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first_img“People talk about giving 110percent, which is impossible, the most you can give is 100 percent. Jorge had always been a 99-percent guy, and he’s found that last one percent through his mom. You can’t ask any more of him. “He’s having a tremendous season. He’s making a positive out of a negative.” That negative seemingly came out of nowhere. Jorge had just returned to San Diego shortly after last season ended and thought he was taking his mom for a routine check-up. “They were just running some tests, and all the sudden one test led to another test and at the end of the day she had to get something taken out and it happened to be a tumor,” Jorge said. “They were telling me to sign papers since she was asleep for the procedure. I was the only one there and didn’t know what to do. “When they said they thought it was cancer, that was pretty rough. Just hearing that, being the first person to know that your mother has cancer, hearing it straight from the doctor, it was more shock than anything. I didn’t know what to do. Obviously the tears started to run. … It was just the biggest shock of my life because my mom’s always been so outgoing and healthy.” When Jorge joined the Matadors in 2006, Mary Andrade quickly became known around Northridge as the team’s biggest cheerleader. “She’s Mrs. Optimistic,” Rousey said. “She’s so happy. She has a hug for everyone. She’s got `team mom’ written all over her.” When Jorge’s teammates heard the news of Mary’s illness, they instantly became one of the family’s biggest support groups. “They all prayed for me,” Mary said. “They’re so caring. That’s the most beautiful thing, everyone’s been so supportive. I can never thank them enough. The way they’ve been there and helped my son get through this, I’ll never forget that.” Convincing Jorge to remain a part of the Matadors was Mary’s job, though. “We’ve always been a very close family,” she said. “Jorge didn’t want to leave me. He didn’t want to go to school this year. I told him: `Don’t worry about it. This is your last year of college. Go study and go play ball, it’s what you’ve always dreamed of.’ “For as long as I can remember, he’s always loved baseball so much. He used to sleep with his bat when he was a kid, we’d hear him talking to it. Him and his dad would play so long outside, practicing his hitting, they didn’t even want to come in for dinner.” His parents spent so much time attending Jorge’s sporting events – he also played football and soccer through high school – that friends would joke that was all the family knew how to do. When younger brother Michael, who is a sophomore in high school, started having games that conflicted with Jorge’s, the parents would split up and make sure each son had someone to root them on, but Mary was usually the one at Jorge’s games. Jorge said he can’t recall playing a game without his mom being there – until this season. Mary was unable to attend games the first two months of the season. She finished her last round of chemotherapy in late March and was back in the stands for Northridge’s conference-opening series against Cal State Fullerton. “It was hard,” Jorge said. “Ever since I can remember, T-ball, Little League, anything, she always went to every single game. Even when I was at Clemson, she flew out to South Carolina. Like I said, I’m a mama’s boy. I was used to seeing her face in the stands. It was just one of those things, you look in the crowd and right away you find your mom. That’s how it was. Then, the beginning of this season it was so weird looking up in the crowd and knowing she wasn’t there. “When she came back, it was just an amazing feeling to look up and see my mom and dad sitting together. It’s one of those things you usually take for granted.” Although his mother’s illness has altered Andrade’s perspective, he said it doesn’t take any of the sting out of a Matadors season that features more than twice as many losses as wins. “I hate losing with a passion,” said Andrade, who is described by his teammates as an intense leader who never runs out of words of encouragement. “Any type of competitor doesn’t want to have that happen, all the losses we’ve had, but what I try to do now is I try to not let it eat me up so much. Obviously I’m hurt after every single loss, but once it’s family time, it’s family time. “I try not to let that interfere with my family. If I want to think about the game more, I wait until after dinner with them and wait until I’m back at my apartment by myself.” Andrade vows he will play baseball beyond college, but he tries not to think about the upcoming MLB draft. For now, he’s happier thinking about times like today, when his family will all be together. And as for the tough times, the family said their religious beliefs help get them through. “There’s nothing we can’t handle,” Mary said. “We keep the faith. God will help us be strong. We’ve just got to enjoy our days, we never know when it will be our last one. “It’s been a hard year in a way, but it’s made us stronger. When you have the faith, nothing is impossible. You’ve got to be positive. When things like this happen, you get that extra strength.” Mary has another checkup soon, but said she is feeling better. “So far, so good,” Jorge said. “She’s a fighter. She’s tough, that’s where I get my strength from.” Mary said she can’t think of a better way to spend Mother’s Day than watching Jorge’s game this afternoon with Jorge Sr. and Michael by her side. “It’s been a hard year for all of us,” Mary said. “But Jorgie’s made the best of it. He’s gone through so many ups and downs. He never gives up. He works so hard. That’s what I tell him, nothing is given to you, you have to work for it. “He’s been telling me, `Mom, I’ve been working hard and it’s for you.’ I tell him, `No, do it for yourself.’ He doesn’t need to do this to make me proud, I’m already proud of him.” heather.gripp@dailynews.com (818) 713-3607160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! Mary was diagnosed with colon cancer. Suddenly, playing baseball didn’t seem so important to Jorge, who had transferred to Cal State Northridge for his junior season. But Mary didn’t want to see her oldest son give up playing the sport he loved, so he found a way to combine his two loves. Jorge decided he’d dedicate this season to his mother, trying to make her proud and give her something positive to think about. He has succeeded, becoming a bright spot in an otherwise bleak Northridge season. Andrade entered this weekend’s series against UC Riverside leading the Big West Conference with a .397 batting average. The senior first baseman also ranks among the conference’s top 10 in several other offensive categories, including RBIs, slugging percentage, doubles and triples. “You’ve never seen a guy play harder than Jorge,” Matadors coach Steve Rousey said. “He gives it all he’s got all the time. The situation with his mom, it’s fueled his performance. It’s hastened his focus. He wants to do good for his mom. he first time Mary Andrade went to South Carolina to visit her son at Clemson, strangers greeted her by name as she shopped in town. It wasn’t just that her son, Jorge Jr., bore a strong resemblance to her, but that he frequently spoke of her and their close bond. “I’m a total mama’s boy,” Jorge said. So it was no surprise that when his mom needed a ride to a doctor’s appointment last summer, Jorge was the one who volunteered to take her. By the time he returned to their San Diego home, his life was forever changed. last_img
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first_imgSAN JOSE — Martin Jones’ preseason numbers were not pretty. Neither was his season-opening start against the Anaheim Ducks.But searching for any concern about Jones and his so-so play so far inside the Sharks’ dressing room right now is pointless.History shows he’ll bounce back.“One of the great things about him is he always responds well to that type of situation,” Sharks coach Pete DeBoer said. “He has an off night, it’s almost money in the bank that the next time out, he’s really …last_img

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first_imgHome of Hope founder Khanyisile Motsa features on the next instalment of Brand South Africa’s Play Your Part TV series, set to air at 9pm on Sunday 3 August on SABC2. Staff at Home of Hope, with Mam’ Khanyi on the right, encircled by a few of the home’s beneficiaries. Home of Hope offers compassion and acceptance to sexually exploited, trafficked, orphaned and vulnerable girls, as well as those who may be infected with or affected by HIV and Aids. (Image: Jayne Parr Davies, Facebook) • Brand South Africa +27 11 483 0122 info@brandsouthafrica.com• Khanyisile MotsaHome of Hope+27 73 250 2086 • A place to call home • A better South Africa, one baby at a time • Rhino care on wheels • The great granny revolution • Cheesekids help the less fortunateMelissa Jane CookThe murky streets of Hillbrow and Berea are not for the fainthearted. Gangs, pimps, drugs, abuse and deprivation rule the inner city flatlands. Notoriously dangerous, it is a terrifying place that is home to many thousands of prostitutes, street children and abandoned teenage mothers.In 2000, Khanyisile Motsa descended into the fray. Affectionately known as Mam’ Khanyi, she set up Home of Hope for the sustained physical, educational and holistic wellbeing of exploited girls in Hillbrow and the surrounding suburbs. Her eyes had been opened to the desperate circumstances of these abandoned children when she took into her care five girls who had escaped from one of the brothels. Word of the refuge spread and soon, more girls escaped and came looking for her. Her brave crusade has changed many of these lives for the better.Born to a Swazi mother and Zulu father, Motsa was raised in a rural town in KwaZulu-Natal. In her loving family, education was highly valued. “My parents were staunchly religious,” she explains. “We were taught to respect everyone and to take no one for granted. My mother was very strict.”Over a decade ago, she moved her family to Johannesburg so she could run an import-export business – which she has since given up to focus all her energies on the street children in her care.The respect learned in her childhood home is found in her shelter today “because of what each child is taught when she [first] comes in. I introduce myself and say, ‘I am giving you a present – I am going to be your mother, and all these [other] girls share this present, which is me, as mother.’” Khanyisile Motsa received the Award in the Youth Movers Category 2010 Shoprite Checkers Women of the Year Awards. She has used her indigenous knowledge with great success to get the project off the ground and then applied a strategy of firstly identifying the street children, mostly girls who have been exploited on the streets of Hillbrow, Berea and the inner city of Johannesburg. (Image: Shoprite Checkers