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first_imgEureka >> The postseason is a daunting time for all sports as the fate of any team, regardless of record, talent or determination, is anything but predictable. Fate unfortunately was not with the St. Bernard’s girls soccer team as it lost a lead en route to dropping the quarterfinal round of the North Coast Section Division III playoffs, 2-1, to Middletown on Saturday at Crusader Field.For the Lake County residents, Mustangs head coach Lamont Kucer said the four hour drive to Eureka is too …last_img

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first_imgArcata and Del Norte split a baseball doubleheader in Crescent City to open the Big 5 on Monday, with the Warriors taking the opener 5-1 and the Tigers the nightcap 6-1.The games were moved up this week due to the forecast.In game one, Luke Hardy held the visiting Arcata bats to just five hits, with the Warriors scoring three times in the bottom of the third.At the plate, Cole Harper and Kaden Ritter led the way for Del Norte with two hits apiece, while Sebastian Fabricius drove in a pair of …last_img

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first_imgThe Dover decision did not end the fervent discussion about Darwinism and intelligent design.  There are too many articles to mention separately, so here is a sampler:Dover Board Rescinds Policy:  As expected, the new Dover school board quickly put an end to the policy that required reading a statement that alternatives to evolutionary theory exist, including (but not limited to) intelligent design.  See: LiveScience and MSNBC News.Jews News:  The Miami New Times reported about a lively debate before an audience of 300 Jewish scientists and intellectuals in Miami about how Jews should respond to the ID debate.  Opinions at the “Sixth Miami International Conference on Torah and Science” ranged everywhere from calling Darwinism irrational to saying embracing ID would be a disaster.Great IDEA?:  Sarah Price Brown reported on BeliefNet about the rising interest in forming ID clubs on campuses, and how the IDEA Center is assisting.  There are about 30 IDEA clubs at last count, including ones at Cornell, UCSD and George Mason University.Basking Sharks II:  The Wichita Eagle reported that the lawyers who defeated the ID initiative in Dover, Eric Rothschild and Stephen Harvey, are scheduled to speak at the University of Kansas later this month.  They want to leverage their experience for others involved in the debate.    The losing side, though, is not going away any time soon – there is too much momentum across the country, said Richard Thompson, President of the Thomas More Law Center that defended the school board.  He criticized the Dover decision: “The judge specifically ordered the school board never to denigrate or disparage the theory of evolution,” he remarked, “which now makes that theory sacrosanct and violates one of the major principles of America — that no official, high or petty, should establish dogma or orthodoxy in a method of thinking.”  Source: Agape Press.Domino:  Both Nature and Science expressed triumph over the Dover decision, claiming it affirmed unequivocally that ID is not science, and that this decision is likely to affect other cases.Just the Facts:  Robert Crowther on Evolution News criticized the habit of major media to editorialize.  Instead of reporting the facts, they are intent on telling us “what it means.”  Crowther says they go even further, trying to tell people how to think about what it means – and that, according to Crowther, in their usual biased and inaccurate manner.Danger Signs:  R. Albert Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, CrossWalk.com used the title of Daniel Dennett’s book Darwin’s Dangerous Idea to warn that there is “no middle ground” in this debate.Science by Court Order:  Robert Robb in the Arizona Republic criticized the Dover decision by Judge Jones, saying it is not the provenance of the courts to determine what is science.Is ID Testable?  Jay Richards and Jonathan Witt made the case on Evolution News that intelligent design is empirically testable and makes predictions.Freedom!  D. Eric Schansberg argued for the Acton Institute that the solution to the ID-Darwin acrimony in schools is to give parents freedom of choice.  Lord John Acton (1834-1902) was the British historian famous for the phrase, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  Schansberg tied this thought to the education monopoly.Separation of Church and Science?  According to Agape Press, some professors at Samford University, a Southern Baptist school in Alabama, are protesting the appearance of an ID proponent with degrees from Cambridge and Oxford, Dr. John Lennox, who has 60 peer-reviewed publications to his name.  The grounds of the protest?  Go figure– “separation of church and state.”Lawyer Pub:  Albert Alschuler continued his blog about the Dover decision on the University of Chicago Law School site, and got a variety of reactions.Outdoor Evangelist:  Biblical creationist Peter DeRosa got good press in Florida’s Contra Costa Times.  The fossil hunter and his dinosaur-digging team reject the “lightweight Christianity” that remains nebulous about the designer.  They are not ashamed to declare the Bible as the true Word of God, and Jesus Christ the Lord as the Creator.  But DeRosa also holds his own answering tough questions about scientific evidence, and while polishing in his lab the allosaurus his team found (01/29/2003), explains why the evidence contradicts evolution and supports the Genesis creation account.The controversy over intelligent design, creation, evolution and education extends from the grass roots of small town school boards and churches all the way up to international scientific institutions and governments.With so many opinions flying left and right, it is more important than ever to keep informed, know how to use your baloney detector, and understand the key issues.  Here, you get the sources where the proponents can explain their views in their own words.  Don’t expect the major media to get it right, especially when discussing ID.  Go to the Discovery Institute and Access Research Network and get the story straight from the sources rather than letting reporters “explain what it means” for you.    Pay particular attention to which side wants open debate and which wants to shut it down.  Notice who wants the scientific evidence to speak for itself, and who threatens lawsuits or relies on judges to issue orders from the bench.  Notice which side speaks with reason and scholarly logic, and which resorts to mockery.  Such observations contain an important message, sometimes more important than the actual arguments used.(Visited 17 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

