Mans Rolex brings in 66000 on eBay after it turns out to

first_imgOne man’s junk is another man’s treasure… especially on eBay, the popular online auctioning site which just played host to its own Christmas miracle.It started innocuously enough. An older seller named Bob bought himself a Rolex watch on the Kwajelien Atoll from a Navy Exchange store fifty-two years ago, and wore it almost every day for the next forty years. He eventually replaced that watch, and put the old one in storage, but coming upon it again one day, he decided to chuck it up on eBay with an opening price of $10.Once he put it online, Bob quickly forget about the watch… at least until the bids started smashing their way into his email box. What started as bemusement that a crummy old watch was generating an auction price of a few hundred bucks soon transitioned into astonishment as the price rose above $30,000.At that point, Bob was convinced something else had to be going on, so he called his son, who did some research and discovered that his watch was the rare “Bond” Rolex Submariner Ref 5510, the same watch Sean Connery’s Bond wore in Dr. No, Thunderball and Goldfinger.Bob didn’t have gold on his hands, but he had it on his wrist: the final selling price of the watch was $66,100, quite a pleasant surprise for the older gentleman pictured above boozing it up with no lesser personage than Christopher Reeves, aka Superman. Of course, the buyer ended up getting a deal, too: if not for Bob’s ignorance of just what kind of watch he’d been wearing for forty years, he could have gotten over $100,000 for it.Read more at Hodinkeelast_img

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