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first_imgMy wife is having an affair and she has left me. Can you help me identify the reason behind her actions? I’m shattered and depressed.Name withheld We marry because we are in love, and we fall in love with those who meet our most important requirement – emotional need. When the one we marry stops meeting those emotional needs, we become vulnerable to others who are willing and also able to fulfil them. If we let someone else meet our needs, we fall in love with that person, and an affair is off and running. Once an affair begins, it is like an addiction. The same emotional attachment that drew you and your spouse into marriage is now directed to someone else. So, time shall decide the future. Don’t worry, all will happen for the best. Don’t be depressed. Focus on either mending the relationship with your wife or building yourself strongly. Also Read – Feel what you fear My wife is getting very cold. Since the last few years, she comes back from work very late and takes no interest in anything physical! We have a seven-year-old son and as a mother she does her duty. As a partner, she’s never there. What should I do? J. Singh, Noida Did you try speaking to her? Don’t chase her but ask her what the problem is. Do not neglect this as it will only create more distance. Sometimes work related stress leads to fatigue that might affect your relationship. Or may be, there’s something that has changed in you and is having a silent effect on her. There could be other reasons too. But, let’s be positive and try to fix it. Plan a vacation, preferably just the two of you. This will heal the situation and help bridge the gap. Try to ignite the physical element as that really impacts the marriage. Be alert, sensitive and spend a lot of time chatting and being with her. Wish you good luck and I’m sure, soon the sun will shine again. Also Read – Homecoming I can’t trust anyone. I feel everyone is selfish. Is this abnormal? Please help. R. Saha, West Bengal At first, I request you to have confidence in yourself. If you have a positive inner self, nobody can scar it. It is indeed a fact that in the present time, there seems to be a difference between the face and the mask people wear. People do have hidden agendas which may conflict your expectations. The best way to be a happier individual is to have less emotional involvement. Give every association the time it requires before you give in or open up completely. Selfish people do exist but alongside exist good souls. Life will bring both. Wish you the luck to differentiate between the two. Avoid worrying and just be yourself. My wife earns more than me and she acts bossy and rude with the family. What can be done? T. Kunal, New Delhi If you are sure that her financial strength is the reason for your unhappiness, please try and work some better arrangements for yourself. Try and earn more, if possible. I do not know your profession but in today’s time, multiple sources of earning is becoming vital for survival. In the mean time, try and express your heart to her. If she loves you, she might change her behavior. Don’t try your hands at something beyond you. Try your best to manage the relationship and hope she will change someday. Don’t lose heart and be brave enough to be happy no matter what the hurdles around you are. (Send your questions to read more

Planting for the futurePlanting for the future

“We’re growing or creating a buffer to help protect Backus.”The forest will also help wildlife.“When we think of wildlife and movement, we think in terms of corridors – areas that enable them to move,” Vasseur said. “So in addition to building a buffer we’re also creating a place for animals to live and move from one place to another.”The NCC is Canada’s leading national land conservation organization. It is a private, non-profit organization that partners with individuals, corporations and other non-profit organizations and governments to protect natural areas and wildlife.The NCC has helped conserve more than 1.1 million hectares (2.8 million acres) of ecologically significant land across Canada since 1962.Speaking about the tree planting in Norfolk on Saturday, Vasseur said the area will look like a young forest in about 50 years. It will look like a mature forest in about 100 years.The weekend tree planting is a good example of the partnerships the NCC develops with groups to conserve land. The NCC provided the leadership, expertise and did some tree planting. It was local Scout groups and the Lions Club that brought the volunteers to the site to plant trees.“We’ve done this for three years now,” Paul DeCloet, of the Tillsonburg Lions Club and the Lions Club district A2 environmental chair, said. “We have Lions Club members from across the region here today and each club raises money to purchase the trees.”The trees are purchased from the Long Point Region Conservation Authority.Although the temperatures were a frosty 3 C with a lot of wind on Saturday, DeCloet wasn’t complaining and neither was anyone else.“This is a wonderful day,” DeCloet said. “I get to see Lions Club members and Scouts working together for the future.“One day people from around the world will look at what we’re doing and say we set an example for the rest of the world to follow.”The tree planting was one of two events held by the conservancy in conjunction with Earth Day. On April 20, volunteers participated in a roadside cleanup along Highway 24 and East Quarter Line road near the Backus It takes a lot of time, patience, trees and hands to grow a forest.Fortunately, there was plenty of all four on display at a 25.5 hectare (63-acre) swath of land just north of the Backus Heritage Conservation Area on Saturday.“When we’re doing a project like this we at the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) don’t think in terms of having it done overnight, next week, month or even a few years from now,” Julie Vasseur, of the NCC, said. “We think in terms of perpetuity because our projects take a lot of time and patience.“Our projects go on and on.”Vasseur was one of a large number of people – members of area Lions Clubs and scouting groups – who were busy planting trees that will one day be a forest. Right now, the property consists of several sand dunes, a couple of ponds and large flat areas.But now, thanks to the efforts of many volunteers,  the area is dotted with saplings.The tree planting is an important project for a lot of reasons, Vasseur said.“We have a lot of environmentally sensitive areas in Norfolk – areas like Backus and the St. Williams Forestry Centre,” Vasseur said. “We want to do everything we can to protect those areas and the way to do that is create buffers and that’s what we’re doing here. jpg, SR Julie Vasseur of the Nature Conservancy of Canada helps plant trees in a former farm field beside Backus Woods near Port Rowan on Saturday. Vincent Ball/Postmedia News Laura Vaughan of the Nature Conservancy of Canada, is joined by volunteers, Rachel Radauskas, Michelle Radauskas, Ken Suthons, Carol Suthons and Michelle Burrows at a tree planting near Backus Woods in the Port Rowan area on Saturday. Vincent Ball/Postmedia News jpg, SR read more

