.D.Driving While Suspended7/15/14 Mulvane Koehn, Terrance39Wellington KS1115 W 7th St Wellington KsSUSODUI7/20/14 McCoy=Griffen, Ebone K.24Mission, Ks.I-35, mp 18, Kansas TurnpikeKHPDriving While Suspended7/18/14 Horne,Jan21Braman OK2111 North A St Wellington KSWPDDUI7/19/14last_img read more