Right-wing fraudsters attorney says they want Alan Dershowitz to testify at robocall trial

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first_imgIn this clip below, Burkman’s attorney Scott Grabel claims he has “spoken” to Alan Dershowitz by “email” and is not sure whether or not he will be able to be “retained,” but is hoping to have a place for him to speak on, once again, “constitutional law.” This is the same Alan Dershowitz whose shining catastrophic moment, the one that will likely be remembered in law history for centuries to come, was the singularly most convoluted, intellectually dishonest, and vapid attempt at arguing that Donald Trump couldn’t be impeached due to an abuse of power, while then arguing he didn’t say he said that, but that if he had said it it would be true, but it isn’t, so don’t say he said that. Daily Dot’s Zachary Petrizzo reported that Michigan Attorney General lawyer Richard Cunningham strongly opposed the motion to have a constitutional witness, before the bizarre Dershowitz revelation, because “An attorney’s role is to argue the law, it is not to testify as to what the law is.”- Advertisement – – Advertisement – Burkman’s lawyer is consulting with famously unscrupulous, self-aggrandizing, there is no law unless I say it’s a law, Alan Dershowitz. This is about a series of robocalls, received in various states, targeting predominantly Black and brown communities across the country, that attempted to scare potential voters away from early voting, by lying about how early voter rolls would be used to imprison people based on outstanding debts or warrants.Law & Crime reports that Dershowitz has told them that he is “not involved in that case,” referring to Burkman’s robocall fraud. Dershowitz also says that he is not involved at all with Trump election lawsuits. Burkman’s attorney, Grabel told Law & Order that “If Mr. Dershowitz isn’t working on ‘election issues’ I stand corrected.”Real scumbag shit. Makes sense that Dershowitz is involved—even tangentially. George Bernard Shaw once wrote that one should “Never wrestle with pigs. You both get dirty and the pig likes it.” In this case, everyone involved might like it. No bad press and all of that. Only the best people.- Advertisement –last_img read more

Scottish Widows enters buy-in market with £400m deal

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first_imgWiggins Teape pension scheme has competed a £400m (€565m) buy-in, the first transaction completed by new market entrant Scottish Widows.Jeff Sayers, director of bulk annuities and investment strategy, said he was delighted to be entering the market, adding that the £400m deal showed the “strength” of the company’s de-risking offering.Keith Taylor, head of pensions at the scheme, praised the work of KPMG, with the company acting as adviser to the Wiggins Teape Pension Scheme.“The buy-in of the pensioner liabilities is a key de-risking step for the scheme, with a large proportion of the [its] liabilities now insured,” Taylor added. Emma Watkins, who joined SWIP earlier this year as director of bulk annuities to launch the business, said the deal marked a “significant milestone” for the company.“Through the provision of an innovative mechanism, we have been able to ensure premium certainty for the scheme over an extended execution period,” Watkins said.“Furthermore, our pricing approach and use of up-to-date scheme member information in the run-up to the transaction date extends pricing certainty post-transaction and ensures efficient implementation of the policy.”The UK’s Philips Pension Fund recently announced a full buyout, transferring £2.4bn worth of risk to the Pensions Insurance Corporation.The Wiggings Teape and Philips deal significantly boosts the volume of bulk annuity transactions for 2015, which, according to Aon Hewitt, stood at £4.4bn as of the end of June.However, the current volume of deals remains short of 2014’s £12bn in transactions.last_img read more