Report aims to reduce risks from chemicals

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Previous Article Next Article Related posts:No related photos. Comments are closed. Report aims to reduce risks from chemicalsOn 1 Mar 2001 in Personnel Today A report setting out a programme to explore new ways in which the risks topeople’s health from chemicals can be reduced has been published by thegovernment. The study looks at how the assessment of human exposure to chemicals can beimproved and offers models to get a better estimate of risks. It has been produced by, and is available from, the Interdepartmental Groupon Health Risks from Chemicals. The report sets out what has been done so far, and what the group’s plansare for the next two years.

Estimating the abundance of Patagonian toothfish Dissostichus eleginoides using baited cameras: a preliminary study

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first_imgThe Patagonian toothfish Dissostichus eleginoides has been the object of a rapidly expanding longline fishery in the Southern Ocean. Little is known about the biology of D. eleginoides and traditional methods of estimating stock size using trawling techniques have proved ineffective because the adult fish are found in deep waters on the continental slope at depths of 700–2500 m. During September 1997, a preliminary study was undertaken using arrival times at an autonomous baited camera vehicle, the Aberdeen University Deep Ocean Submersible (AUDOS), to estimate the abundance and size of toothfish in waters around South Georgia (SG) and the Falkland Islands (FI). These are the first attempts at estimating the abundance of toothfish that are independent of catch data from the commercial fishery.last_img read more

Seasonal seller

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first_imgPassion Fruit or Passiflora edulis is native to South America but is commercially grown in South Africa, California, Florida and Kenya, among other places. The fruits are round to oval and dark purple or yellow when mature. The interior is filled with many seeds coated in an intensely scented juice.There are two types of passion fruit: the bright yellow variety, known as Golden Passionfruit or Maracuya, is larger and has a pithy skin and the smaller, dark purple passion fruit, which is more commonly available. They should feel heavy for their size and, if used immediately, should be wrinkled and not smooth. If they are smooth, ripen them at room temperature for a few days and store any ripe ones in the refrigerator.Use passion fruit in cakes, muffins, cookies, shortbreads, cheesecakes, tarts and as fillings in meringues and cakes. The pulp can be sieved to produce juice which can be made into passion fruit curd as a filling for cakes or used in tarts similar to Tarte au Citron. The diluted juice can be made into syrup to pour over a sponge cake. The seeds can be left in for added texture or removed.In season: November – MarchBy Fiona Burrell, co-author of Leiths Baking Bible from the world-famous Leiths School of Food and Winelast_img read more

Greggs trials frozen take-home products

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first_imgGreggs has revealed it has commenced a limited trial with Iceland Frozen Foods, which will see 10 stores sell frozen Greggs-branded sausage rolls.The trial will test the waters to see what the potential is for Greggs’ savoury products to be sold into the frozen take-home market, ready for customers to bake at home. It will also aim to identify any impact this could have on its existing shop business.“Greggs will closely monitor the trial before determining the long term viability of its participation in the frozen ready to bake market,” said the firm. The ten Iceland shops are based in the Liverpool area and will sell four-pack sausage rolls.last_img