Annan pays tribute to leading international law scholar Thomas FranckAnnan pays tribute to leading international law scholar Thomas Franck

“I know of no one who has been more creative in approaching this subject, and no one who has been a more valued friend and supporter of the United Nations,” said Mr. Annan. Professor Franck, he added, “has always striven to respect and preserve the life in legal instruments, starting with the United Nations Charter, rather than let them become dry and lifeless.” Calling the scholar a friend and invaluable adviser, the Secretary-General shared excerpts from a letter written by Professor Franck when the Security Council was debating Washington’s demand for immunity for United States citizens from prosecution by the International Criminal Court.”Fortunately, Congress already has before it legislation authorizing the President to use all necessary force to rescue me were I to be hauled before the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity,” the letter states. “But what’s so special about genocide, that I should be protected only for those sorts of things? What about other crimes I choose to commit abroad? A little mail fraud? Some violations of anti-trust? As a citizen of the world’s only superpower I want my government to offer me full protection from foreign laws, whether against passing bad cheques or endangering the morals of a minor. Americans, wherever we are, should be under American law.”Voicing relief that Professor Franck, instead of leaving academic life, is moving to the emeritus faculty, the Secretary-General expressed confidence that in the years to come, the UN would benefit even more from his insight, wisdom and sense of humour.Professor Franck has written widely on the subject of fairness in international law, particularly the role of the UN as a source of global legitimacy. He has also been active in cases before the International Court of Justice. read more

LinkedIn adding new training features news feeds and botsLinkedIn adding new training features news feeds and bots

LinkedIn adding new training features, news feeds and ‘bots’ by Brandon Bailey, The Associated Press Posted Sep 22, 2016 1:17 pm MDT Last Updated Sep 22, 2016 at 3:00 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner speaks during a product announcement at his company’s headquarters, Thursday, Sept. 22, 2016, in San Francisco. LinkedIn wants to become more useful to workers by adding personalized news feeds, helpful messaging “bots” and recommendations for online training courses, as the professional networking service strives to be more than just a tool for job-hunting. (AP Photo/Eric Risberg) SAN FRANCISCO – LinkedIn wants to become more useful to workers by adding personalized news feeds, helpful messaging “bots” and recommendations for online training courses, as the professional networking service strives to be more than just a tool for job-hunting.The new services will arrive just as LinkedIn itself gains a new boss — Microsoft — which is paying $26 billion to acquire the Silicon Valley company later this year.LinkedIn said the new features, which it showed off to reporters Thursday, were in the works before the Microsoft takeover was announced in June. But LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner said his company hopes to incorporate some of Microsoft’s technology as it builds more things like conversational “chat bots,” or software that can carry on limited conversations, answer questions and perform tasks like making reservations.Chat bots are a hot new feature in the consumer tech world, where companies like Facebook, Apple and Google are already racing to offer useful services based on artificial intelligence. As a first step, LinkedIn says it will soon introduce a bot that could help someone schedule a meeting with another LinkedIn user, by comparing calendars and suggesting a convenient time and meeting place.The new bot will be part of an online messaging service that LinkedIn is gradually expanding to make it easier for users to communicate without opening a new screen or switching to email.LinkedIn is also adding more personalized features to its news feed, where members can see articles and announcements posted by their professional contacts. A new “Interest Feed” will offer a collection of articles, posts and opinion pieces on major news events or current issues.While many people already turn to Facebook, Twitter or individual news sites for similar updates, LinkedIn managers suggest their feeds will be more tailored to each user’s professional interests, by a combination of human editors and computer algorithms. Similarly, LinkedIn says it’s begun using the online training resources of its educational subsidiary to make personalized recommendations for online courses that augment each user’s current skills or career interests.The new features are the latest additions LinkedIn has made to its core service in recent years — for example, by inviting prominent people and ordinary members to write their own articles or essays for the site.LinkedIn Corp. makes most of its money from fees that job recruiters pay to use its database of more than 450 million members worldwide. But it wants to keep members engaged so they check in regularly and keep their profiles updated. Weiner and other executives say they want to make the site useful for more than just job-hunting.The idea is to “help members be more productive and successful in what they’re trying to do,” said LinkedIn vice-president Ryan Roslansky in an interview.LinkedIn has measured an increase in routine visits to its website and mobile apps over the last year, Roslansky said, even after the company cut back on the volume of email notifications that it sends to members. It did so, he acknowledged, after members complained they were getting too many emails.Microsoft Corp., meanwhile, wants to augment its own workplace software with LinkedIn’s stockpile of information about its members’ job histories and professional contacts. It may combine LinkedIn’s data, for example, with online programs that Microsoft sells to businesses for managing sales, hiring and other back-office functions.Weiner, who is expected to continue running LinkedIn as a semi-independent subsidiary of Microsoft, said the two companies are working on ways to integrate some services. But he said he wasn’t ready to disclose more details. read more

