The Revenant: Predictable Revenge Plot on The Ol’ Frontier

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first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York The Revenant premiered on Dec. 25, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy, and follows an incapacitated mountain man’s journey for survival to avenge his son’s death at the hands of an egocentric comrade during the early 1800s.The film took some time to reach this point, however. Almost an hour, actually. Director Alejandro Iñárritu, whose artful Birdman won the Oscar for Best Picture last year, lured audiences into Montana and South Dakota’s open wilderness. The northern states’ landscapes of snow-capped mountains ringed by vast creaking forests and cascading rivers were as beautiful and serene as they were cold and cruel.DiCaprio, whose real-life-inspired character’s name (Hugh Glass) barely stuck, slushed and clawed through icy water and dirty snow. Nature was unforgiving in The Revenant. You could see how freezing he was, almost feel that bone-numbing chill (then again, Long Island is pretty effing cold right now, too).Oh, and he’s mauled by a mama grizzly bear. And ambushed by Native Americans. And slept naked inside a dead horse. Stylistic camerawork shot right-up-in-your face action sequences, detailing every bone-snapping crunch, arrow pierced through someone’s neck or eye, or volumes of saliva foaming across DiCaprio’s lips. The gritty fights were very up-close and personal.Sadly, for all the film’s breathtaking backdrops and thrilling action, those are The Revenant’s biggest strengths. What bound everything together was a compelling and dramatic but simple revenge story with a predictable and underwhelming outcome.DiCaprio and Tom Hardy both delivered believable performances, though Hardy once again mumbled his way through some scenes with yet another inaudible character (The Dark Knight Rises’ Bane, Mad Max, etc.). Overall, there wasn’t anything impressive or memorable about their characters’ personalities when compared to the actors’ previous roles, such as DiCaprio’s scumbag Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street. Neither performance in The Revenant was bad; they just weren’t their best roles.Perhaps the standard set by DeCaprio and Hardy’s résumés destined their latest characters and The Revenant overall to fall short of amazing, but jaw-dropping scenery and savage action carry this revenge story well enough to make the film a praiseworthy start to 2016 cinema, and encourage moviegoers to venture out into January’s merciless chill. At the very least, viewers will be more appreciative of our current weather conditions come the end credits.last_img read more

Marriage makes men better: the economic benefits of settling down

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first_imgMercatorNet 9 September 2016Family First Comment: Superb article on why marriage matters – to men.Not just a piece of paperIt is important first to respond directly to the idea that marriage is just a piece of paper. When I was conducting interviews in New York City back in 2005-2006, I heard over and over again from a lot of young adults, “It is just a piece of paper. It doesn’t really matter.” What they did not realize is that the science is telling us a very different story about how marriage affects women and especially men.Men are transformed in a number of ways. We will focus here primarily on the economic story, but it is also the case that when men get married, they spend less time with their friends, their buddies, and they spend more time with kin. They attend bars and taverns less and they attend church more in the wake of getting married and having a family.We can begin first by thinking about work effort, and one admittedly crude indicator of effort is work hours. What we see is that married men, both when they are in the 28-30 years old stage and the mid-40s stage, work about 400+ hours more per year than their single peers with a similar educational, racial, and ethnic background.[1] But it is not just that they are working more; they are working more strategically and working smarter when they are married compared to being single.Two indicators of this come from the work of Elizabeth Gorman, a sociologist who did this research when she was at Harvard.[2] What she finds is that married men are much less likely to quit their job until they have lined up a new job to jump to. By contrast, the single guys, if they are not happy with their work, will quit that job and then try to find something new. Of course, the first strategy is much more prudent than the second.Another important point to make here is that married men are much less likely to get fired. There is something about their style of work or maybe the fact that they seem to be more responsible when they are married. What Gorman finds is that these patterns in the data persist even after you control for a lot of background characteristics in the men themselves, things like their educational background, their race, their ethnicity, etc. Something about marriage seems to be making men behave in a more strategic fashion in today’s workforce. This all adds up in real dollar terms. What we see is that married men make about $16,000 more than their single peers personally, both as young adults and as middle-aged adults.[3]There is a lot of discussion today about this issue of marriage and class in America. One might wonder, “Well, is this story applicable to men who don’t have college degrees? There must be something about being college educated and being more affluent connecting nicely with marriage in ways that are helping to drive the story.” The answer to that question is still yes.In fact, not only do you see the same story among men who do not have college degrees, but in some ways, the premium is a little bit bigger for the guys who do not have a college degree compared to guys who do have a college degree. Marriage is valuable for men up and down the economic ladder. It is also valuable for men across racial and ethnic lines. There is a marriage premium for African American men, and the report shows the same basic story for Hispanics in America.[4] Marriage benefits men across racial, ethnic, and class lines today in our country.The pushback against marriageWhen you make this claim in the public square today, if you read about it on Slate or in the Washington Post or some other venue, you are going to get a lot of pushback. This is not a story people want to hear in some sectors of our society. One of the arguments that they will respond with is, “You know what? This is all about selection. There is something about these guys, the marrying kind (if you will), that makes them better men. They are better husbands, they are better fathers, they are better workers, and it is these underlying traits, not marriage per se, that help to account for these findings.”There are problems with this idea, and two empirical examples suggest that it is not only about selection. The first example is the longitudinal research done by Steven Nock at the University of Virginia. Nock tracked men over time and found that they increase their hours and increase their income in the wake of getting married and that they do better compared to their peers who are not getting married.[5]Interestingly, he also found that getting divorced reduces men’s hours and reduces men’s income. Moving into marriage and moving out of marriage for men is linked to economic changes. A second exmaple is a study which looked at trends in Minnesota and found that married male identical twins earned about 26% more compared to thir twins who had not married.[6] Once again, this evidence pushes back against the suggestion that the wage premium is all about selection.READ MORE: up with family issues in NZ. Receive our weekly emails direct to your Inbox.last_img read more

