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first_imgAlleged Linden Police beating sagaThe office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) has recommended that charges be laid against a Linden Police Officer and a taxi driver who were recently embroiled in an altercation at the Wisroc- Amelia’s Ward minibus park in Linden, Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice).Police had launched an investigation after the parties were both questioned in relation to the incident, which transpired on October 8, 2018 shortly after it occurred.The incident, which was recorded on video, showed the taxi driver, Kevin Grant, being physically assaulted by a rank after apparently resisting arrest.Based on investigations and statements obtained from the parties involved, legal advice had been sought, with the video also being presented in the file. E Division (Linden-Kwakwani) Commander Linden Lord said it was recommended that Grant be charged with resisting as well as assaulting a Peace Officer acting in the execution of his duties and for Police Constable Tquian Barnes to be charged with using unnecessary violence against Grant.Lord said the charges would be prepared and filed for court presentation today. He noted that the incident was somewhat unfortunate and uncalled for on both parties’ part.“The Police should be given a chance to execute their duties and if by chance they err, of course, the administration would take action. Likewise, Grant if he erred, the law will take its course,” the Divisional Commander said.During the incident, it was observed that a Police Officer who was also on the scene was in possession of what appeared to be a gun; however, Lord noted that he was made to believe that one of the ranks reportedly had an air pistol, which allegedly fell out from his waistband and he picked up it and replaced it.The incident had unfolded in full view of the public and was reportedly sparked after the taxi driver who was being apprehended by ranks attached to the Mackenzie Police Station for a minor traffic violation failed to report to the said Station.In a cellphone video, which was viewed by Guyana Times, the ranks could be seen attempting to arrest the driver by handcuffing him and forcing him into a Police vehicle.A rank was also observed hitting the driver as he was being led to the Police vehicle. By then, a large crowd had gathered and several other ranks were observed on the scene.The taxi driver, who later spoke to this publication at the Station following the incident, related that he had stopped his car at a corner and was confronted by Police who had advised him to park further up.He explained, however, that the only place he could have driven was inside the park, which is located a short distance away, since according to him, there was no other space available.The driver went on to state that when he got there, the Police started to write him a ticket for failing to stop 30 feet away from the corner. “The car end up fulling (with passengers) and he taking over five minutes to write the ticket,” he related. The driver added that he was then told that another offence was being added after he questioned why the process was taking so long. He said he was then told that he was required to proceed to the station, but he refused, since, according to him, it was a ticket offence.It was shortly after this, that an exchange occurred between the driver and the Policemen resulting in his arrest, during which he alleged that he was warned. Following the incident, a number of persons who witnessed the altercation turned up to the Police Station alleging that “Police brutality” was meted out against the driver.“This is a quiet, quiet boy; if you see how he (the officer) kick he up,” one person alleged. Others noted that if no satisfaction was given, they would go further to report the incident. “They can’t do that to this boy. If they make this boy walk out of here without any satisfaction, we taking a bus and we going Eve Leary, to the Commissioner because they wrong,” another had stated.last_img read more