Charge against Bradley Roby downgraded to disorderly conductCharge against Bradley Roby downgraded to disorderly conduct

Lantern File PhotoOSU redshirt junior cornerback Bradley Roby pumps up the crowd before a game against Miami (OH) on Sept. 1 at Ohio Stadium. OSU won, 56-10.The charge against Ohio State redshirt junior cornerback Bradley Roby has been downgraded to disorderly conduct from battery, according to the Monroe County Prosecutor’s Office.Roby was involved in an altercation at a bar in Bloomington, Ind. on July 21 where he was initially charged with misdemeanor battery. The date of the pretrial hearing remains Aug. 26, according to the Prosecutor’s Office.OSU coach Urban Meyer has not suspended Roby for the incident, but he has been practicing with the team during fall camp in preparation for the season.The maximum punishment for a disorderly conduct charge is 180 days in jail and a $1,000 fine in Indiana.It remains to be seen if Roby will take part in the teams Aug. 31 season opener at home against Buffalo.OSU and Roby did not respond to The Lantern’s request for comment. read more

Theresa May Scottish public services only survived oil price crash because of UKs broadTheresa May Scottish public services only survived oil price crash because of UKs broad

first_imgScotland’s public services have only been able to emerge from the collapse in North Sea oil prices because of the UK’s “broad shoulders”, Theresa May has said. The Prime Minister said that the fall in oil prices and tax revenues shows how “crucial” the union is to Scotland’s future in an attack on plans for a second independence referendumShe accused the SNP of allowing the richest to “flourish with ease” and “flout the rules with impunity” while the majority of families are left feeling like “the wind is against them”. She added that Scotland is well placed to exploit the opportunities of Brexit: “As we strike that deal, we have an exciting chance to forge a new role in the world. Scotland’s status will not be diminished by that; it will be enhanced.”We will go out into the world with the aim of being a leader in global free trade, one that makes the most of our advantages, from the financial expertise of Edinburgh to the shipbuilding prowess of the Clyde and the globally renowned food and drink produce of Scotland’s countryside.”She said that as the second party in Scotland the conservatives will hold the SNP to account as she praised Ruth Davidson, the leader of the Scottish Conservatives, as a “real shining light” in British politics.She said: “The focus at our conference will not just be on striking a better deal with the rest of the world as we strengthen our own union here at home. It will be on getting a better deal for people in the UK. “Because the EU referendum also exposed an underlying sense that people felt they have been ignored by politicians, at Westminster and Holyrood, for too long.”These are the people who get up early, put in the hours, play by the rules, yet still feel like the wind is against them. “They’re getting by – but only just. Meanwhile, those at the top seem to flourish with ease, and often flout the rules with impunity.”That feeling is as strong in Scotland as it is anywhere else in the UK, and after nine years as the establishment party in Scotland, the SNP needs to accept its share of responsibility.” She insisted that she will strike a Brexit deal that will “enhance” Scotland’s place in the world rather than diminish it.She said on Facebook: “It has become even clearer in recent months that the union which really matters to Scotland’s future is its union with England, Wales and Northern Ireland, our centuries-long ties of people, trade, history, culture and values. “The fall in oil prices demonstrates just how crucial that relationship is financially: Scotland was able to weather that downturn because of the UK’s broad shoulders.”Tax revenues from the North Sea collapsed, but funding for Scottish public services remained unscathed. That is how our union works: we share each other’s successes when times are good, and shoulder each other’s burdens when times are tough.”center_img Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

MPs arrest shows high level of desperation of APNUAFC Govt PPPMPs arrest shows high level of desperation of APNUAFC Govt PPP

