Apple Receives Patent On Technology That Will Block People From Taking Video At Concerts

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first_imgThe days of watching a concert through your phone may soon be over, if Apple has their way.As reported by 9To5Mac and Patently Apple (via Consequence of Sound), the tech giant has received a patent for new technology that will block your iPhone from recording video or taking photos in certain situations, specifically concerts. Using infrared technology, your phone would be essentially blocked by a sensor in the room, rendering your camera unusable while in range of this device.The patent includes a diagram of how the technology might work, which you can see below.While this technology seems to be meant for a live concert setting, it certainly raises mixed emotions. First of all, any technology that might force people to act a certain way is dangerous, and fully disabling part of most concert-going fans’ cell phone sets a scary precedent. Some people might want to just stop people from recording video during a concert, but this technology seems like it could be used for much darker purposes and raises a lot of moral issues. What’s to stop a police officer from blocking all recording devices in range while acting corruptly, or a criminal preventing detection by shutting down all nearby camera phones? Specifically, who will be able to get their hands on this technology that blocks recording devices?It will be interesting to see how this progresses. With technology like this patent, and with companies like Yondr developing cases that lock your phone in a case while within range of a concert venue, it seems that we could soon see a major shift in the way we interact with our cell phones at concerts.Welcome to 1984.last_img read more

The Hip Abduction Wows South Florida With Jam-Heavy Dance Party [Video/Audio]

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first_imgDeep in the midst of their 2016 Summer Tour and in support of their new album Gold Under The Glow, tropical Afropop-rockers The Hip Abduction, hailing from Saint Petersburg, Florida, played to a capacity crowd at The Funky Biscuit in Boca Raton on Friday night. The Hip Abduction drew an all-age ranging crowd from across the state of Florida and served up a delightful assortment of originals from the band’s three albums, while also mixing in well-placed covers, including Bob Marley & The Wailers‘ “Could You Be Loved”, Paul Simon‘s “Obvious Child” and culminating the evening in a raucous encore featuring Marvin Gaye‘s “Sexual Healing” out of their original “Holiday”.Thanks to our friends at CHeeSeHeaDPRoDuCTioNS for providing full concert coverage.Currently on rotation on SiriusXM Jam_On, the Hip Abduction closed their hour-long first set with their hit, “Come Alive”:A new EDM-esque instrumental jam, “Sinte”, segued into Bob Marley’s “Could You Be Loved” highlighted the dance filled second set:And finally, the band closed out the night with their original “Holiday” and concluded with Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing”:Full show video via CHeeSeHeaDPRoDuCTioNS:Full show audio via CHeeSeHeaDPRoDuCTioNS:If you haven’t already, catch these fellows on the road in a city near you!The Hip Abduction @ The Funky Biscuit 8/5/16:Set I: Intro / Before We Lose Our Mind. Intro / Sun King. Light It Up. Intro / Children Of The Sun. Live It Right. Crazy. La Resaca. Thunderclatter. Come Alive.Set II: Stand Up For Love. Driving For The Sun. Sinte. Could You Be Loved. Obvious Child. Holiday. Sexual Healing.[Photo by Jonny Scoblionko]last_img read more

