By WFWP Kenya Mrs Susa Kone The Character Educat

first_imgBy WFWP Kenya, Mrs. Susa KoneThe Character Education and HIV/aids Awareness seminar was held at the St Thaddeus Schools in Nairobi, Kenya on July 21, 2016 at St Thaddeus Schools, Komarock, Nairobi, Kenya. This community school was founded by Mrs. Caroline Odera an AFP of WFWP for orphans of HIV/Aids whose parents had died of the disease. They are 128 students in the secondary School.This program will be held in all schools in an effort to educate and nurture the youth to live responsible lives and keeping purity before marriage so that they can reach their full potential.The seminar consisted of HIV/Aids Awareness and Character Education Lectures which was followed by Guidance and counseling.The Teachers and all the non-teaching staff also attended the program which they appreciated sincerely given that many of them have never had the privilege of attending such lectures.The students also received donations of snacks from Mrs. Susan Kone the Chairperson of the WFWP Kenya on behalf of the organization.The Administration and students appreciated the program and welcomed the WFWP staff to hold these kind of programs several times per year in their school. They praised the work of the WFWP in the community and in the nation as a whole.last_img

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