Ryan Lee, Oct. 26

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest We finished up on Friday. We ended up with our third best bean year ever. We finished in 36 days. There was one year we went 28 straight days and the following year we went 29 out of 31. We had more delays than that this year, but despite that, given our increased acres, we knocked out some pretty good days in there in terms of acres per day.Corn was kind of as expected. There were a lot of ups and downs and we ended up probably 20 or 25 bushels below trend line yields on the corn. I think we had a high of 187 and a low in the 115-range. It all ended up in the 150-bushel range.It was one of those years where the best yields were in the earliest planted fields and on ground that had been beans for two years before corn. That also contributed to the fields being drier and getting in earlier. On the poorer farms it was just about the heavy rains. Yield maps were the opposite of what they usually are.  There was nothing in the good black dirt and there was 240-bushel corn on the high ground. I think it is all pretty much water damage that hurt the yields. Those zeros are hard to average out.Things were dry for harvest. We did not run the dryer hardly at all. Both the beans and corn were exceptionally dusty. Now we are doing a little tillage work and trying to rein everyone in so we don’t do any recreational tillage.last_img

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