Women of the Year)Home of HopeThe Berea-Hillbrow Home of Hope offers mercy, compassion and acceptance to sexually exploited, trafficked, orphaned and vulnerable girls, as well as those who may be infected with or affected by HIV and Aids. However dire the girls’ circumstances, Home of Hope believes it can help them take control of their lives; if given the tools and guidance, they be integrated into society.When Mam’ Khanyi’s personal funds ran out, she formed a committee and became the founder and co-ordinator of the Berea-Hillbrow Home of Hope, a shelter for street children and an outreach point for those to whom she has become a familiar figure and refuge. She is “mother” to a very large family – over 62 orphaned girls from as young as four months old. Driven and guided by an “inner voice”, she has navigated a tough road. It has included being evicted from her flat for overcrowding, being injured in a revenge attack, and sacrificing her business and career to start the orphanage.Motsa’s mind overflows with ideas about how to help these young people. She says there is a desperate need for interim housing in the area, places where young people can stay while they find their feet, or receive entrepreneurial and skills training. This will enable them to use seed money to set up their own businesses.Watch Khanyisile Motsa talk about Home of Hope:Trapped in the cityThe children themselves come from desperately poor circumstances, broken homes or are destitute. Girls make easy pickings for criminal gangs on the streets of Johannesburg. Many of the children come from poor rural areas in other provinces like KwaZulu-Natal and Eastern Cape. After the girls are abducted or coerced, Motsa says, they are trapped in the big city.She would like to be a lifeline for those who would otherwise slip through the cracks and disappear into the growing underbelly of the city of gold. “It is only money we lack,” she says. But this does not stop her from getting up every day and fighting the good fight again. “What can I say? If we and the others like us stop, what will be left?”The sanctuaryMotsa and her helpers operate out of two crowded but spotless premises – a flat that she rents in Hillbrow and a small three-bedroom house about 10 kilometres away in the suburb of Kensington. Her operation tackles each challenge as it arises. One of these is the fear of abductions or revenge attacks for exposing and fighting rampant child abuse. Motsa herself was deliberately run over in the street and seriously injured a few years ago.The centre has a core of 10 full-time and 26 part-time helpers. They work in the heavily populated area, giving health advice and suggesting solutions to those living in often unsanitary conditions. Working closely with government officials, they also keep a constant watch for evidence of abuse. Vulnerable girls are identified and sometimes referred to other institutions.Motsa describes the problem as enormous. Someone has painted her phone number on to a wall and she sometimes receives desperate calls for help. “We will help any person in need,” Motsa says emphatically. The home survives on donations and by growing as much produce as possible in a small garden. The Kensington house was bought three years ago with the help of the staff members of a local bank.Today, both the homes are bursting at the seams – the Kensington house has grown from 20 to 32 girls – and Motsa continually commutes between the two. She would love to acquire an adjoining Kensington property that has become available and to consolidate the operation in one place.Learning to trustThe first challenge has always been to win the girls’ confidence to be able to withdraw them from the streets. Then to offer them a safe environment in which the healing process can start. After a period of nurturing and rehabilitation they are given the opportunity to get formal and informal education, which is the foundation of a successful adulthood. Employment opportunities are explored and they also have the opportunity to re-unite with their families.Motsa has also formed support and peer groups to monitor and help the girls who in many instances were forced into prostitution by drug lords and pimps or have been victims of child labour and trafficking.Many of them have had their dignity restored in the Berea-Hillbrow Home of Hope. Imparting valuable information about HIV and Aids has been an important part of the education and where a few years ago the disease was considered a death sentence among these street girls, the education has had a positive impact on their lives.These and other interventions have helped the girls to gain confidence and feel better about themselves, which has encouraged them to look forward with a dream of a better life.last_img read more

