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first_imgDeputy Minister for Sports, G. Andy QuamieWith less than six days to the official kickoff of the 2018/2019 National Country Sports Meet, Deputy Youth and Sports Minister G. Andy Quamie says preparation for this year’s sporting festival is well on course.The National County Sports Meet, which is the country’s biggest sporting festival, is expected to begin on Sunday, December 16, 2018 with the official kick off scheduled to take place in Sanniquellie, Nimba County.This year’s event is being sponsored by Orange Liberia under the theme: “Celebrating 15 years of Peace”According to Minister Quamie, 60 sets of jerseys branded and customized with the Orange emblem have been provided to the 15 participating counties ahead of the official kickoff. The Deputy Minister made the statement yesterday when he appeared as guest on a local radio show.Early November, the Ministry of Youth and Sports along with the County Meet’s official sponsor, Orange Liberia, promised to make the 2018 edition of the event ‘the biggest in Liberian history’.Minister Quamie added that basketball has been re-introduced in the tournament while women’s football will, for the first time, be introduced as well, as a test case during the quarterfinals stage of the event.The preliminary rounds of the tournament will simultaneously be played at four venues across the country. Group I contains host Nimba, Sinoe, Montserrado and Gbarpolu counties.Zwedru City, Grand Gedeh will host Maryland and Grand Bassa counties in Group II; in Group III Kakata City, Margibi County will host Lofa, Grand Cape Mount, and Grand Kru counties, while Group IV comprises host Bomi, with Bong, River Gee, and River Cess counties.Eight counties will progress to the quarterfinals and come to Monrovia on January 5, at the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex in Paynesville. The grand final will be played on Sunday, January 13, while the third place match will be played on Saturday, January 12, 2019.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

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first_imgBy Samuel SukhnandanWhile declaring that the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) does not have any respect for President David Granger for a number of valid reasons, Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo has said that his party has the highest regard for theOpposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeoposition and the Office of the President.Jagdeo told a news conference on Wednesday that the PPP’s non-respect for President Granger is mainly due to the many so-called broken promises, wasteful spending of taxpayers’ dollars and his blatant disregard for the office, the Constitution and the rule of law.“We do respect the institution of the presidency but not the person who holds that office now,” Jagdeo declared, stating that the unilateral appointment of Justice James Patterson as Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) after rejecting his 18 nominees is one bold example.According to Jagdeo, presidential respect has to be earned and not taken for granted. Granger, he claimed, “loves” pomp, protocol and ceremony “but doesn’t like scrutiny”. “We will treat him with respect once he complies with the Constitution and laws,” the Opposition Leader asserted.The former Head of State also defended the action of the PPP/Civic MPs in Parliament at the last sitting where they held up placards and chanted in opposition of the Government. Although several Government Ministers had referred to them as “vulgarians,” Jagdeo said the current Government has behaved worse.And while the Speaker of the National Assembly, Dr Barton Scotland is yet to pronounce on the action, at the next sitting on November 17, 2017, Jagdeo believes that the Speaker might have approved of the action in the House because he did not identify any breach of the standing orders.“The Speaker might have agreed with our position because I did not see the Speaker intervene and tell us that we were breaking the standing orders,” the Opposition Leader said. He added that Opposition Members of Parliament were not prepared to be lectured by the Speaker nor the President.Jagdeo claimed that the actions taken by the now coalition Government both inPresident David Grangerand out of office has always been highly controversial. “In contemporary history, the numerous instances of the worst display of lack of civility in politics… it was a [People’s National Congress] PNC-led group that invaded… led a mob that invaded the compound of the Office of the President, broke down the gate, came into the building and as a result of which some people were shot and killed. What about that for respect of the presidency?”Jagdeo also recalled that burning of buildings in Georgetown led by the same group that also threatened business people. “What about the people who were beaten on the streets by the same group that talks about civility in politics now,” he added.Further, Jagdeo said while the Government has claimed that the Opposition disrespected the intentional community because of their protest in and out of the public building, he said these same groups that were again PNC-inspired displayed the highest level of vulgarity on several national day’s events.He recalled that he was addressing the crowd at the National Park on Republic Day and couldn’t hear himself because it was the vilest form of protest on display.