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first_imgMoney: “LaLiga is an entity that is dedicated to selling the television rights of the clubs. The RFEF, under its umbrella, has clubs that generate deficits in this regard. We raise funds to give it to them. They lay their wealth in selling. We look for it to give it to the clubs. If 88% is based on your rights, how is it possible that you did not insure yourself when the person responsible for the sale should have insured that. We ensure our competitions. We have 6 or 8% rights and we guarantee it. We find it tremendous. In a multinational we would be talking about a clear responsibility with the person responsible for this. We are satisfied with how we are doing things. Our Cup and Super Cup have saved modest clubs. “The league: “First choose money on the scale of values ​​and first is health. We want the competition to end. That is clear to us. We act in defense of rigor. It is our main function. We guarantee the cleanliness of the competitions ”.Who would win and how would it look if not played: “If it is suspended, it has to be resumed. If there was a date in which UEFA says which teams pass, well, what do the rules say? UEFA would have to give the criteria. UEFA has to say from this date these are the teams participating in Europe. Our spirit leads us to finish all the leagues ”.Elections to the RFEF: “I have already been asked about the suspension of the elections. They are not called and have never been called. We have asked for authorization to advance them. I spoke to Irene Lozano and told her that we are working on eradicating the coronavirus. We are at your disposal, I said. When the time comes we will see when they are called. Now we are working on what is important. ”Forecast dates to restart: “We work with all the forecasts. From the most optimistic to the most pessimistic. The closed door would be the last option, but we will do what they tell us. We have a responsibility. We can’t play fortune tellers. “Deadline to start European competitions: “The different scenarios have been seen. There is a manager at UEFA who will give an answer.ERTEs in modest clubs: “I am concerned about everything. I am concerned that people have a hard time. So my obligation is to give peace of mind. We have worked with many obstacles. The most modest clubs have guaranteed income. As for the ERTEs it is a labor issue and therefore union and employer. We will participate where they tell us. What I do want is to put on the table a measure that I will ask for: to make all payments subsequent to the cone virus more flexible. The problem of dismissals in terms of licenses is a problem between clubs and players but they have to solve it in a union or employer way. “Where does the money come from: “We are the only federation without a public subsidy. The only one. We have to work very hard with our competitions and teams, communication and marketing with a very strong treasury and with a very austere balance. This has made us give more money to the most humble clubs. That’s where our money comes from. Why LaLiga’s problem, because as sellers of club rights they have not guaranteed that income with the responsibility that this entails. You, having the eggs in the same basket, should have secured the only source of income you have. ”Facilities for those in need: “We may give up facilities. I told Irene Lozano that we have many beds that can be for the sick or family. Everything is available. It would be a great initiative for LaLiga to talk to the clubs so that they could make their residencies available to everyone. It would have been a great initiative. I ask you from here. It is always important that the sport shows signs of solidarity ”.Loss of postponement of the Eurocup: “A working group has been created. The RFEF will be there and we will see what losses there are. The message is to play with integrity. That makes me proud to belong to UEFA. Money is more important but integrity. ”Spanish team and amateur trips: “We don’t even know in a month where we are going to be. Hopefully we will get better but others may get worse. UEFA has reserved changes to the formulas and different formulas to be able to finish the competitions. Making closed phases has not been discarded. We have to see. “Block descents and only have ascents: “Do not. It would be irresponsible. The League will have to be listened to. What is gained and lost in the field must rule. It is raw and hard but it is just right. That is our speech. Unless we are forced, we are not going to get out of there. “Contracts beyond June 30: “It is a question to consider. It is only fair that the same templates be finished. We are going to try to propose it. Here the regulation collides with the law of several countries. If you can get it, hopefully. And if inequality cannot be achieved it will be the same for everyone. At any step it is too early to talk about it. The first step is to try to finish before June 30. If not, then this will gain in news. “2nd and Third Controls: “It seems irresponsible to me that with patients and life at stake, it seems out of the question that tests are being used when there are people who need it. It seems to me that it is not knowing the reality. If they have confined us. It doesn’t matter if you are infected or not. Does not matter. The result is the same. And if you have severe symptoms, that person needs a test. Not a footballer. He will be isolated. The administration has said it, everyone who has a test, masks, gloves, put it on. And there is someone who is sending a test and it is illegal. Must be punished. We all stand out and it is an unpatriotic stocking. We strongly disagree. A different thing is that when there are fewer patients, we will consider it for our categories. But now let’s focus on the one that needs it. You have to lend a hand. ”Call of Thebes ?: “Has not called me. I have not called him either, but I have invited LaLiga. It would be desirable if it came. But if Carlos del Campo comes, I will be delighted. It is a good opportunity for us all to be together. The differences are notable but at the moment Spanish football and hobbies are at stake. We will invite the League and receive all who come. “Women’s Football: “All those who are included in the Elite Program, guarantee up to the last euro. Sports competitions are suspended. If it ends before June 30, well. If you can with the public, the better. And if you have to play with heat, we will continue to preserve health. You will not be able to play in Seville with 40 degrees no matter how much you want abroad or on