Elvis Tribute Artist Spectacular Takes Over Long Island

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first_imgHeadlined by Cody Ray Slaughter and Shawn Klush as Elvis, both the earlier and later versions of the King had the official stamp of approval of Graceland. The Million Dollar Quartet had nothing on this ensemble, which included Elvis’ original drummer D.J. Fontana, and Estelle Brown of the original Sweet Inspirations. Estelle and Portia Griffin offered vocal backing fit for a king, while D.J. Fontana laid down a steady back-beat to anchor his throne. Brown is the veteran of over 1,000 concerts performances alongside Presley, while Fontana drummed with him long before the Beatles were on Ed Sullivan.The crowd was filled with the Presley faithful, and electricity filled the air as D.J. Fontana first sat down to hold court as his drums. Legend is a word dropped easily like a mustard stained napkin, but Fontana is not embellishing his credentials. Cody Ray Slaughter greeted the folks with Don’t Be Cruel, and the mystery train had officially roared into the station. There was vacancy for the female admirers to check into Heartbreak Hotel, which was followed by Treat Me Like A Fool. The warden through a party at Westbury, as D.J. Slapped the skins as if he was breaking rocks in the hot sun. Spider Murphy may have played the saxophone, but Cody ripped it up as he invited the crowd to do the Jailhouse Rock with him.Long Island’s Steve Mitchell took the mike, and ran up into the crowd for a three song set. Big Boss Man was a new entree for the shows, which was followed by the lovely ballad Love Me Tender. Mitchell worked the crowd from the stands among the crowd, and kissed just about everyone in the arena. If Steve had worn Maybelline, the company’s stock would have risen. The crowd loved it, as many chased after him as he warbled a rollicking Kissin’ Cousins’. Mitchell’s vintage red Speedway jacket was as nifty and outfit as any jumpsuit and cape.Cody Ray Slaughter emerged in Elvis’ 1968 Comeback Special outfit, tight leather. Elvis never would look any better, and Cody had the women fawning at stage side. The horn section called forth Trouble, and Cody found his groove. The set featured a second version of Heartbreak Hotel, Hound Dog, and it Hurts Me. Cody moved his feet and worked the crowd into a froth, leading the show towards intermission with the Carl Perkins Number Blue Suede Shoes. Two show stoppers had to be offered before the break, The Power of My Love, and Kentucky Rain. The highest sentiment Elvis ever offered socially is encapsulated in the MLK inspired anthem, If I Can Dream, which led to intermission.After a break, the audience went back to their seats, and were treated to The Sweet Inspirations taking the lead for their namesake tune. Then Also Sprach Zarathustra played as if it was summoning the King back to his faithful followers. Shawn Klush heard the call, and the audience emitted an air of confidence that a most rare wine had emerged and been opened for them to drink. The perception in the audience was that things were just taken up a notch. Shawn Klush emerged on his game, and was hungry to claim the victory over the challenge set before him. See See Ryder, Burning Love, You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me, and Polk Salad Annie were offered rapid fire. The songs were full of bursting confidence stemming from the assurance Klush had in his abilities. Klush’s performance is easily identifiable by fans as the classiest and closest that they will find honoring Elvis as a tribute artist. They expressed this sentiment collectively all evening. The overwhelming buzz among the crowd is in Klush, with D.J. and the Sweet Inspirations the audience was certain to be witnessing the most original and moving tribute to Elvis.Festivities moved along with a fine bluesy rendition of Steamroller Blues, a rollicking Johnny B. Goode, Suspicious Minds, An American Trilogy, and closed out with the signature goodnight of Elvis, Can’t Help Falling in Love. The crowd held a collective yearning to witness images from their lives that are pressed between the pages of their minds. The Elvis Tribute Artist Spectacular is about just that; Allowing people to go back in time and see before them their fondest memories. Tonight that mission was accomplished with class, consideration, and and more talent that Elvis could have shaken a scepter at.The Sweet Inspirations have agreed to an appearance on Bob Wilson’s Antennae Radio. The date is to soon be determined. The link to the show can be found on the Bob Wilson Antennae Radio page, located on Facebook. Shawn Klush and D.J. Fontana may be on board to join them.[Cover Photo by Kacper Jarecki]last_img read more

Keller Williams Hosts “Shut The Folk Up and Listen Tour” In Atlanta [Photos]

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first_imgLoad remaining images Keller Williams and Leo Kottke hosted their Shut the Folk Up and Listen Tour at the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta, GA, on Friday night, April 7, 2017. The intimate, seated setting allowed for some truly memorable experiences between musicians and fans alike. Kottke and his fingerpicking blues, jazz, and folk music opened up the night, followed by an entertaining performance from Keller.Check out the full gallery below, courtesy of Emily Butler.last_img

Nas Channels Grizzled Streets Past & Present In “The Get Down” Track “Angel Dust” [Listen]

