Top eight Euro 2016 national teams according to the Elo ranking system

first_imgIt’s been mentioned frequently during the 2016 European Championship that Belgium have reached the dizzy heights of number one in the FIFA world rankings.In fact, the Belgians are currently ranked second in the world, behind Argentina, but are they really Europe’s top national team?Step forward the Elo rating system: a method of ranking competitors that was originally developed for rating chess players, but has also been adapted and applied to football. *The basic principle of the Elo system is that the difference in ratings between two opposing teams provide a prediction for the result of a fixture. The rating is then updated based on how the teams perform.If a team performs better than expected the rating increases, if they perform worse than expected, the rating decreases (for more explanation, click here).Check out the top eight national teams at Euro 2016, based on the Elo ranking system, in the slideshow above, correct up to and including results on 19 June 2016. 7. Portugal are ranked the seventh best team at Euro 2016, with 1859 Elo points 8. Croatia are ranked the eighth best team at Euro 2016, with 1814 Elo points*. Click the right arrow above to find the top ranked teams at the Euros… 8 5. Italy are ranked the fifth best team at Euro 2016, with 1909 Elo points 8 6. Belgium are ranked the sixth best team at Euro 2016, with 1885 Elo points 8 8 3. France are ranked the third best team at Euro 2016, with 1945 Elo points 1. Germany are ranked the best team at Euro 2016, with 2013 Elo points 8 8 2. Spain are ranked the second best team at Euro 2016, with 2003 Elo points 8 8 4. England are ranked the fourth best team at Euro 2016, with 1942 Elo points last_img

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