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first_imgI purchased this product for my daughter who wears hair extensions on a much more or fewer everlasting basis. She would typically purchase hair extensions that already have the clips attached but she now informs me she can by them devoid of the clips and thread and clip these tinksky hair extension clips on to the hair extensions at a fraction of the price she would commonly have to pay. The hair extension clips are well built from a superior high-quality steel and they are sturdy to use but adaptable enough to be at ease enough to have on throughout the day time and to slumber in. My daughter specially likes the point that the solution will come as a pack of 20 so she will have spare clips must she need them, this will arrive in beneficial when she desires to insert a few of distinct colour extensions for a exclusive occasion or night time out. This merchandise would also be fantastic for men and women using wigs or hair parts as the clips would hold them in position far too,i received this item possibly totally free of charge or at a lowered rate applying a voucher code. This is in return for an sincere and impartial evaluate.I obtained these to sew into a rapunzel wig. Did not have any problem with the big wig slippingplease take note that i been given this merchandise at a price cut , i have decided to go away an genuine and unbiased critique which i come to feel i have provided. I am in no way connected to the seller, manufacturer or amazon, and receive no bonuses or penalties for the assessment i give, be it a very good or poor evaluation. Any scores i give are centered on what i actually believed of the products regardless of any cost or cost that i have incurred. I hope you found my critique handy if any element assisted [.Tinksky 20pcs Hair Extension Clips 10-Teeth Snap-Comb Wig Clips (Black)Brand: TINKSKY. Color: Black. Quantity: 20 pcs per pack.Size (L x W): 1.4 x 0.7 inch 3.6 x 1.8 cm.Material: Metal,rubber.Special designed for hair extension.With 9 little holes for linking the wig.Set and fit your wig or hairpiece easily with this snap-comb clips.Who has extensions and she mentioned they are quite excellent high-quality and they keep hair in place for on the other hand. I gave these to my friend who has extensions and she mentioned they are very great top quality and they hold hair in spot for on the other hand you want it in. She was pretty joyful with them. Be sure to note that i obtained this solution at a low cost or for absolutely free in return for an impartial genuine critique, which i come to feel i have supplied. I am in no way related to the vendor, manufacturer or amazon, and obtain no bonuses or penalties for the assessment i give, be it a superior or terrible evaluate. Any rankings i give are centered on what i truthfully considered of the solution.Rapidly postage, particularly as described.Seems to be quite really robust and appears resilient, would acquire again1 delighted client ???.Tinksky 20pcs Hair Extension Clips 10-Teeth Snap-Comb Wig Clips (Black) : These are perfect highly recommend this seller. These clips are excellent & very strong. They are a 20 pack hair extension clips to maintain your hair into put. They are also great for wigs or hairpiece. I acquired these clips for my nan she enjoys to have a new wig day-to-day so she’s bought a unique hair design and style every single working day of 7 days. These clips glance fantastic in her hair (wigs) these clips are a terrific price for money. My clips arrived perfectly package and in excellent problem by using amazon primary up coming working day delievery. I recieved this at a lowered price tag in return for my honest assessment, which is based on me screening out the products. It is solely my individual unbiased viewpoint.last_img read more

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first_imgIf you are looking at these pages with lust, chances are you have very good taste. The Jaguar XJ, after all, is one of the prettiest looking high-end luxury sedans one can buy in the country today. It’s almost a rolling sculpture compared to the at times racy, at times functional but mostly traditionally well proportioned German competition that is the Audi A8, BMW 7-series and Mercedes S-class.Inside too the Jaguar is more emotive than functional. It gets a wraparound dashboard which draws inspiration from speedboats. It is minimalist and only gets customary climate control system and audio controls on the dash with other handy bits like buttons for lock/unlock and seat massagers are integrated unobtrusively as part of the central console. The central tunnel houses cupholders and the Jaguar trademark rotary gear selector knob that rises up when the ignition is turned on.Otherwise, there’s nothing else; just lots of leather and simplistic lines. The idea behind this, according to the Jaguar’s chief designer, Ian Callum, is to make Jaguars an easy place to be in. And the XJ does feel like a living room. But, for a car that commands such a high pricetag interiors still need to feel special. And they do, courtesy the lovely play of chrome. Everything from air con vents to the various buttons and knobs as well as the outline for the trim is all chrome.Things aren’t as great at the rear. Sure, the seats are well bolstered and comfortable. These are hugely accommodating too with seatback angle being nearly optimum. But, in terms of the pamper coefficient, the XJ just can’t compete with its German rivals. It lacks adjustable rear seats, the sun blinds are manual and there’s no soft closing for the doors either.It was only natural then, that we enjoyed being behind the wheel more; helped in no small measure by the engine. The XJ comes with the choice of two engines–there’s the naturally aspirated 5-litre petrol V8 for the Portfolio trim and the supercharged version of the same engine that makes 510 bhp for the Supersport. The latter puts the XJ at a higher pedestal in output terms compared to its traditional competition.When driven sedately, it moves about with the elegance befitting royalty. Step on the gas with enthusiasm and it turns primal. There’s no