The price of Iraq

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first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREWalnut’s Malik Khouzam voted Southern California Boys Athlete of the Week160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! Re “U.S. military deaths reach 2,000 in Iraq” (Oct. 26): Wednesday’s front page is a sobering reminder that there is a cost to everything. The price of this fiasco in Iraq is already too high. Bring the troops home. Dolores Long Van Nuys Excellent reminder That was an simple but strong front page reminder to the readers about the cost for the war in Iraq. Joey Liu Newbury Park Not a milestone The 2,000th death in the Iraq war is being hailed as a milestone by liberals. This is to further the cause of their anti-war stance. Any normal thinking person would not refer to these tragic deaths as a milestone. These anti-war protesters feign self-righteous indignation at the thought that they are unpatriotic because they say they still support the troops. Those two positions are not compatible. These are the same people that will not support an amendment to ban flag burning. I believe you would be very hard-pressed to find a person who expounds these positions with a “support our troops” sticker on their car. Larry Cooper Simi Valley Our own monster Re “U.S. military deaths reach 2,000 in Iraq” (Oct. 26): We killed more Iraqi civilians during the first week of the war. Most of the people that we have killed there have been civilians, not “insurgents.” The warmongers among us cling to the last of a long dreary line of discredited “justifications” for the war: that we are “killing the enemy overseas.” Until George W. Bush and his co-conspirators decided to take Iraq’s oil by killing Iraqis, there was no al-Qaida in Iraq. We are like Doctor Frankenstein – we have created our own monster. Tonight, Osama bin Laden will sleep – somewhere, but not, not ever, in Iraq. Kim Iannone West Hills Real achievements Not the Iraqi election, not the writing of a constitution, not the ratification of the constitution, but the terribly arbitrary “achievement” of a certain round number of American deaths – this to you is a “milestone” significant enough to obliterate the front page of Wednesday’s paper. Surely the dead – volunteers all, who believed passionately in the mission that they fought for – are better honored by us honoring their real achievements: millions of people freed, and a threat to our own freedom neutralized. Pauli Carnes Woodland Hills Senseless loss Regarding your front page news about the senseless loss of human lives in Iraq. It is not a milestone but rather a deathstone in U.S. history. If we look at the human toll of any war, it is far more than we can bear to think of. What a shame. My heart goes out to all who lost their loved ones; no amount of praise or front page coverage can heal their wounds or decrease their grief. It is never too late to realize one’s mistake as any loss of life is a defeat in itself. Paramjit Singh Lancaster Disaster invitation Re “Close call on Orange Line” (Oct. 25): It’s too bad the near accident involving Mayor and MTA board member Villaraigosa was not enough to knock some sense in him. For years, the board at the Woodland Hills Homeowner’s Organization has stated that the design of the Orange Line is “inherently dangerous.” Putting in a high-speed busway with the amount of busy street crossings, without grade changes is inviting disasters (plural). From Day One, the ever-unconscious MTA has stated that designing in grade changes just was not feasible. To that, we reply that for years the San Fernando Valley taxpayers have been paying for very expensive MTA projects elsewhere. Now when it is our turn, we get the bargain-basement version. William Evans Board member Woodland Hills Homeowner’s Organization Dense development Re “No stopping in busway debate” (Oct. 23): Traveling Tony, our mayor, and a host of local politicians are doing a very heavy sell of the new “pig-in-a-poke” called the Orange Line. With inadequate parking and a questionable safety issue, the real reason for the sop to the West Valley was not apparent until last Sunday’s article in the Daily News about the new Orange Line. Now that the Orange Line will soon be up and running, developers will be able to take advantage of the “public transportation” that is available in the West Valley to engage in densification of the Valley along the route. They now have their “legal” cover to engage in high-density development. Soon Valley traffic will rival the South Bay’s: gridlocked. Harold E. Boucher West Hills Tracking cameras Re “Close call on Orange Line” (Oct. 25): If Metrolink installed cameras along its tracks that not only could be monitored at a central location but also in the cabs on the train, perhaps some of these accidents could be avoided. Their vast network of tracks could be monitored for trespassers or suspicious people. There is no reason an approaching train could not view intersections ahead of time to see if they are clear. This will not prevent someone from entering the intersection at the last minute but could prevent an accident like the one that took 11 lives in Glendale when the driver wedged the car onto the tracks. Mike Hoblinski Burbank Orange memories Re “Origin of the Orange Line” (Oct. 19): I enjoyed the story that you ran about the new busway. I enjoyed the photo of the Southern Pacific passenger train running down the middle of Chandler Boulevard in North Hollywood. I was on that train. It was a special operated by the Orange Empire Railway Museum, in 1968; the train’s ultimate destination was Ojai, CA. Darrel Woodward Van Nuys Magic in low supply Re “How Rude!” (Oct. 15): If a magic wand could suddenly remove the rudeness of our society, imagine all of the “quality of life” issues that would be solved at the same time. Just think: no more graffiti; no booming, ear-splitting car radios; no trash thrown on the sidewalks and streets. Our world would also be much safer, with no speeding, lane-changing drivers. The list of improvements can go on and on. Sadly, the only wand available is parents who teach and share a considerate attitude toward others – and that magic is in shamefully low supply. Barbara Adams Reseda No coincidence Re “Shrinking middle class” (Their Opinions, Oct. 1): It’s more than mere coincidence that the slowly disappearing middle class in Los Angeles and, by extension, in other large cities across the country, is occurring at the same time that union membership is at or near its historical low point. It was the growth of the union movement that provided millions of Americans with a lifestyle that was hitherto unimaginable. In Hollywood in the 1940s, the Affiliated Property Craftspersons Local 44, for example, allowed skilled workers to earn a decent living so that they and their families could enter the middle class. Walt Gardner Los Angeles Scapegoating I watched Governor Schwarzenegger’s charade debate, and I felt sorry for him. In the recall, you saw something of his genuine self. He now is so incapable of handling the popular revolution he thinks he started, he completely sold himself to his right wing handlers. Arnold’s chief slogan is a really disgusting scapegoating game against teachers. Many Californians remember when a California education was the envy of the world. Now the California per-pupil spending on the education of its own has sunk to the bottom of the barrel. Instead of facing up to the real problems, he has succumbed to scapegoating “bad teachers” – who in real life can be gotten rid of, and are simply not near among the biggest problems at making California kids world-class competitors. Martin Kotowski Sherman Oakslast_img read more