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedPolitical vendetta on full display with trumped up charges against Opposition MP- PPP/CNovember 28, 2018In “latest news”‘Call the elections if you are so popular’ …Jagdeo challenges President GrangerJune 13, 2019In “latest news”Ali lauds Jagdeo’s leadership, direction in taking PPP forwardJanuary 29, 2017In “Politics” Irfaan Ali making his way to court on WednesdayThe recent arrest of former PPP Government Minister and Opposition Member of Parliament (MP) Irfaan Ali has not gone down well with the Opposition, which says it is not just another ‘act of oppression’ but also a high level of desperation being displayed by its leaders.One day after Ali was released on self-bail for what the PPP says are trumped up charges, Opposition Leader and General Secretary (GS) of the PPP Dr Bharrat Jagdeo said that Ali will remain as the Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee as he condemned Government for the PPP member’s early morning arrest, noting that this shows the Administration’s desperation.  “Every time they’ve needed him they could call him, any PPP member, you know that they can call you in at 7 and people would’ve gone in…to show up at his home at 4 in the morning to send a message, this is the vindictive nature of this Government, he could’ve easily gone their anytime in the day” Jagdeo said.Jagdeo surmised that the pending no-confidence motion he filed and the fact that his Party defeated the APNU and AFC at the Recent Local Government polls, were contributing factors that led to this Administration pursuing Ali in such fashion. Media operatives also raised questions following expressed concerns by some PPP members that they are possibly being followed.“They must have been watching his behaviour and patterns, etc to know to show up there early in the morning, so knowing this Government, I will not put it past them to have a unit watching everybody in the PPP” the former President suggested.According to SOCU, Ali “recklessly” sold 19 plots of East Cast Demerara land at Goedverwagting and Sparendaam, below their valued prices for $39.8 million when they were actually valued $212.4 million at the time of their sale. The PPP says the charges follow threats by Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan who allegedly told Ali in the National Assembly that he will be charged and Ali’s fellow MP and attorney, Anil Nandall that he will be convicted.Opposition Leader, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo“This whole façade that they cobble together in unity and togetherness with late night meetings in private homes and with hastily arranged press conferences at Congress Place with a mob criticizing the reporters, those were just manifestations of them becoming desperate and unhinged and we know that once that happens, the true nature of the leaders would be revealed“ Jagdeo noted.In response to the charges, Ali told reporters that he is confident in the country’s justice system and that he would be vindicated of the 19 charges.“I have nothing to fear. I have served and I’ve served to the best of my ability and I will continue to do so without fear or favour… We will defend this, we will defend everything that they throw before us because we believe in what we did. We did it with honesty and integrity and… the only condition that we did it in was in service to the people of this country,” he posited.Former Attorney General, who is one of the Attorneys representing Ali, had said that none of the charges brought against Ali stated that he profited from the sale of the lands for which he is being charged.Former Attorney General Anil Nandlall“It was a policy of the Government at the time not to sell at a high price…so the charges have no merit whatsoever but they have been in the public domain for the past two years and suddenly, out of the blues, just before the budget debate begins and after the filing of a no-confidence motion you find one of our members in the National Assembly being prosecuted at the level of the Privileges Committee, you have Ali being arrested at four in the morning for charges that were in the air for two years” Nandlall condemned. read more

MacLean announces fullfleet electrification across its mine utility vehicle product linesMacLean announces fullfleet electrification across its mine utility vehicle product lines

first_imgAt the recent PDAC conference in Toronto, Ontario, MacLean showcased its battery propulsion program that is able to offer full-fleet EV solutions across the company’s ground support, ore flow, and utility vehicle product lines. It is providing a battery powered fleet to Goldcorp’s Borden project in Chapleau, Ontario, expected to be the world’s first all-electric hard rock mine by the time it reaches production stage.The company’s R&D efforts going forward across 2017 will focus on rolling out EV propulsion packages across the full range of the company’s product lines in both standard (8-ft) and smaller section (6-ft) carrier configurations.“A mobile fleet propulsion system that can significantly cut ventilation costs and at the same time reduce heat and improve air quality in the underground environment – this is the compelling business case for the new era of battery power in underground mining, one that we’re fully engaged in for our global customer base,” remarks company President Kevin MacLean.The Maclean approach to EV propulsion in underground mining is built on giving customers access to best-in-class battery, electric motor, onboard charging (i.e. no additional charge station infrastructure required), and vehicle analytics technology, and then successfully integrating these components into mobile equipment by leveraging the company’s multi-discipline engineering expertise, hard rock mining knowledge, and custom manufacturing experience.In other words, you can’t just understand the battery cycle, you need to understand the mining cycle it’s going to be used in. This is how MacLean has developed battery power, engineered for life underground.More detail in the April magazine article on Canadian suppliers.last_img read more