Baking Industry Awards ’19: Celebration Cake Business

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first_imgAward category sponsored by Winner: Shuga BudzWhen Amelia Nutting’s shop in Wolverhampton became too small, she, mum Debbie and three staff not only moved to larger premises, but opened a coffee shop too.The five cake artists in the Shuga Budz team have different styles and strengths. So, when dividing up the tasks for the week, they often work together on a project, with a couple of them making parts for one specific order.For her cosmic entry, this year’s BIA theme, Nutting wanted a futuristic feel, so the standout model atop her creative cake is a spaceship, ready to explore new frontiers.  However, a giant, well-muscled alien has ideas of pushing it off course.Elsewhere, a power-woman standing on Mars is confident of her leadership role in the universe, quite oblivious to the alien floating in space.Surrounding the scene, playful critters are diving into a planet, contemplating on a comet and larking around having fun.“I wanted to give a feeling of space and flow,” says Nutting. “I iced the base in four layers of colours, cut out replica black holes and used lustres of gold and silver to pick out the planets.”“Amelia’s cake captured the ‘cosmic’ brief perfectly – she designed an action-packed cake that was well balanced, cleanly executed and showcased her talents as a cake-maker brilliantly.”Suzanne Thorp, independent judgeFinalist: Bonney’s CakeryNicola Bonney’s thriving East Sussex cake business, founded in 2017, is expanding through reputation.Bonney specialises in creating bespoke celebration and wedding cakes while also offering vegan and gluten-free baked goods.“It’s a business priority to use the finest ingredients and source our products from local and ethical suppliers,” she says.Her cosmic cake is a chunk of moon rock in which two astronauts, wearing sugar crystal helmets, explore a grey moonscape riddled with rocks, moondust and amber crystals.Unknown to the astronauts, across the moonscape resident aliens Ma and Pa Hoob are spying on them.They must protect their family living in tunnels, accessed by moonrope. Their home includes a kitchen tunnel furnished with fruit bowl, mini cake, newspaper, photo frame, plant pot and kitchen stools. One alien is in the living room playing with his games console, another is asleep in the bedroom hammock and a third is taking a bath.Finalist: Sugarlicious Cakes By KarenKaren Mitchell trained as a cake decorator, then worked as a plumber before going back to her first love and winning gold at Cake International in 2018.She opened her own shop, working alone. But, with the support of her four childrenand ‘super-mum’ Gillian, her business has really taken off, and her creativity has earned her ‘local legend’ status in Nottingham.“I make celebration cakes, muffins, cupcakes and old-fashioned puddings,” she says.Her cosmic creation, called Stargazer, depicts constellations and birth signs, together with stars, planets, and the solar system. Down on planet earth, a hare gazes into space at the Moon Goddess, while six family birth signs, including Scorpio, Leo and Pisces, are topped off by Taurus, the bull.Mitchell has used sugarpaste, marzipan, chocolate and royal icing in the design, airbrushing the base in a mix of blues, pinks, greens and whites, to represent nebula infusions.last_img read more

Apple Receives Patent On Technology That Will Block People From Taking Video At Concerts

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first_imgThe days of watching a concert through your phone may soon be over, if Apple has their way.As reported by 9To5Mac and Patently Apple (via Consequence of Sound), the tech giant has received a patent for new technology that will block your iPhone from recording video or taking photos in certain situations, specifically concerts. Using infrared technology, your phone would be essentially blocked by a sensor in the room, rendering your camera unusable while in range of this device.The patent includes a diagram of how the technology might work, which you can see below.While this technology seems to be meant for a live concert setting, it certainly raises mixed emotions. First of all, any technology that might force people to act a certain way is dangerous, and fully disabling part of most concert-going fans’ cell phone sets a scary precedent. Some people might want to just stop people from recording video during a concert, but this technology seems like it could be used for much darker purposes and raises a lot of moral issues. What’s to stop a police officer from blocking all recording devices in range while acting corruptly, or a criminal preventing detection by shutting down all nearby camera phones? Specifically, who will be able to get their hands on this technology that blocks recording devices?It will be interesting to see how this progresses. With technology like this patent, and with companies like Yondr developing cases that lock your phone in a case while within range of a concert venue, it seems that we could soon see a major shift in the way we interact with our cell phones at concerts.Welcome to 1984.last_img read more