letting off either; the engine revs unrestricted and with a sprinter’s ability towards the redline the moment the throttle pedal is buried into the carpet. And it keeps at it gear change after gear change. If you choose to buy the Supersport, you’d desperately wait for the weekends while envying your chauffeur through the week. Price: Rs. 1.1 crore (est)On the road: From PURI TO KonarkThe distance from Puri in Orissa to the famous temple town of Konark is just under 40 km. Naturally many would not deem such a meagre distance in terms of a long drive. After all, in the last decade or so, we have progressed from being a country where 50 km on the highway could take as much as three to four hours to one where you can actually go all the way from Delhi to Kolkata or Mumbai, both over 1,500 km away from the national capital, in a day. Yet, this relatively short stretch is perhaps one of the most scenic routes to drive on.It’s a narrow two-lane highway that connects the city with the town on the coast of the mighty Bay of Bengal. But don’t let those two adjectives–narrow and two lane–pass on the opportunity to drive on this road, for it’s quite well surfaced. The route itself will see you pass numerous quaint villages on either side, so you have to slow down a little in preparation for the odd calf or even child. About a third of the way through the lush coconut trees on either side of the road give way to piles of sand, and you realise that just to your right, past the sand dune is the beach and then the sea. A couple of kilometres later you see a vast unending deep blue to the right–Bay of Bengal. Further on, as the road turns, the sea disappears, to be replaced by what looks like a dense forest. A half-broken wooden signboard tells you that you’re passing through a reserve forest. Abruptly, you drive into sunshine as the road turns sharply left. A few more kilometres of driving later it is that Konark is approaching as you see increased traffic. Reaching Konark is quite the anti-climax, for the town itself is dingy and congested with tourists. The drive to the town though is a different story altogether. It’s nothing short of magnificent, and you can’t help but look forward to the journey back.-Vikrant SinghSuzuki Bandit 1250sThis one is a genuine sports tourer with enough power and torque in its belly to justify the sports tag. If you’re looking for a bike that will scream your presence to the bystanders each time you ride in, this is not for you. This, despite its fairing and large proportions. Astride, the Bandit exudes a feeling of function over form. Instrumentation is a simple twin pod affair with an analogue tachometer and a digital console that not only shows the speed but also houses all the other tell tales. The switchgear though has a positive feel and all of them are within easy reach of the rider’s fingers. The result? Top notch ergonomics. In the confines of the city the Bandit’s 250 kg weight shows, as does its longish wheelbase. Together they rob the bike of low speed manoeuvrability. But get it out onto the open highway and it’s a different story altogether. The riding position is close to perfect; the fairing does a good job of keeping you safe from the windblast at highway speeds while mirrors are large and mostly vibe free, giving you a clear picture of what’s behind. The long wheelbase, however, ensures that the Bandit is rock stable, even when cruising comfortably at three digit highway speeds. Speaking of highways, overtaking is a must and the Bandit excels here again thanks to that refined in-line four cylinder engine, which has enough torque and more to require less downshifting through that slick six-speed gearbox. Price Rs. 8.5 lakh, ex-showroom.-Rahul Ghoshadvertisementadvertisementlast_img read more

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first_imgHERE it is… take a look at Saints brand new away shirt for 2011.  In Graphite Grey with Red and White detail, its fashionable look and feel is perfect for wearing on matchnights and or for leisure – a winner for Saints’ fans of all ages.  Replica Shirts are made from Polyester Apex Material and feature embroidered crest and sponsor logos.  For the first time all replica shirts come with Super League sleeve badges fitted as standard.  The shirt will be on sale this Saturday (Jan 8) and Saints have held the price of the shirt at pre-VAT increase levels.  If you buy before January 31 2011, you can get it at the pre-VAT increase price of £44.99 Adults XS-4XL, £46.99 Adults 5XL-6XL and £32.99 Kids/Toddlers.  Reaction to the shirt has been excellent amongst the first team squad, staff and sponsors.  Sue Weir, chief executive of Liverpool health cash plan provider Medicash, said: “As headline sponsors of the Saints we are really pleased with the design of the shirt – it looks fantastic and compliments the home kit that has already been well received by fans.  “We are looking forward to another successful season with the Saints and are sure the kits will make a great impression both on and off the pitch.  “Medicash is committed to making a real difference to the Club, its fans and the people of St Helens. Saints does invaluable work within the community and through our partnership we aim to continue developing projects together which we hope will benefit more individuals and organisations across the region.”  Shirts will be on sale from the Saints Superstore from Saturday Jan 8 and online at www.saintssuperstore.comlast_img read more