Samsung sues Russian brand ambassador for using iPhone X

Samsung has sued one of its brand ambassadors, Ksenia Sobchak, for using an iPhone X on camera, according to a new report. Sobchak is Samsung’s public face in Russia, where she was recently seen on camera using an iPhone X instead of one of Samsung’s smartphones. Though she tried to hide the phone behind a piece of paper, it wasn’t enough to dodge a lawsuit. The information comes from Mirror, which shared a video of Sobchak using an iPhone X. At one point she is shown holding the phone, only the back visible, but then she places it on a table with the screen still turned on. Before doing so, Sobchak placed a piece of paper next to it, but the angle wasn’t in her favor and the phone was still visible.The report claims Samsung has sued her for the equivalent of about $1.6 million for breaking the terms of the contract. As brand ambassador, Sobchak was only supposed to be seen using a Samsung smartphone. She had reportedly been spotted elsewhere using the iPhone, as well.This is far from the first time a non-Apple brand ambassador has been caught using an iPhone instead. The most recent example involved Gal Gadot, who tweeted in favor of the Huawei Mate 10 Pro; the tweet indicated that it had been published from an iPhone, something blamed on staff. Before that, there was the issue with Alicia Keys — then-BlackBerry ambassador — tweeting with an iPhone. The same issue arose with Adam Levine and David Ferrer.AdChoices广告SOURCE: The Mirror

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