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first_imgLast week, Netflix premiered Part 2 of The Get Down, its hit series chronicling the pitfalls of life in the Bronx in the late ’70’s through the adventures of “The Get Down Brothers,” a ragtag crew of kids learning the ways of the urban DJ scene on their road to street stardom. The story serves as a snapshot of the musical renaissance occurring in the struggling NYC borough at that time, as disco’s old guard collided with the new school: big groups of people hosting loud parties, defacing public property with spray paint, scratching their records, and chanting and talking over the cacophony–the earliest incarnations of hip-hop culture.The Get Down serves up the story of DJ Shaolin Fantastic, Ezekiel Figaro (a.k.a. “Books), Boo-Boo, Dizzee and Ra-Ra in the style of an old Bruce Lee movie, with real-life hip-hop pioneers like Grandmaster Flash, Kool Herc, and Afrika Bambaataa serving as the master to the kids’ proverbial “young grasshopper.” While the reception of this stylistically over-the-top presentation has met some mixed reviews (we love it, for the record), what carries the show is the strength of its music–the centerpiece of the project. Along with powerful vocal performances by the ladies on the disco side of the story, executive producer and NYC hip-hop royalty Nas wrote all of the raps featured in the show, including the over-arching musical narration that anchors each episode and the verses spun by each of the show’s characters.While many of his character-based rhymes are seriously dope in context with the story, there are a few that can stand alone as great songs in their own right. Take, for example, “Angel Dust,” a Gil Scott-Heron-sampling groove that tells of the affliction brought on by the devilish drug. Give it a spin below via YouTube user YazmarTV:The tune appears as the backdrop to the havoc that dust has wrought on the inner city in that era, cut together with news reports warning of the drug’s dangers and quotes from the show’s rendering of actual former NYC mayor Ed Koch declaring “war” on those who use and sell it. It applies to specific story, and a specific problem, and a specific time and place. And yet, the song feels timeless–current, even. While it may not still be a problem on as large a scale as it once was, make no mistake: the perils of PCP are still very real in many places, particularly in the inner-city.The theme still comes up in hip-hop today. On Kendrick Lamar‘s hit 2012 record good kid, m.A.A.D city, the sinister presence of PCP in daily life is a central theme (the “A.D” in “m.A.A.D.” stands for “Angel Dust”). The concept album, which follows a tumultuous day in the life of young Kendrick and the homies, is framed as a first-hand look at modern life in Compton–and they’re wrestling with the same demons that Zeke and Shaolin and the others faced in the summer of ’77.While the continued existence of this problem is anything but comforting, the present applicability of this song set four decades ago is a testament to Nas’ other-worldly abilities as a lyricist, philosopher, and storyteller. Nas can’t help but sound current, even when he’s writing about the 70’s.last_img read more

David Shaw, Ben Ellman, Miss New Orleans & Celebrity Chefs Slated To Judge NOLA Crawfish Fest Cook-Off

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first_imgThe Big Easy’s most wonderful time of the year just got even better! With music as the main attraction, the second annual NOLA Crawfish Festival will also host an equally exciting battle of the boil Crawfish Cook-Off! On Wednesday, May 3rd, 20 teams will put their best recipes to test while music is provided by Corey Henry and the Treme Funktet.This year’s Crawfish Cook-Off celebrity panel will feature New Orleans rockers David Shaw (The Revivalists) and Ben Ellman (Galactic), the original “Crawfish King” Al Scramuzza, award-winning chef Nathaniel Zimet (Boucherie), Miss New Orleans Kim Newville, renowned chef Aaron Burgau (Patois/Central City BBQ), and Al “Carnival Time” Johnson.NOLA Crawfish Festival takes place during the “Daze Between” Jazz Fest weekends, May 1-3. This year’s lineup includes George Porter Jr., John Medeski, Eric Krasno, Luther Dickinson, Jon Cleary, Ivan Neville, John “Papa” Gros, Nigel Hall, and so many more. The full daily schedules have been released and can be seen here. Single day, three day, and VIP tickets are still available and can be purchased here. Beer and crawfish is included with every purchase.If you would like to enter the Ultimate Crawfish Cook-Off, sign up here. Each team consists of two individuals who must supply their own spices, extras, and rig. 1 sack of crawfish will be provided. The cook-off will begin on Wednesday, May 3rd at 3 PM, and the winner will be announced between 6 and 7 PM.[photo by Sam Shinault]last_img read more

Phish Releases Pro-Shot Video Of Saturday’s 27-Minute “Simple”