What Will the Florida Gators Wear in Death Valley?

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first_imgFlorida will wear its traditional orange helmets with script ‘Gators’ on the side along with blue jerseys and blue pants.The Tigers traditionally wear white jerseys at home. Are black uniforms coming for the Florida #Gators? You decide if the UF equipment staff just gave fans a glimpse.— Swamp247 (@Swamp_247) October 9, 2019 The Florida Gators currently sit at 6-0 on the season, 3-0 in SEC play, and are on the road this weekend for their toughest test in Death Valley against the No. 5 ranked LSU Tigers. UF announced the uniform combination the Gators will wear this coming weekend.#UFvsLSU #UniWatch #GatorStandard #GatorNation @GatorsEquipment#GoGators #GatorsTogether— Gators Football (@GatorsFB) October 11, 2019last_img read more

Sumner County Sheriff weekly jail bookings: April 25 – May 2, 2016

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first_imgModglin, Robert G.35Colwich, KS777 Kansas Star Drive, Mulvane, KSKHPDriving under the influence / Driving while suspeded / Tranporting an open container4/29/16 Monday 06:00 thru Monday 06:00  WEEKLY BOOKINGS 04-25-16 THRU 05-02-16  Wellington5 Nasworthy, Calvin L.35Gueda Springs, KS610 E. Hillside, Wellington, KSSUSOServing Sentence4/29/16 Haigh, John R.52Wichita, KS700 E. Kansas Star Dr., Peck, KSSUSOPossession of opate / Possession of Paraphernalia / Traffic contraband in corr/care facility / Warrant / Warrant5/2/16 Webb, Michael D.26Wichita, KSSedgwick County JailSGSOProbation violation4/25/16 Gregory, Andrew D.38Wellington, KS777 Kansas Star Drive, Mulvane, KSSUSOFailure to Appear4/29/16 Edwards, David R.50Caldwell, KS200 Block N. Main, Caldwell, KSCAPDDisorderly Conduct4/30/16 Sumner Newscow report — The Sumner County Sheriff Office report for April 25, 2016 to May 2, 2016 weekly jail bookings are as follows:  Schmeidler, Eli E.26Wellington, KS610 E. Hillside, Wellington, KSSUSOServing sentence4/26/16 Bodner, Joshua A.25Wellington, KS100 S. Ash, Wellington, KSWPDPossession of stimulant/ Use/ossess w/intent to use drug paraphernalia into human body/ operate vehicle with no registration/ driving while suspended/ operatea vehicle without liability insurance4/27/16 Hornecker, Dylan L.30Wellington, KS2000 N. H. Lot 1, Wellington, KSWPDDomestic Battery / Criminal Damage to Property5/1/16 Aiken, Kurtis C.40Wichita, KS800 E. 119th St., Peck, KSSUSODriving under the Influence4/30/16 Stewart, Ryan J.22Peck, KS728 E. 110th Ave. N., Peck, KSSUSOTheft of prop/services4/27/16 Espinosa, Antonio D.41Arkansas City, KS600 Block E. Harvey, Wellington, KSWPDAggravated Assault4/29/16 