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first_img2 October 2013 South Africa and Senegal signed cooperation agreements in agriculture and arts and culture on Tuesday as President Jacob Zuma’s state visit to the west African country got under way. “The signing of these two agreements demonstrates that both people-to-people relations, as well as agro-industrial partnership for development, are important to our relationship,” Zuma said after his meeting in Dakar with Senegalese President Macky Sall. Zuma added that there was considerable scope for increased cooperation between South Africa and Senegal in trade and economic development, energy, and mining beneficiation, among other areas. Zuma is being accompanied on his trip by a delegation of businesspeople, who were set to take part in the South Africa-Senegal Business Forum on Wednesday. “We have also discussed the need to strengthen the African Union to ensure that it plays its role effectively to promote socio-economic development and peace and stability in the continent,” Zuma said in a statement following his meeting with President Sall. Sall is the chairperson of Nepad’s Heads of State and Government Orientation Committee, which dovetails with Zuma’s role as chairperson of the African Union’s Presidential Infrastructure Championing Initiative. South Africa and Senegal needed to contribute more to the building of stronger regional economic communities, which were the building blocks of the African Union, Zuma said. “Both of us are also only too aware of the importance of investing in infrastructure development on the continent so that we can better promote regional economic integration, intra-Africa trade and tourism.” Source: SAnews.gov.zalast_img read more

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first_imgThe One Minute Question: What is Narrative Therapy? Some Working Answers by Eric SweenSween, E. The One Minute Question: What is Narrative Therapy? Some Working AnswersErik Sween discusses a  concise response to the question, ‘What is narrative therapy?’ He provides working answers to questions regarding the application of narrative therapy in the therapy room. You won’t want to miss out of this informative read! This post was written by Christina Herron, MS, a member of the MFLN Family Development (FD) team which aims to support the development of professionals working with military families. Find out more about the Military Families Learning Network FD concentration on our website, on Facebook, on Twitter, YouTube, and on LinkedIn. Down Under and Up Over: Travels with Narrative Therapy by David EpstonEpston, D. Down Under and Up Over: Travels with narrative TherapyFREE BOOK AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD! Part one, ‘Down under’, contains previously published work from different periods of David Epston’s writing career. As always, each chapter reflects David’s creativity, and at times those of his co-writers. Part two, ‘Up over’, contains six examples of David Epston’s current work, all of which are printed here for the first time, including inventive approaches to chronic bed-wetting, relationships between children and their estranged fathers, court reports, stealing, and sibling conflicts, as well as a long chapter on Anti-Anorexia, a subject close to David Epston’s heart.center_img By Christina Herron, MSAre you seeking new information and resources on Narrative Therapy? The Narrative Therapy Library offers free downloadable articles and materials to assist you. This website is based off of the work of Michael White and David Epston, known Narrative Therapists in the field of Marriage and Family Therapy.Heins, T. & Ritchie, K. Beating Sneaky Poo: Ideas for Faecal Soiling.Beating Sneaky Poo by Terry Heins and Karen RitchieFaecal soiling is perhaps one of the most distressing problems that parents can face – and it is just as frustrating for children! This problem can cause family members and friends despair and irritation as they try to get it under control. This article has assisted many families in minimizing the effects of such a problem. Terry Heins and Karen Ritichie have succeeded in making useful knowledge about externalising conversations available in an easy to understand and light-hearted publication. The illustrations by Geoff Pryor and Quantum make the ideas come alive for children. The foreword is by Michael White.last_img read more

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first_imgAdvertisement LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Advertisement Advertisement From there it received another workshop in the 2012 SummerWorks Performance Festival and travelled to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival the following year. The darkly comedic story about a group of friends cleaning up the scene of a suicide the night before one of them gets married built up a cult following in the Toronto indie theatre scene.But in 2014, Blood Ties got a major boost in exposure when it was picked up as part of a subplot in Season 2 of Orphan Black, the Tatiana Maslany-led sci-fi clone drama co-produced by BBC America and Bell Media. Maslany’s suburban mom clone, Alison Hendrix, plays the lead role in her community theatre musical (you can see Johnston as one of the chorus members). Facebook Login/Register With: It’s rare for a theatrical show to have a television debut before its finalized stage premiere, but in Canadian musical theatre the path to production is its own kind of beast.When Barbara Johnston and Anika Johnson graduated from Ryerson Theatre School in 2009, their final performance was a workshop of a new musical they were writing together: Blood Ties was based on a true story about Johnston’s parents, who had to clean up the aftermath of a family member’s suicide. The collaborators turned it into a musical tragicomedy.“As we were writing the show we talked to them a lot. . . . All these horrible details,” Johnston said. “I just thought it was this insane story that combined the kind of drama and bizarre comedy with sorrow underneath the surface that we thought would make something very exciting.” Twitterlast_img read more