television. The Queen’s Cup final follows the same process as that of the King. And with the European it is necessary to see if it is suspended and if it is disputed in 2021 ”. Luis Rubiales, president of the RFEF, appeared at an institutional press conference to assess the latest events related to sport caused by the coronavirus crisis, including the postponement of Euro 2020 to 2021. With his explanations many things have been made clear . Competitively it is: Barça will not be champion if it is not played again. And also, the result of the first lap will not be worth it and that the only solution is to finish the competition.Coronavirus crisis: “We have been working with UEFA for many days, by phone and by videoconference. We have moved some proposals that have been satisfactorily approved. We already know what the situations are for the European, local and Eurocopa competitions. The competitions have to be finished before June 30. All the teams have to play all the matches. That is what we discussed with the 55 member federations and with the Executive Committee. We have all voted favorably. “Presidents meeting: “All the presidents of the Territories, and all unanimously agree and have given me their vote of confidence. Health, economy and competitions are the three pillars that we analyzed.”Very hard days: “There are many more important things for everyone, but there is no doubt that from the RFEF we must continue working and providing solutions. We have to do our job. I want to thank all of Spanish society and those who are suffering from this tremendous situation. And to all who are helping. “UEFA meeting and 55 member associations: “It was thanks to Ceferin’s spirit. He wants to listen to everyone and hear their opinion. We have been talking to UEFA for many days. We have been working a lot on the phone for five or six days. Some measures have been approved. The situation of the Eurocup is already known. There has been a will supported by UEF. Competitions must be completed if possible before June 30 although it should not be an impassable wall. Our opinion is that there is justice and equality and that all teams can play all their matches so that the competition is won on the field. ”Territorial Meeting: “Almost all the presidents have been present, there have only been a couple of them who have been absent. They have unanimously agreed to support the RFEF thesis. I thank all of them who have given their vote of confidence to the Federation ”Health: “From the RFEF, complementary measures will be taken in the weeks before the competition resumes. Our means are at the disposal of the administration. The beginning is contingent on the Government and Health allowing us to play. “Economic: “It is important that we clarify why LaLiga has said that billions will be lost if they do not end the competition and that has generated many calls. It is important that all the clubs listen to me: even the last euro that has been promised by the RFEF is guaranteed. Impulso 23, quarry with values, aid for men’s and women’s futsal, balls, travel, aid for minors, women’s soccer, the Elite Program … Everything up to the last euro is guaranteed. We do not want uncertainty and we have worked rigorously. That will give peace of mind. The RFEF is going to pay up to the last committed euro ”.Competitions: “There are many ways to explain this. Our teams aim to outdo themselves and their rivals. It’s all about justice. If the competitions were agreed in one way, they have to end like this and the rules cannot be changed mid-season. What we have asked UEFA, we will invite AFE and LaLiga, and the finalists clubs of the commitments and they can make proposals but I want it to be clear. The first scenario is to finish before June 30, whatever it may be. I cannot guarantee it. We are very rigorous. I cannot guarantee anything. If that is not the case, it is said to end with the classification as it is. And I can already say that it would be injustice to end the classification as it is. It would be a tremendous injustice. The classification that there is now will not be the one at the end. “Second scenario: “Others spoke to nullify the season and we defend not. How are we going to do that. How are we going to take away prizes from teams that have been winning things throughout the season. We want the season to end. And the third scenario was about roll back the season to the first lap. And we’re not going to do that either. It would be rewarding someone who had a position that isn’t now. We only have to finish the season. Which is June 30, perfect. No, it will end later. And if later you have to start later or with another format, it will be done, but agreed by all. This is the formula we have found. “Government: “We have to coordinate with our administration. Something will come to the sport from aid. And we will take the side of UEFA and FIFA. We must thank the CSD and the COE, FIFA and UEFA for their work. They all managed to give in. We launched a message of humility and justice. “Help the most modest clubs of Second B and Third: “We must guarantee the audas of this season and the next. If it is extended this season the other will be shorter. The emoluments will be the same. We are talking about more than 50,000 euros per team in Third and 130,000 in Second B. We guarantee all aid. The humble clubs are waiting for our grants and I want them to be calm. If we have to go beyond June 30, we will do it even if it is not the best. ”European competitions: “No possibility has been ruled out. Out of loyalty and hierarchy, I have given my opinion, but it is up to UEFA to answer these questions. “Cup Final: “There is no date. We value May 31 and report it to the Royal Household, but seeing what has happened, we have paralyzed. We don’t want to impose anything. We will put it on a weekend. I have called Real and Athletic and the two of them will be pending in the negotiations. We want a final with a hobby. From there, because it is a legal imperative, we would do it behind closed doors if they tell us so. We cannot say date. He would be very arrested. You cannot create confusion. We will work with the clubs. “Cup outside this season: “We don’t rule out anything. It is above that June 30 date. They will be with voice and vote. It was very easy to talk to them. It is a historic game. ”Measures if the League is not played: “Lengthen the calendar as necessary to finish. It will be in coordination with the League. We want to agree. It is a historical moment. Ending the season like this or ending is already a sports scenario that we do not contemplate. ”last_img read more