Kennedy School mourns the passing of Gustave ‘Gus’ Hauser

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first_imgGustave M. Hauser — who with his wife, Rita, established the Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations in 1997, endowed two faculty positions, supported extended visits by prominent public leaders, and funded the recent renovation of the Center for Public Leadership — died Feb. 14 after a long illness.Hauser will be remembered across Harvard for his steadfast support and enduring generosity. At Harvard Kennedy School, the Hausers focused especially on the nexus of public policy and civil society. The Hauser Center became part of the Center for Public Leadership in 2013, when it was renamed the Hauser Institute for Civil Society. A signature project, the Hauser Leaders Program, is now in its seventh year of bringing distinguished leaders from the public, nonprofit, and private sectors to Harvard to learn from and enrich the University community. The Hausers also funded the Hauser Professor of the Practice of Nonprofit Organizations, a position held today by Cornell William Brooks, and the Rita E. Hauser Senior Lecturer in Leadership and Civil Society, a position now held by Marshall Ganz. Most recently, the Hausers enabled a renovation of the space occupied by the Center for Public Leadership.“Gus Hauser was a remarkable person who cared deeply about creating positive change in the world. His interest in developing ethical leaders who can work across sectors to make a difference has had a significant impact both at Harvard and beyond,” said Douglas Elmendorf, dean of HKS.Harvard President Larry Bacow said, “I was privileged to serve as a Hauser leader-in-residence at the Center for Public Leadership in 2015, where I saw firsthand the good that continues to derive from the Hausers’ generosity. Gus cared about making an impact, and his and Rita’s thoughtful philanthropy made Harvard — and the world — a better place.”Hauser was a pioneer of the cable television communications industry, serving as the founding chairman and CEO of Warner Cable Communications and later as chairman and CEO of Hauser Communications Inc. He led many industry innovations, including pay-per-view and interactive services, and launched many well-known channels.Among his public service activities, Hauser was twice appointed by the U.S. president to serve as director-at-large of the U.S. Overseas Private Investment Corporation, of which he was a founder.Gus and Rita Hauser founded The Hauser Foundation Inc. in 1990. In addition to their extensive support of Harvard Kennedy School, they were the crucial donors for Hauser Hall at Harvard Law School and for the Harvard Initiative for Learning and Teaching. They also served as honorary chairs of the most recent Campaign for Harvard University.Gus Hauser received his A.B. from Western Reserve University, his J.D. from Harvard Law School, his LL.M. from New York University Law School, and an LL.M from the University of Paris Law Faculty. The Hausers met at Harvard Law School and were together for 64 years.last_img read more

Making NFV Easier for Telecom Operators

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first_imgTo learn more about the new NFV lab: I’ve previously talked about the shrinking gap between telecoms and IT with the industry transitioning from proprietary telecom network equipment to industry-standard, commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware, running in a virtual environment, termed in the industry as Network Functions Virtualization (NFV).NFV Is a Win-WinThe benefits of NFV are pretty obvious. Think quicker deployment of new services, reduced capex and opex, better scalability, high network automation and dynamic re-configuration with easier provisioning, and management. Seems like a complete no-brainer, right?Barriers to AdoptionOn paper, yes but on the ground, the reality is a little more complex. A true NFV solution will often be delivered from an ECO system of NFV components, servers, switches, orchestration, VNFs and so on. All of these components need to be put together and tested thoroughly before any kind of deployment can be considered. To be fair, the business benefits from NFV migration also demand more than just a simple technology transfer with the cost of integrating each operator pushing up costs.Multi-Vendor Alliance Is a Game-ChangerExactly why the recently-announced Atos, multi-vendor alliance looks set to become a game-changer. Dell EMC, Intel, Atos, RedHat, Juniper and VMware are coming together to make it easier for telecom operators to test their NFV deployments in a full featured lab. They can enjoy access to all the support resources needed to qualify the NFV environment with the service provider and to test the transition from a physical infrastructure to a virtual one without negative impact to service or revenues.NFV Lab InitiativeThe lab in Grenoble, France will allow customers and prospects to test and certify multiple virtual network functions in both VMware and OpenStack environments. For example, they can quantify the size of the platform, required to run multiple network functions 24/7/365, demonstrate a measured cost from a known platform configuration and enable clients to understand how to move capacity and performance around their networks without compromising their live environments.Every Partner Brings Unique Expertise to the TableThink dream team. Atos brings its track record in security and reliability to the table while Dell EMC PowerEdge servers deliver flexible, scalable platforms with VMware providing the carrier-grade VMware vCloud NFV™ platform.  Meanwhile, Red Hat offers its software stack for production-grade NFV infrastructure with Intel delivering the platform technologies for COTS servers that form the foundation of the NFV infrastructure. Finally, Juniper Networks brings its leadership in network virtualisation along with both high-performance switches and routers.This Atos initiative – combined with the best of breed in all the major NFVi components – shows that a group of like-minded vendors have already delivered much of the platform integration effort and are committed to delivering a sustainable low cost infrastructure, quickly and cost effectively.Our goal is to drive adoption rates and deliver an open, fully interoperable, multi-vendor NFV environment, Watch this space!Are you a telecom operator? What’s your take on NFV? I would love to hear your comments and questions. last_img read more