“What about the respect for the international community at that time? Many of them were there in their full presence. Many said to me that they had to walk through a gauntlet of taunts and the vilest remarks thrown at them by the same people who are now lecturing us,” he claimed. Jagdeo went on to state that the PPP exercised the best display of civility even though they felt that the 2015 elections were rigged. With a difference of 4500 votes between parties, Jagdeo said his party accepted the results. He said, “You didn’t see a single building burn. We accepted the results and we’re now in Opposition struggling to retake power in Guyana.”By contrast, he urged Guyanese to examine the history of Government, not ancient history, but between 1997 and 2001 when the international community certified that the elections were free and fair. “When the difference was close to 30,000 they still refused to accept the results, they burnt the city and beat people up. What about the respect for the international community at that time?”He also referred to United States President Jimmy Carter’s book Beyond the White House where he said that the most personal danger he felt since leaving the White House was in Guyana in 1992, because of the ruckus created by these groups that were allegedly politically motivated by the PNC.Jagdeo also highlighted Granger’s no promised jobs for youths, spending of more than $100 million on Escalade and Toyota Crown vehicles and the laying off of thousands of sugar workers of different race and political persuasions. “I can go on now and list the vulgarities in the country…one hundred times more vulgar than the PPP holding up a few placards in the Parliament,” he said.The Opposition maintains that the action taken by the Opposition in Parliament was a robust expression of dissatisfaction with this illegal unconstitutional act by the President.last_img read more

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first_imgCLICK HERE if you are having a problem viewing the photos or videos on a mobile devicePHOENIX — Major League Baseball’s August 31 waiver deadline created intrigue, suspense and above all, a massive amount of confusion.Most San Francisco Giants fans (and most beat writers) couldn’t explain the intricacies of the late-summer waiver deadline, but everyone knows the impact Cody Ross had after the club acquired him following the July 31 non-waiver deadline in 2010.The Giants placed a waiver …last_img

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first_imgFootball fans pack Loftus Versfeld Stadiumin Pretoria/Tshwane, one of the 10 venuesfor the 2010 Fifa World Cup.(Images: Chris Kirchhoff,MediaClubSouthAfrica.com. For more freephotos, visit the image library.)MEDIA CONTACTS • Wolfgang EichlerFifa Media Officer+27 11 567 2010+27 83 2010 471media-sa@fifa.org• Delia FischerFifa Media Officer+27 11 567 2010+27 11 567 2524+27 83 201 0470media-sa@fifa.org• Jermaine CraigMedia Manager Local Organising Committee+27 11 567 2010+27 83 201 0121jermaine.craig@2010oc.comThe third ticketing sales phase for South Africa’s 2010 Fifa World Cup has seen the number of tickets applied for hit the 500 000 mark in the first 10 days. South Africans made 77% of the requests, or 386 300 ticket applications, and the rest of the world 114 237 applications.The US was the foreign country with the highest number of applications, with 22 942 tickets. It is followed by the UK (20 232 tickets), Mexico (7 981), Germany (7 697) , Australia (6 277) and Brazil (4 760).Applications from a total of 166 countries have been received, excluding the participating football associations’ allocated ticket sales.“In comparison with the previous editions of the Fifa World Cups, the latest ticket applications figures are impressive,” said Horst R. Schmidt, chair of the football body’s ticketing committee.Applications for individual match tickets or team-specific series can be made at www.FIFA.com/2010. South Africans can also apply for tickets at First National Bank branches across the country. The current third ticket sales phase, which opened on 5 December, will run until 22 January 2010.About 1-million tickets for the tournament’s 64 matches are available in the third sales phase, including a limited number for the opening match and the final.According to Fifa, all applications in this phase will be treated equally. If matches or price categories are oversubscribed, there will be an electronic random selection draw on 1 February 2010.The prices for group matches range from US$20 to $160 (opening match $70 to $450, final $150 to $900) or, in South African rands, R140 to R1 120 (opening match R490 to R3 150, final R1 050 to R6 300). Category 4 tickets, the most affordable, have been reserved for South African residents.In addition, all 32 participating member associations have started to sell their allocated team-specific tickets, which make up 12 % of all purchasable tickets in the stadiums for the three group games of the respective team. These tickets will be available on the federations’ websites until 13 January 2010. For more detailed information, go to https://pmatickets.fifa.com.“The number of domestic applications have increased significantly,” said Danny Jordaan, head of the 2010 Fifa World Cup Organising Committee South Africa. “By buying a ticket, South Africans buy not only a seat to watch a match, but also their spot in South African history.”last_img read more