FLSmidth launches SAGwise™ total process controlFLSmidth launches SAGwise™ total process control

first_imgAs previously previewed by IM, FLSmidth has launched a sensory and process optimisation system designed to optimise the use of the three main consumables in SAG milling: power, media and liners. The SAGwise™ total process control system reduces energy consumption by up to 6%. This is a significant reduction considering that, by far, mills are typically the single largest consumer of power within a processing plant. Other benefits include up to 45% reduction of ball-on-liner impacts, prolonging liner life and minimising media degradation.Through specially-designed acoustic sensors and proprietary process control software, induced impacts, generated inside the SAG mill, are monitored and interpreted by the SAGwise™.It registers undesirable high-energy impacts caused by steel balls striking the mill liners categorised as critical impacts. Then, an advanced process control solution makes small and frequent adjustments to mill operational conditions that reduce the critical impacts, improving ore reduction and energy efficiency.Global Product Line Manager for Automation Process Optimisation, King Becerra, explains: “This solution employs state of the art process control technologies to reduce critical impacts to the desired targets, stabilising and then optimising the operation of the SAG mill. Multiple process control technologies, such as model predictive control and fuzzy logic, are embedded into the solution, modelling both the process and the human operators.”Weighing up to 4 t each, replacing worn mill liners requires significant effort. This is associated with downtime to complete the replacement affecting plant productivity. “High mill availability is crucial. A gold processing plant I visited recently valued their SAG mill downtime at $130,000 per hour,” says Jack Meegan, Global Product Manager for Liners. “Under normal conditions, the return on investment of SAGwise™ total process control is six months, but if we factor in reduced unscheduled maintenance, the return is a lot sooner.”Extending the life of mill liners pays off in many areas beyond prolonging the initial replacement, cost of what can be over 1 million US dollars. FLSmidth’s customers also benefit from improved safety performance, stemming from reducing the number of times that employees are required to move the heavy equipment inside the mill, improved inventory management, and better predictive maintenance planning. SAGwise™ total process control is an innovative solution of how FLSmidth uses technology, process knowledge and practical experience to further enhance productivity of SAG mills.last_img read more

Risto Buha a new coach of Tunisia womens NTRisto Buha a new coach of Tunisia womens NT

Experienced Serbian coach, Risto Buha (60) is a new coach of Tunisia women’s National Team. He already worked in Africa with national teams in Mozambik, South Africa and Angola, so this isn’t a complete new experience for him.Tunisia won 14th place at last World Champioship 2009 in China. Tunisia handball ← Previous Story TOP 10 “Giants of Defense” – Didier Dinart and other “cyclops” Next Story → Who will host Women’s EURO 2014?

Kinect for Windows SDK is released gesture apps on the wayKinect for Windows SDK is released gesture apps on the way

first_imgAs of today Microsoft’s super successful Kinect will start to be able to officially interact with Windows. This release comes less than a month after Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced that it was on the way, in what could be his last appearance in a CES keynote. The $250 Kinect has been available for some time but today Microsoft released the official version of the SDK, removing the kit from its beta status. The official Kinect for Windows hardware is now available as well, though it seems to be on pre-order at online retailers.And what does the 1.0 release of the SDK bring to the Kinect for Windows parts? Microsoft’s MSDN Kinect blog has a full list, but some highlights include support for four Kinect sensors into one computer, better skeletal tracking, the newest version of Microsoft Speech (version 11) for voice commands, improved speech recognition using “far-talk” acoustic modeling, and more. The bigger point is that Kinect for Windows is more than just Kinect moved over from the Xbox 360 to your Windows-powered computer. Microsoft made a special note saying that Kinect for Windows, as of this February 2012 version of the SDK is commercial-ready, so businesses will be comfortable building on top of it.One of the big back-of-the-box features for Kinect for Windows is its Near Mode, which was explained on MSDN just a few days ago. It will allow the Kinect to work at distances as close as 40 centimeters (about 16 inches) which is important for a PC, given how much closer people tend to sit to them compared to their televisions. To make this work the software team essentially had to fight the Kinect’s lenses, which are the same as those used on the standard Kinect. To compensate for this a software fix was needed. In Near Mode the Kinect will work at distances from 40 centimeters to 3 meters, as opposed to 80 centimeters to 4 meters.To run the SDK you’ll need Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express (or some other other Visual Studio 2010 edition), the NET Framework 4.0, Microsoft Speech SDK, and Windows 7 or the Windows 8 Developer Preview. Any retail Kinect sensor (including the “special USB/power cabling”) will work.Get the Kinect for Windows SDKlast_img read more