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first_imgOver the weekend, Phish kicked off their summer tour with a three-night run at Huntington Bank Pavilion at Northerly Island in Chicago. On Saturday night, the Vermont quartet was in proper form, particularly when considering it was merely the second night of their truncated summer run. The major highlight of the night was the group’s rendition of “Simple,” which fell during the exploratory, seven-song second set. Clocking in at just over 27 minutes, Saturday’s “Simple” was the the third-longest “Simple” ever (after 11/16/94 and 12/9/97) and the third-longest overall jam since the band’s 2009 reunion (after the “Tahoe Tweezer” on 7/31/13 and “Chalkdust Torture” from Randall’s Island on 7/13/14).Phish Delivers 3rd-Longest Jam Of The 3.0 Era With Incredible 27-Minute “Simple” In ChicagoComing out of the Phish debut of Trey Anastasio Band’s “Corona” that kicked off the set, “Simple” started off in standard form. Using the opening structure as a springboard, “Simple” eventually departed from its major key jam into a more ambient, spacey segment. Around twelve minutes in, the “Simple” jam took a decidedly darker turn, making for a propulsive, bluesy jam, which later broke into a heavily distorted groove reminiscent of “The Dogs.” Exhibiting the patience that makes phans cherish such extended jams, Phish took their time as they built the song to its close, all the while meandering but not aimless. The final minutes of “Simple” brought it all together, with a soaring release after near half-an-hour of the band building the song to its apex ahead of their transition to “Winterqueen.”Phish Debuts New Song “Thread,” Powers Through Hard Rock Jams In Chicago FinaleWith Saturday’s performance at Northerly Island marking the second night of Phish’s summer tour, it’s safe to say we all have a lot to look forward to as the rest of the summer unfolds. Phish released official pro-shot video of the “Simple” from Saturday night, so that we can relive the rendition in all it’s glory from home.[Photo: Phierce Photo]Live For Live Music Phish Baker’s Dozen Run Late-Night ShowsJuly 21 – The Werks @ American Beauty (tix)July 21 – The Motet @ BB King Blues Club (tix)July 20, 21, & 22 – Twiddle @ Irving Plaza (tix) *July 22 – The Werks @ American Beauty (tix)July 22 – Circles Around The Sun @ Gramercy Theatre (SOLD OUT)July 23 – Circles Around The Sun (early brunch show) @ Brooklyn Bowl (tix) #July 25 – Turkuaz @ Irving Plaza (tix) *July 28 – Dopapod @ Gramercy Theater (tix) *July 28 – James Brown Dance Party – 2 Shows @ Highline Ballroom (early tix/late tix) *July 29 – Dopapod @ Gramercy Theatre (tix) *July 29 – Perpetual Groove @ BB King Blues Club (tix)Aug 2 – Matisyahu @ The Cutting Room (tix) *Aug 3 – Greensky Bluegrass w/ Marco Benevento @ Ford Amphitheatre At Coney Island Boardwalk (tix) **Aug 4 –  “Kraz & Taz” – Eric Krasno Band w/ Brandon “Taz” Niederauer Band @ The Cutting Room (tix)Aug 5 –  Spafford @ BB King Blues Club (SOLD OUT)* (L4LM & CEG Presents)**(L4LM & Live Nation Presents)# (L4LM & Brooklyn Bowl Presents)last_img read more

The Muppets Announce Hollywood Bowl Concert Series

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first_imgLast summer, Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem, the band from The Muppets, made their live music festival debut at Outside Lands. The band played a short set that included The Mowgli’s “San Francisco,” Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero’s “Home,” The Band’s “Ophelia,” and a version of The Beatles’ “With A Little Help From My Friends” with the Oakland Tabernacle Choir. With short breaks for the puppeteers, the short but sweet set was an incredible dose of musical fun for the music festival attendees. The Muppets have now announced their first-ever full length concert series, which will take place at the Hollywood Bowl in California this September.The event is officially called “The Muppets Take the Bowl,” a nod to the classic 1984 film, and will feature Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, The Great Gonzo, Animal, Sam Eagle, Pepé the King Prawn and the entire Muppet cast – some of who have not been seen in over 35 years – along with Thomas Wilkins, the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, and special surprise celebrity guests. Overflowing with music, laughter, parody, dancing, classic and new sketches, a fireworks finale – and who knows what else?“Highlights of the show include the fabulous Miss Piggy in a show-stopping musical performance; Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem, with legendary drummer Animal rocking the Bowl; debuts of all-new original chapters of Pigs in Space, Veterinarian’s Hospital and Muppet Labs; and many more extraordinary surprises, including a spectacular fireworks finale, kicked-off by Crazy Harry,” according to a press statement.Check out two announcement videos for the show below, and head here for more information. Watch Dr. Teeth, Floyd Pepper, Janice, Zoot, Lips, and Animal rock Outside Lands below:last_img read more