Ledbetter, Darien S.22Wellington, KS610 E. Hillside, Wellington, KSSUSOServing Sentence4/27/16 Nash, Kristin A.52Fort Scott, KS1100 N. Greenwich Rd, Mulvane, KSSUSODriving under the influence4/26/16 Huffman, Gary L.44Derby, KSI35 MM 33, Mulvane, KSKHPDriving under the Influence / Operate vehicle without liability insuranc / Driving while Suspended / License restricitons, suspension or revoaction4/30/16 Redford, Jeffrey L.37Wellington, KS401 E. Maple, Wellington, KSSUSOParole Violation4/27/16 Allen, Jayme L.31Wichita, KSSedgwick County JailSUSOProbation Violation4/28/16 Hutton, Kayla Z.25Clearwater, KS501 N. Washington, Wellington, KSSUSOServing Sentence4/28/16 Coley, Patrick T.28Belle Plaine, KS1300 W. K-53 HighwaySUSODriving while suspended / Improper driving on laned roadway4/28/16 NAMEAGEHOME TOWNLOCATION OF ARRESTAGENCYCHARGESDATE Evans, Carlton Q.34Wichita, KSSedgwick County JailSGSOFailure to appear4/25/16 Sedgwick4         Favela, Jasmine M.27Wichita, KS501 N. Washington, Wellington, KSSUSOProbation Violation4/29/16 KHP3 Garcia, Tony E.42Wichita, KSSedgwick County JailSGSOProbation violation4/25/16 Mulvane1 TOTAL36 Hartson, Jeremie D.37Wellington, KS922 W. 7th St., Wellington, KSWPDDisorderly Conduct4/30/16 Caldwell1 Cales, Bryan J.41Winfield, KS300 Block W. Bridge, Mulvane, KSMPDDriving under Influence / Driving while Suspended / Transporting an open container / Failure to Appear4/30/16 Sumner22 Fox, Daniel L.34Wichita, KS600 E. US Hwy, Belle Plaine, KSSUSOPossession of para w/ intent to manufacture4/26/16 Branam, Dana J.47Arkansas City, KS1800 E. US 166 Highway, Gueda Springs, KSSUSODriving under the influence5/1/16 Birran-Mckellip, Candra44Wellington, KS1323 N. A. Street, Wellington, KSSUSOFailure to Appear5/1/16 Marks, Ryan J.25Wichita, KS777 Kansas Star Drive, Mulvane, KSSUSODriving while suspended5/2/16 Conley, Heather N.25Wellington, KS501 N. Washington, Wellington, KSSUSOServing Sentence4/27/16 Rukundo, Bosco23Wichita, KSSedgwick County JailSGSOProbation violation4/26/16 Query, Michael J.42Wellington, KS1300 E 16th St., Wellington, KSWPDDriving under the influence / Driving while suspended / Operate vehicle without liability insurance4/26/16 Boone, Daniel M.30Roosevelt, UTHutchinson Correctional FacilitySUSOServing Sentence4/28/16 Fox, Matthew J.22Coweta, OKN. I-35 MM #33, Mulvane, KSKHPParole violation4/26/16 Dalbom, Dale M.36Conway Springs, KS1061 w. 119th St. N., Conway Springs, KSSUSOProbation Violation4/29/16 Meridith, Heather B.42Wellington, KS156 S. Tyler Rd., Wellington, KSSUSOCriminal Trespass4/28/16 Lira, Cory W.34Wellington, KS501 N. Washington, Wellington, KSSUSOServing Sentence4/28/16last_img read more