14 05 20

first_imgLogroño-BarçaLeague0-6 Barça-TaconLeague9-1 Barça-GranadillaLeague3-1 Barça-SeagullCatalunya Cup5-1 Juventus-BarçaChampions0-2 Athletic-BarçaLeague0-3 Espanyol-BarçaLeague0-4 Real-BarçaSuper Cup1-10 Tacon-BarçaLeague0-6 Barça-LogroñoLeague5-0 Sp.Huelva-BarçaLeague0-1 Seville-BarçaLeague0-2 Barça-MinskChampions5-0 Barça-MadridLeague5-0 Atleti-BarçaLeague0-0 Barça-LevanteLeague5-0 Barça-RayoLeague3-1 Barça-JuventusChampions2-1 Barça-BetisLeague3-0 Espanyol-BarçaCatalunya Cup0-4 Barça-DeporCup1-0 Barça-Sp.HuelvaLeague7-0 Barça-DeporLeague6-1 Intractable. This Barça has yet to find a rival this season. After 31 official matches – twenty-one in the League, four in the Champions, two in the Queen’s Cup, two in the Super Cup and two in the Catalan Cup – the azulgrana team remains undefeated, with two small punctures in the draws before Atleti (0-0) Y Lightning (1-1) in league. They are the only two spots in an almost immaculate record this season, which started with his tenth Copa de Catalunya trophy and in which they have already added the title of the Spanish Super Cup, in the premiere of the tournament in this category.Barça’s power is measured, above all, in its great scoring prowess. Those of Lluís Cortes have shown a great facility to see goal. Few teams have survived their goals, with an average of four goals in favor per game. So much so that 25 of his 29 victories have been for two or more goals, with eleven duels for five or more goals.Barça results in 2019-20 Minsk-BarçaChampions1-3 Barça-SevilleLeague3-0 Valencia-BarçaLeague0-4 Rayo-BarçaLeague1-1 Sp.Huelva-BarçaCup0-4 Barça-AtletiLeague6-1 In the potential scorer of Barça it is necessary to highlight the comfort that the team presents in its new fort, the recently released Johan Cruyff. 50% of the goals (125 in total) this season have come at home, with an average of 4.5 goals against the fan of Barcelona, who has not seen or tied or lost his team. In fact, the only two draws of Lluís Cortés’s came in Madrid. On Madrid soil it was also where the azulgrana signed their only game without seeing a door, after 0-0 against Atleti in Alcalá de Henares.Definitely, Barça’s numbers leave him as the most outstanding team so far this season. The Catalan team points to its fifth league title, a tournament that has not won since 2015, with a nine-point advantage over Atlético (2nd). But, it is not the only trophy that the Barça players aspire to lift after winning the Super Cup. Those of Lluís Cortés walk by the semifinals of the Queen’s Cup and are quarterfinalists in the Champions, competition in which they are the current runners-up. Everything looks very good for him culé team, whose future, like everyone’s, is uncertain due to the coronavirus health crisis. MatchComp.Beef. Atleti-BarçaSuper Cup2-3 El Tacon, first victim of Barça’s hitAmong his most massive goals is the historic 9-1 against Tacon on the first day of the First Iberdrola. A duel that generated a stir because it was the test of the future Barça-Real Madrid, It will come from next season when the Tacon officially acquired the name and symbols of the white club. The 1-10 that Barça endorsed Real in the final of the Spanish Super Cup was also not spared from the controversy, with reproaches by coach txuri-urdin for the presence of foreigners in the Barça team, which is precisely the club with the most Spanish women in the League. These two goals were accompanied by an unexpected 6-1 in the Clásico against Atlético or 0-6 by Tacon in Valdebebas, in a match that had hardly any media coverage. Madrid-BarçaLeague0-4last_img read more