The Main Squeeze, Mungion, and More Ruled The World at Canyon Jam Last Night [Videos]

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first_imgCanyon Jam continues tonight with sets from Spafford, Aqueous, Organ Freeman, Cycles, Jus’ Sayin’. The show is just about sold out, so get on those last few tickets here!Here are tonight’s set times:4pm – Doors6pm – 640pm Jus Sayin7pm – 8pm – Cycles830 – 930pm – Organ Freeman10 pm – 11:30pm – Aqueous12am – 2am – Spafford The first-ever Canyon Jam at the iconic Mishawaka Amphitheatre in Bellvue, CO kicked off last night in fine fashion with The Main Squeeze, Mungion, and Moves at Midnight. Local, Denver-based act Moves at Midnight got the inaugural event started with a jam-heavy, soul-driven set that impressed everybody in attendance. Chicago’s Mungion played an inspired set, despite a major setback that came last week when all of their gear was stolen while in Detroit. The group has some serious chops, with lead guitarist/vocalist Justin Reckamp absolutely slaying the axe that he borrowed from the Squeeze’s Max Newman. Patient, groove-filled jams are proving why eyes need to be locked in on these guys in the near future.Mungion Has Van, Trailer, Gear, Lights, And All Stolen Ahead Of First-Ever Headlining TourThe Main Squeeze has become one of the more polished acts in the jam scene over the last few years. With easily some of the best vocals and frontman swag, Corey Frye is essentially the Freddie Mercury of the jam/funk scene. Ben “Smiley” Silverstein remains funky on the keys, while the rhythm section of Reuben Gingrich (drums) and Rob Walker (bass) hold it down. Newman delivered a TKO on guitar, showcasing an inner metal guitar god that brought out some fervent energy from the crowd. A highlight of the set came when the group did a killer mashup of Tears for Fears‘ “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” and Nas feat. Lauryn Hill‘s “If I Ruled the World (Imagine That).” Check out these videos from last night’s performers below:last_img read more

Pretty Lights Live Announces NYE Webcasts Benefiting Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief

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first_imgAfter Pretty Lights’ inaugural destination festival, Island Of Light, was canceled due to the mass destruction caused by Hurricane Irma and Maria this year, the DJ and producer has shifted many of his efforts to help benefit the Puerto Rican communities that were ready to take him and his fans in. In addition to other ongoing efforts, yesterday, Pretty Lights announced that all of Pretty Lights Live’s New Year’s Eve run will be webcast for free, with the option to donate to United For Puerto Rico—a non-profit that has been spearheading the hurricane relief efforts—on each streaming platform.These donation-based webcasts come in addition to the fact that $1 from all ticket sales for the upcoming New Year’s Eve run will also go to United For Puerto Rico. Previously, the group has run similar campaigns, with the group raising $55,238 for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts during their run at Whitewater Amphitheater in New Braunfels, Texas, on September 29th and 30th.Pretty Lights Live’s New Year’s Eve run kicks off tonight at The Fillmore in Detroit, Michigan (10:15 pm EST). After setting up shop at Detroit’s Fillmore on December 28th and 29th and a detour through Minnesota’s Snowta on December 30th (no webcast), Pretty Lights Live will shift focus to their New Year’s Eve performance at The Fillmore in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (10:05 pm EST). Tune into Pretty Lights Live’s free, donation-encouraged webcasts on YouTube or Facebook. Pretty Lights Live 2017 New Year’s RunDecember 28: Detroit, MI – The Fillmore (w/ Too Many Zooz)December 29: Detroit, MI – The Fillmore (w/ SoDown)December 30: Minneapolis, MN – SnowtaDecember 31: Philadelphia, PA – The Fillmore (w/ Jade Cicada) – SOLD OUT[Photo: Brittany Teuber]last_img read more