17 01 20

first_imgA boy child is now a patient at the Linden Hospital Complex following an accident which led to him losing his right eye on Friday afternoon in Kwakwani, Berbice.Shavis WilsonThe boy, Shavis Wilson, 9, of Kwakwani is a student at the Kwakwani Primary School.Guyana Times understands that at about 17:00h the child was playing and tried to tug off a stick from some bushes when one of the branches struck him in the face.As a result of the impact, both of the boy’s eyes were punctured. His parents were informed of what had occurred and he was rushed to the Kwakwani Hospital.However, doctors their informed his parents that they were not equipped to deal with such situations and so the child was sent to the Linden Hospital Complex (LHC) by ambulance..The boy’s sister, Shaunel Wilson, told this publication that the injured lad and family waited for several hours before the ambulance showed up.Repeated calls were made to the LHC but all were met with “the ambulance is one its way”. However, in the wee hours of Saturday morning the child arrived in Linden and was immediately taken into surgery.After the surgery, the doctors informed the parents that they were unable to save his right eye and are uncertain what the condition of the other eye was.The family would have to wait for days before the condition of his left eye would be revealed.Speaking to this publication, his distraught parents relayed their uncertainty for him ever seeing again. Michelle Wilson, sitting at his bedside said that he was still unconscious. “The doctors said that they operated on his left eye but we are uncertain what the results would be when he wakes up”.last_img read more