Golden Dawn probe to resume after appeal rejectedGolden Dawn probe to resume after appeal rejected

first_imgThe two magistrates leading a criminal investigation into Golden Dawn are set to resume hearing testimonies from MPs of the neofascist party after a judicial council rejected an appeal by detained Golden Dawn leader Nikos Michaloliakos for them to be dismissed due to alleged bias.The Council of Appeals Court Judges rejected Michaloliakos’s request, which was based on allegations that the magistrates, Ioanna Klapa and Maria Dimitropoulou, were coercing Stathis Boukouras, a Golden Dawn MP who left the party in March, to testify against Golden Dawn. The council found that the appeal constituted an abusive use of legal tactics aimed at obstructing the investigation.Unless a new legal complication arises, the magistrates are scheduled to hear the testimony of Eleni Zaroulia, a Golden Dawn lawmaker and Michaloliakos’s wife, and another MP, Constantinos Barbaroussis.According to sources, Klapa and Dimitropoulou plan to summon the remaining Golden Dawn lawmakers over the coming weeks with the aim of hearing all their testimonies by the end of July. Their goal is for the case against Golden Dawn to go to trial late this year or in early 2015, the sources said.As the investigation into Golden Dawn’s alleged criminal activities gets under way, a series of photographs surfaced, showing leading party officials performing the Nazi salute in front of flags with swastikas, bolster a wealth of evidence pointing to Golden Dawn members’ Nazi sympathies. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Street Fighter V Tournament Headed to TBSStreet Fighter V Tournament Headed to TBS

first_img ‘Project Resistance’ Trailer Shows New Multiplayer ‘Resident Evil’11 Things We’re Looking Forward to at PAX West Stay on target It’s no secret that eSports is becoming more popular in America. During last year’s EVO event, folks were able to watch the Street Fighter V finals on ESPN2. Now, Street Fighter V will be getting the full ELEAGUE treatment when it makes its debut on TBS.So what exactly is this? The ELEAGUE Street Fighter V Invitational is a multi-week invitational tournament. It will air on both TBS and Twitch. Hosted by Turner, the tournament features a prize pool of $250,000.The invitational is made up of three phases. These include the qualifying rounds, the group stage, and the finals. During the qualifying rounds, players face everyone in their respective group in a best-of-three round robin. Two players from each group with the worst records will be eliminated. The rest will move on to the group stage portion of the event.Players belonging to the group stage will also face everyone else in their group in a best-of-three round robin. The winners of each group will move on to the finals in the upper/winner’ bracket. The runner-up of these groups will move to the finals of the lower/loser’s bracket. The top eight players will proceed to the best-of-five finals bracket.This will all begin today, March 27 at 4 pm EST/7pm PST. The qualifying rounds for groups B, C, and D will start at the same time on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. These rounds will only be streamed on Twitch.Group stage play takes place on Fridays throughout April and May. Group A will play on April 7, Group B on April 21, Group C on May 5, and Group D on May 12. These matches will be streamed on Twitch at indeterminate dates. The final matches of the group will start at 10 pm EST/7pm PST and will be broadcast on TBS and Twitch. The eight winning players will compete in the finals on Friday, May 26. The opening rounds for these will be streamed on Twitch, while the final rounds will be simulcast on TBS and Twitch.There will also be three special episodes scattered throughout the season. Three special episodes are set to air throughout the season. An episode that recaps the qualifying round is set to air on Friday, March 31. The next special after that will air on Friday, April 28. A finals preview will air on Friday, May 19. All of these will be broadcast on TBS and Twitch at 10 pm EST/7pm PST.You can watch the The ELEAGUE Street Fighter V Invitational on Twitch by following this link. TBS can be watched on cable TV. You can also watch TBS online on its website. TBS is also available through a subscription to either PlayStation Vue, Sling, or DirecTV Now.last_img read more

Church of God of Prophecy gets new MinisterChurch of God of Prophecy gets new Minister

first_img Recommended for you Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 21 Sept 2015 – The Church of God of Prophecy in the Turks and Caicos on Sunday installed Minister Carol Ann Skippings as another among the women leading the church in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The eight congregations of the Church of God of Prophecy gathered for the event at the Bight sanctuary. Congratulations goes out to the newly installed minister. Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:church of god of prophecy, minister carol ann skippings Bahamians launch independence events with Souse Out on Saturdaylast_img