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first_imgWhat gets to define “passive house”?In their accompanying comments, most of the signatories seem to have no problem with PHIUS’s plan to modify criteria for the colder parts of North America, though they agree with Robinson’s contention that, should PHIUS modify its criteria, marketing the revised standard as “Passive House” would create confusion.“ ‘Passive House’ is not a trademark or brand, but it does have a recognized meaning internationally and in the U.S.,” wrote Greg Duncan, an architect and certified Passivhaus designer based in Brooklyn, New York. “I believe that if PHIUS starts certifying buildings that do not meet this standard, they should use a different term.” UPDATED 4/5/2012 with new blog linksProduct names, program names, brands, and logos can be potent symbols of identity, so much so they’re often at the center of all kinds of marketing initiatives, corporate litigation, and cultural iconography. For people in the building industry, the term “passive house” – or Passivhaus, as we call it here – has come to mean a specific performance standard, and some say that if the criteria behind the standard are loosened to accommodate, say, climate conditions, a name other than Passive House (or Passivhaus) should be used.That is the core idea of a petition that has been circulating on the Web since March 16 via SignOn, a petitioning tool sponsored by civic action group MoveOn.org. Hayden Robinson, an architect and certified Passivhaus consultant based in Seattle, launched the petition to suggest to Passive House Institute U.S. – which has been examining data from 100 PHIUS-certified projects and fielding comments from the building community about possibly relaxing the Passivhaus standard for some projects in extremely cold climates – that the group’s initiative, while worthy, should proceed with a name other than Passive House. Several of those who signed the petition are in Western Europe, a few are in the U.K. and Canada, and at least one is in Australia. Multiple standards would create confusionHere’s the text of the petition: “The Passive House building energy standard is widely recognized in North America and internationally. In the United States, the standard is used by hundreds of businesses and professionals, and its criteria are maintained by a number of certifying agencies offering services across the country. In its blog post, ’15kWh is dead. Long live 15kWh,’ PHIUS publicized a plan to create its own certification criteria and promote them using the Passive House name. PHIUS’s desire to innovate is commendable, and the larger conversation around potential improvements to the Passive House standard is healthy; however, having multiple standards competing under the name Passive House would create confusion and controversy. We therefore ask PHIUS to distinguish its program by giving it a distinctive name.” RELATED ARTICLES Redefining Passivhaus The Passivhaus Institut in Germany Disowns Its U.S. Satellite The American Passive House Institute Responds to Dr. FeistRound 3: Wolfgang Feist Discusses the PHI-PHIUS SplitPassivhaus Combatants Continue To Speak OutPossible Relaxation of Passivhaus Standard Stirs Debate PHIUS Tries to Trademark ‘Certified Passive House Consultant’PHIUS Draws a Line in the SandA Bridge Over Passivhaus Waterscenter_img Katrin Klingenberg respondsPHIUS director Katrin Klingenberg told GBA she regards the petition as a “pretty normal response to our proposal for change” – a response, she said, that stems in part from misunderstandings about PHIUS’s study of building science and building performance as it relates to climate zones in North America.“We haven’t been doing our best to communicate what we’re doing more clearly,” she said, noting in an e-mail that PHIUS’s data analysis “will address climates that are very different from the central European climate. Some climates might see a slight relaxation in the annual energy target (Duluth, MN, very cold), some will see a tightening (San Francisco, CA, much milder). It only makes sense to not make Passive House cost-prohibitive/impossible in very cold climates.”Klingenberg also wrote, “Modifications will be in line with critiques of Passive House from leading building scientists and energy experts in North America like John Straube, Marc [Rosenbaum], Martin [Holladay], etc.”Klingenberg pointed out that in dry, sunny climates of the sort found in New Mexico, hitting the annual energy target could lean less on superinsulation and more on the output of a solar thermal system.“Modification doesn’t change the core value of PH,” she wrote, “it only makes it more accessible and cost-effective, and enhances its chance to become mainstream (without compromising comfort and envelope). It makes it the best it can be.” Discussion heats up in the blogosphereSeveral bloggers have chimed in on this dispute, including:Mike Eliason of Brute Force Collaborative: On Peti- & Certifica- tionsLloyd Alter of Treehugger: A Plague On Both Their Passive HousesAndrew Michler of Inhabitat: Passive House Debate Heats Up Mike Eliason again: Monitoring the Petition FalloutMatt Hickman of Mother Nature Network: Active AggressiveRoger at the EdgewaterHaus blog: When is a Passive House NOT a Passive House?last_img read more

