Ocean City Police Activity Report: Dec. 2-8

first_imgCalls for Service: 404 Daily Average: 57December 2, 2018: Sunday Calls for service: 49  Stops: 12 Accidents: 0 Property Checks: 24 Alarms: 0The Police Department assisted in 4 Fire and 4 EMS callsDisorderly conduct, 2200 block Bay Avenue, at 10:16amDisorderly conduct, 900 block West Avenue, at 10:56amHarassment, 900 block Wesley Avenue, at 3:45pmHarassment, Marine Place, at 5:04pmCDS, 800 block Wesley Avenue, at 10:34pmTheft from motor vehicle, 900 block Central Ave. at 9:52amDecember 3, 2018: Monday  Calls for service: 67Stops:18 Accidents: 2 Property Checks: 23 Alarms:0            The Police Department assisted in 15 Fire and 11 EMS callsMedical emergency, 2000 block Glenwood Dr. at 12:56amCity ordinance, 900 block West Avenue, at 9:11amSuspicious person, 800 block West Avenue, at 10:16amMotor vehicle accident, 100 block Simpson Ave. at 1:39pmMissing person, 5400 block West Avenue, at 2:26pmSuspicious person, 900 block West Avenue, at 3:00pmJuvenile problem, 500 block Atlantic Avenue, at 3:57pmMotor vehicle accident, 9th & Bay Avenue, at 5:02pmWarrant arrest, 1300 block West Avenue, at 7:36pmJuvenile problem, 1300 block Pleasure Avenue, at 8:16pmDecember 4, 2018: TuesdayCalls for service: 60   Stops: 21 Accidents: 1 Property Checks: 19 Alarms: 4       The Police Department assisted in 8 Fire and 5 EMS callsMedical emergency, 2400 block Bay Avenue, at 6:00amProperty damage, 3000 block Bay Avenue, at 8:48amMotor vehicle accident, 8th Street & West Ave. at 10:16amJuvenile problem, 500 block Atlantic Avenue, at 10:30amSuspicious person, 500 block Bay Avenue, at 7:47amJuvenile problem, 900 block Simpson Avenue, at 8:10pmDecember 5, 2018: WednesdayCalls for service: 52 Stops: 5 Accidents: 0 Property Checks: 29 Alarms: 1 The Police Department assisted in 6 Fire and 5 EMS callsCity ordinance, 100 block 17th Street, at 8:02amProperty check, North Street and Haven Avenue, at 9:51amCitizen assist, 12th & boardwalk, at 8:39amAbandoned vehicle, 500 Bay Avenue, at 11:19amDisabled motor vehicle, 9th Street Bridge, at 2:16pmFound property, 1700 block Simpson Avenue, at 11:54pmDecember 6, 2018: Thursday Calls for service: 82  Stops: 27 Accidents: 0 Property Checks: 34 Alarms: 1 The Police Department assisted in 12 Fire and 11 EMS callsMedical emergency, 1100 Central Avenue, at 4:31amAbandoned vehicle, West 17th Street, at 9:07amFraud, Arkansas Avenue, at 10:06amSuspicious person, 3200 block Simpson Avenue, at 1:44pmTheft, 1700 block Central Avenue, at 3:00pmFraud, North Point Road, at 4:19pmDecember 7, 2018: Friday Calls for service: 52 Stops: 10 Accidents: 1 Property Checks: 22 Alarms: 2         The Police Department assisted in 9 Fire 6 EMS callsCity ordinance noise, 300 block Wesley Avenue, at 1:12amJuvenile problem, 500 block Atlantic Avenue, at 10:42amHarassment, Roosevelt Boulevard, at 10:57amMotor vehicle accident, Wovern Place, at 2:43pmFall on City property, 900 block Central Avenue, at 6:39pmDWI, 6th Street, at 10:53pmDecember 8, 2018: Saturday Calls for service: 42 Stops: 5 Accidents: 0 Property Checks: 23 Alarms: 1      The Police Department assisted in 7 Fire and 7 EMS callsMedical emergency, 400 block Bay Avenue, at 9:07amHarassment, 200 block 15th Street, at 12:22pmJuvenile problem, 2400 block Haven Avenue, at 10:25pmProperty check, Route 52, at 3:49amFound property, 1000 block Asbury Avenue, at 3:45 pmPUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT:The Ocean City Police Department reminds residents and visitors of the following safety tips during the holiday shopping season: Place all gifts and packages in the trunk and out of sight, park in well-lighted areas, use credit or debit cards for purchases to avoid carrying large amounts of cash, carry purses and bags close to your body, postpone mail and newspaper delivery while traveling, report suspicious persons or activity and stay alert and be aware of your surroundings. The police department is located at last_img

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