Virginia Man Tries to Climb Trump Tower

first_imgIn case you missed it, some guy from Virginia decided to climb up the side of midtown Manhattan’s Trump Tower yesterday afternoon while the whole world watched in real time from the comfort of their Facebook news feeds.What a great time to be alive.He made the super technical ascent look easy with the aid of what appeared to be 4 or 5 giant suction cups—no word yet on wether these climbing cups were manufactured by Black Diamond or Petzl.All went according to what must have been a well-rehearsed plan, years in the making, until the steep pitch enthusiast encountered a problem on the 21st floor in the form of 5 NYPD police officers.Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 12.05.27 AMAs evidenced by the screen shot above, the urban soloist made a valiant effort to reroute around what is now being called the “NYPD Crux” but was ultimately apprehended as stunned onlookers observed from far below on a closed section of Fifth Avenue.Hours before embarking on his epic ascent, the aspiring spiderman—or, as the internet has now dubbed him, #SteveFromVirgnia—posted an inexplicably creepy video to Youtube titled: Message to Mr. Trump (why I climbed your tower).I can’t offer much insightful feedback on that, other than to tell you that the man claimed to be “an independent researcher seeking a meeting with Donald Trump regarding an important matter”. But I can point you to a newly-written review on for more beta about free suctioning your way up the side of Trump’s NYC sky scraper should you get the urge to follow #SteveFromVirginia’s lead. Good luck. Just remember to watch out for the NYPD Crux.Related Content:last_img

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