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first_imgIn a massive embarrassment for the Indian contingent at the ongoing Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, IOA Secretary General Rajeev Mehta and wrestling referee Virender Malik have been arrested on different charges.     According to reports, while Mehta has been arrested for drunken driving, Malik is facing a more serious charge of sexual assault.     Media reports, quoting a Scotland Yard spokesperson, stated that “two male members – aged 45 and 49 – were arrested on separate charges.”     The two will be produced in court tomorrow.The duo, however, is not part of the official 215-strong contingent which is staying in the Games village. Both of them were reportedly lodged at a local hotel.last_img

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first_imgAny hopes Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) had of qualifying for the 2017 Indian Premier League (IPL) play-offs virtually ended after they lost by 61 runs to Rising Pune Supergiant (RPS) at the Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium here on Saturday.The 2017 edition of the IPL has been a disappointing one for the Bangalore franchise, losing seven of their 10 outings so far to be virtually knocked out of the race to the play-offs. Pune, on the other hand kept their play-off dreams alive to stay at the fourth spot after registering their fifth win from nine matches.Chasing a decent 158, RCB were in self-destructive mode losing wickets at regular intervals with skipper Virat Kohli (55) fighting a lone battle to take the team through.Kohli, who went in to open the innings with Australian Travis Head (2), failed to find the support at the other end as the Pune bowlers seized the momentum to their favour.Medium pacer Jaydev Unadkat started the downfall for the visitors with the wicket of Head, who chopped one to the stumps before New Zealand quick Lockie Ferguson packed back the dangerous AB de Villiers (3) after the South African added RCB’s highest partnership of 21 runs for the second wicket with Kohli.New man Kedar Jadhav (7) looked good in the middle before a lack of communication between him and the skipper cost Bangalore their third wicket.Rookie off-spinner Washington Sundar immediately jolted the visitors with the wicket of Sachin Baby (2), brilliantly caught by a diving Steve Smith before Furguson saw the back of Stuart Binny (1) to reduce the men in red and black to 49/5.advertisementLeg-spinner Imran Tahir then joined the party with the wickets of Pawan Negi (3), Adam Milne (5) and Samuel Badree (2) to further dent RCB’s hopes.Struggling at 82/8, Kohli, who by then had reached his half century, the lone RCB batsman to get to the double figures also lost his focus to be caught at sweeper cover by Mayank Agarwal off Daniel Christian after striking four boundaries and a six.Towards the end, tailenders Yuzvendra Chahal (4 not out) and Sreenath Aravind (8 not out) had little answer to the mounting asking rate as RCB finished at 96/9.Earlier, Pune rode on skipper Smith’s 45 and Manoj Tiwary’s unbeaten 44 to reach 157/3 after being sent in to bat.The home side failed to find the momentum against the RCB bowlers, who stuck to a perfect line and length as the last five overs yielded just 46 runs for the home side.Ajinkya Rahane’s (6) dismal run continued to haunt Pune before opener Rahul Tripathi (37) cashed in on the dropped chance by Virat Kohli at 11, to help the hosts cross the 50-run mark with Smith.Smith, who looked in good touch raised a 40-run second wicket stand with Tripathi before the Maharashtra right-hander spoilt another good start to be caught behind by Kedar Jadhav off left-arm spinner Pawan Negi.The fall of Tripathi, who slammed four boundaries and a six during his 28-ball knock, however dried up the boundaries for Pune before Smith broke the shackles in the 12th over, by spanking Badree for a flat six and two consecutive fours.New man Tiwary, promoted to No.4 joined the party by taking Yuzvendra Chahal to the cleaners before Smith added two more fours off Stuart Binny as the third wicket partnership flourished to 50 off 32 balls.Struggling to find the momentum at 115/3 after 16 overs, Pune needed Mahendra Singh Dhoni (21 not out) and Tiwary to press on the accelerator and the former skipper responded in style by muscling Sreenath Aravind for a flat straight six.last_img read more