BRO Ambassador Alexis Eliot Says “Thanks”

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first_imgI became a hiker on June 9, 2011. Maybe you remember that day—it was overcast, and a strong wind was pushing the clouds over the mountains of New York. The air had a different kind of feel, like it was alive and had something it needed to say. It was the fifth day of my first backpacking trip and I was wearing that new pair of socks you bought me in Columbus. I remember being embarrassed because I almost lost one and you found it outside of my tent that morning. Chase had that look on his face like he was disappointed in me, like he might’ve wished you hadn’t invited me to tag along for a week on the Appalachian Trail with you guys. He was thru-hiking, after all.Then of course that funny thing happened where I got lost in the middle of you two. You left early and Chase left late, leaving me to take a wrong turn in the middle. Chase passed me when I was lost and caught up to you, concerned that my inexperience had gotten the best of me…and that I was bear food. I knew something was off when Chase didn’t catch up to me, but I really didn’t care. The clouds were skating low and fast over the ridge line and the leaves were dancing, steady and methodical like an ocean wave. I was caught up in the movement of it all, of the dancing and the skating and life that I had not noticed before. I was fifteen, alone for the first time, and free by myself in the woods.10582987_323304737829189_4711384257687555404_oI became an Appalachian Trail thru-hiker on July 31, 2014. The wood on the Katahdin sign felt worn against my unshaved legs, a reminder of those who had passed before me. Standing on the sign, I was reminded of you, of your goofy hats and blunt slogans, of your inexhaustible generosity, and of my first backpacking trip. You didn’t have to do that, you know. I was just a geeky kid who was a friend of your family—it would have made more sense to ask my brother to accompany you. I want to thank you for recognizing my potential and allowing me the opportunity to recognize it myself. You have taught me the most important things about backpacking and through backpacking I have learned the most important things about myself.When I was fifteen I didn’t imagine myself walking up the eastern seaboard, or becoming an engineer. I feel that age is the one where opportunities present themselves to us most ambiguously. Most likely you didn’t imagine that inviting me to hike with you and your son would eventually dictate my career path and perspective on life. So thank you, Todd Gordon, for believing in me when I did not believe in myself. Thank you for teaching what is not usually taught. And thank you for so actively encouraging me when it was not required of you. You are such an inspiration.With love,AlexisAlexis Eliot is a freshman studying Mechanical Engineering at Virginia Tech. She is a former AT thru-hiker, a Head Trip Leader for the Virginia Tech Outdoor Club, and one of our four 2016-2017 Blue Ridge Outdoors college ambassadors. Be on the lookout for more online from Alexis and the rest of our college ambassadors!last_img read more

Justifying investments to become a ‘digital bank’

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first_img 3SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr With advancements in technology and an increasingly demanding consumer, investments in digital transformation can be the foundation for decreased costs, increased revenue and greater customer satisfaction. Most banking executives struggle, however, with understanding the optimal allocation of digital investments, and the measurement of business results, due to the multitude of product/segment silos and the complexity of channel delivery and usage combinations.In the Novantas analysis, Digital Investment: Success Driver or Bottomless Pit?, authors Chris Musto and Paul Kadin point out that financial executives are becoming skeptical of proposals and funding requests because of previous digital investment initiatives that delivered lackluster (or poorly documented) results. For example, despite a great deal of investment and predictions of great returns, online account opening has failed to meet expectations, damaging the credibility of many early advocates.Part of the problem is that many new account opening implementations are simply iterations of old paper-based processes, with far too many steps and complexity that is not online or mobile-ready. Another significant issue is the presence of sales models that encourage the ‘restart’ of digital consumer new account opening engagements to avoid losing new account sales commissions at the branch level.“The digital channel planning challenge is real, yet often made more difficult by constricted calculations that omit customer/market considerations and cross-channel ramifications,” says the analysis. For example, restricting future investments for improved digital account opening processes ignores the documented importance of digital channels in achieving early attention and engagement of digital shoppers and generating new business online and at the branch level. continue reading »last_img read more