Certified Teacher vs. Lay Coach

first_imgWith the number of sports that a school offers today and with the limited number of faculty members willing or able to coach, it has become quite common to hire lay coaches.  Many people worry about who a school might hire to coach their child.  In schools the size of Batesville almost all the lay coaches are local and most have attended Batesville High School.  Thus, it is easy to do background checks.  Most of these coaches bring enthusiasm and expertise that cannot be found in most school staffs these days.  Schools that seem to get into trouble with lay coaches are those that do wide spread recruiting, and thus, sometimes hire candidates who know one in the system or community know.  As far as who might not be a good coach for your child, no one can predict how someone might act when placed with impressionable young students–whether certified or lay.  For my part, the most likely trouble spots come in large city schools where someone can easily con the system because no one really knows them.   If you look at the lay coaches in our area, most are your neighbor, members of your church, or run in the same circles as you.  I wouldn’t get too upset over the hiring of these coaches.  Batesville has been very fortunate–just check the records of the ones Batesville has used.last_img

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