Employer contributions to public sector pensions to increaseEmployer contributions to public sector pensions to increase

first_imgBudget 2016: Employer contributions to public sector pensions will increase from 2019-20 onward.In his 2016 Budget speech today (16 March), Chancellor George Osborne announced that the government has reassessed the discount rate used to set employer contributions. The discount rate is based on the Office for Budget Responsibility’s (OBR’s) long-term projections of GDP growth.The rate will be set at 2.8%, which will result in higher employer contributions to the schemes.Osborne said: “We’re going to keep public sector pensions sustainable.“We reformed them in the last parliament, which will save over £400 billion in the long term. To ensure those pensions remain sustainable, we have carried out the regular revaluation of the discount rate and public sector employer contributions will rise as a result.”Paul Middleman, partner, head of public sector actuarial and benefits at Mercer, said: “The estimated increase in employer contributions for the main unfunded public sector schemes from 2019/20 is around £2 billion a year, or approximately 2% of pay, which in the Chancellor’s words “will be affordable within spending plans that are benefitting from the fiscal windfall of lower inflation”.“In a climate where financial resources continue to be stretched, the employers contributing to these pension schemes may not necessarily agree.”last_img read more

Gunfire strikes home in Miami with pregnant woman insideGunfire strikes home in Miami with pregnant woman inside

first_imgMIAMI (WSVN) – Gunfire erupted near a Miami neighborhood, striking a home with eight people inside.According to police, a pregnant woman was among the eight inside the home near Northwest 62nd Street and North Miami Avenue, Tuesday night.Officers arrived to the scene and filed a report. Five minutes later, the shooter, or shooters, returned and opened fired on the home once again.No injuries were reported, but investigators continue to search for those responsible.If you have any information on this shooting, call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS. Remember, you can always remain anonymous, and you may be eligible for a $1,000 reward.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

How to Deal with Being DownsizedHow to Deal with Being Downsized

first_imgBarney Feinberg is the President of the Kay Group – Life Balance Recruiters.  He is a Certified Life Coach who has merged Life Coaching with Executive Placement. He can be reached at You walk into work on Friday, getting ready for the weekend with your family. Sitting down at your desk you start your day, checking e-mail messages as you drink your coffee, milk no sugar.It is 9:15 in the morning when you get a call from the director of human resources to come into her office. A bell goes off in your head but you choose not to notice it. As you walk into her office you notice your boss on the other side of the desk. As you sit down in your chair you feel as if you are sinking and there is an unfamiliar anxiety covering you like a hot beach blanket, causing you to sweat. Then the words, “Today is going to be your last day….You have just been downsized.There is an initial shock, grasping for more to understand, as if there was a way to change the decision. An offer is made for severance after you sign some papers. You are then escorted to your desk to take your personal belongings; feeling like you were walking the last mile to oblivion with eyes staring at you, some comforted that it is not them, others wondering who’s next.You have been stripped of your perceived security, sent into the street with little to show for it and the uneasy realization that the mortgage payments never stop, your eldest son needs braces, and what are you going to tell your spouse who works part time without benefits? Is the Iceberg Melting?The most important thing to accomplish after being downsized is to realize your fear and understand that you can either use it as an asset or it will use you, causing a paralysis of action. For most of us, it is something to get rid of, an uncomfortable anxiety. We may succeed at times but it doesn’t just go away, it is something that can come back many times with many things triggering it, including my introduction to this article. It can take away our confidence and make us settle for less than we can achieve to live our dreams for a wonderful life.We can be great creators of fear, often projecting worst case scenarios that never happen. I work in the Empire State Building and after 9/11 I can tell you it was easy to create fear, worrying about future events. Worry is planning for failure and anyone in a successful business will tell you it is better to plan for success.Planning for success in the face of the unknown is where you want to be when finding your next career opportunity. You may be thinking, “That makes sense, but easier said than done, I have all these things to worry about.” When one is downsized it can be easy to worry, especially if you have a lot of financial responsibilities to meet. I am here to tell you planning for success takes your mind off of worry and with practice it becomes easier.How can we use fear as an asset? Speak to actors with stage fright; many rely on that energy from increased adrenaline to enhance the passion of their performance. They focus their attention on the actions they intuitively know they can perform, brilliantly!If you have recently been downsized, just noticing that you are worrying and planning for failure can help you choose to get back into planning for success. Success planning is a very powerful place to be that will lead you to action in finding your next career move.For those of you who are reading this article and working, yet understand that some day downsizing could happen to you, a friend, or family member, this is the perfect time to plan for success.This planning can be done every day and not just for your career but for every area of your life. It can be a short range plan that you can take action on immediately, such as going to the gym or getting to bed on time. It can be a long range plan that has milestones of accomplishment before you reach your goal such as losing 10 lbs. over a period of time or creating a Web site. The key is to make success planning a habit in every area of your life.There are many ways to find a new job: networking, job boards, direct company contact, and executive recruiters. Being in action by planning for success will bring the results you want much quicker with less stress. Deal with downsizing from strength not fear.last_img read more

Commercial vehicle makers post doubledigit growth in MarchCommercial vehicle makers post doubledigit growth in March

first_imgDomestic sales of commercial vehicle makers grew substantially in March 2016 as compared to vehicles sold in March 2015. Ashok Leyland, Tata Motors, Eicher Motors and Mahindra reported growth in the range of 20 to 44 percent, according to regulatory filings to the stock exchanges Friday.Ashok LeylandThe Chennai-based heavy vehicle maker sold 16,702 units in March 2016, up 31 percent from 12,754 units in the corresponding period last year. Medium and heavy commercial vehicle (M&HCV) segment sales rose 32 percent to 13,240 units as compared to 10,027 units in March 2015. Tata MotorsThe company’s domestic commercial vehicle sales stood at 38,247 units, an increase of about 20 percent on a year-on-year basis. M&HCV sales stood at 18,538 units, higher by 24 percent, YoY, according to the company.Eicher Motors Eicher Motors Limited’s subsidiary VE Commercial Vehicles Limited sold 6,064 vehicles last month, up 44 percent from 4,186 units the company sold in March 2015.Mahindra & MahindraThe Mumbai-based Anand Mahindra Group company sold 17,438 units last month, up 24 percent from 14,114 units sold in the corresponding month last year.Full-year salesAshok Leyland sold 1,40,457 units in financial year 2015-2016, an increase of 34 percent from 1,04,902 vehicles the company sold in the preceding financial year. Tata Motors saw its volumes go up to 3,27,142 units, a growth of three percent on a year-on-year basis. Mahindra & Mahindra sold 1,66,783 units, marking a growth of eight percent over 1,53,836 vehicles sold in the preceding financial year.Ashok Leyland stock hit a new 52-week high Friday at Rs 110.90. Tata Motors closed with a loss of 1.75 percent at Rs 379.55, while Eicher Motors gained marginally to close at Rs 19,238.50. Eicher Motors also makes Royal Enfield two wheelers.Most of the car-makers, such as Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Renault and Mahindra, reported growth in domestic car sales in March 2016.Honda Cars and Tata Motors, however, saw their domestic sales declining. Tata Motors reported 44 percent fall in passenger vehicle sales to 8,454 units in March 2016 compared to 15,039 vehicles sold in March 2015.last_img read more

AFROs Draper to Step Down from Morgan BoardAFROs Draper to Step Down from Morgan Board

first_imgBy Sean Yoes, AFRO Baltimore Editor, syoes@afro.comMorgan State University held its quarterly meeting of the Board of Regents May 7 and one of its longest serving members announced she would not seek reappointment.Dr. Frances M. Draper, the Board’s vice chair and the AFRO’s publisher and CEO, said she would not seek another term. “After much prayer, I have decided not to apply for a gubernatorial reappointment to the Morgan State University Board of Regents, when my term ends on 6/30/19,” Draper said in a statement. “I love Morgan and have enjoyed working with my fellow board members, Dr. Wilson, faculty and staff on behalf of some of the most talented students anywhere.”AFRO’s publisher and CEO, Dr. Frances M. Draper. (Courtesy Photo)Following Draper’s announcement that she was stepping down, Morgan President Dr. David Wilson honored the newspaper publisher and pastor for her years of public service.“First of all, I admire your courage to speak out even when others around you stay seated. You have demonstrated that over the years, and I appreciate that,”said Wilson.“I have been involved with governing boards a long time and certainly when you have a moral compass–someone [who] is bringing to the table a real notion around what is the right thing to do with no agenda except in this case of Morgan’s progress–that is very difficult to duplicate.”“I have been blessed to have had the opportunity over the last nine years to be apart of an institution that had, at the governing level, someone like Dr. Frances “Toni” Draper.”  Gen. Larry Ellis, will replace Draper as the Board’s new vice-chair of the 15 member Board. He will now join Kweisi Mfume, Chair of Morgan’s Board of Regents and Tracey Parker Warren, Secretary of the Board of Regents as officers. Members are appointed by the Maryland’s governor and confirmed by the Maryland Senate.Only Kweisi Mfume, the former president of the NAACP has served longer on the current Board of Regents than Draper.“It has been an honor, a privilege, a benefit and an education to watch you, to work with you, to see your work in the community with the AFRO American as its present CEO,” said Kweisi Mfume, the Board’s chair upon Draper’s announcement. “To watch how you have taken a church that didn’t even exist and created a place of salvation and hope for so many people including all of the young people that worship with you and all of the many years you have given to this board.”Tyrone Taborn, another member of Morgan’s Board also announced he would not seek another term. Taborn, who served as the Regents secretary, is the publisher, chairman and CEO of Career Communications Group, a media services company. Draper, who was originally appointed by Gov. Parris Glendenning, July 1, 1995, served a total of 24 years on the Board. She had previously served as the Board’s secretary. A graduate of Morgan State in 1969, her class will celebrate their golden (50th) anniversary at the school’s commencement this year on May 18.“Morgan has made tremendous progress over the past two decades,” Draper stated. “It’s been a privilege and honor to serve my alma mater.”last_img read more