SA triathlete wins Challenge Roth

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first_imgBroke the magical eight-hour markWith a stunning performance, Cunnama just broke the magical eight-hour mark for a long distance triathlon, clocking seven hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds. Victory in the women’s race went to Britain’s Rachel Joyce in 8:45:04, with Germany’s Sonja Tajsich and Julia Gajer in second and third respectively. Bracht finished second to lift the European title, for which Cunnama was not eligible, in 8:03:28. Switzerland’s Mike Aigroz claimed the final podium position in 8:08:28. James Cunnama raced to a first ever victory by a South African triathlete in the 2012 Challenge Roth – which also served as the European Long Distance Triathlon Championships – in Germany on Sunday. Around 3 100 athletes, along with 600 relay teams, from over 50 nations took part, with about 200 000 spectators lining up along the course to take in the action. 10 July 2012 It was Cunnama’s third attempt at the race. Previously he finished sixth in 2010, while he was forced to withdraw last year. After the swim, he, along with race favourite Timo Bracht of Germany, was about a minute-and-a-half behind the leader, Benjamin Samson of France, who clocked 45:58 for the 3.8 kilometres. Recognised as the “heart of the triathlon”, the event consists of a 3.8 kilometre swim, a 180 kilometre cycle and a standard marathon of 42.2 kilometres. Discussing his break from Bracht on the run, Cunnama said: “I could keep up my speed while Timo had problems for a little while. That made the difference today.” Would you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See: Using SAinfo material The cycle stage belonged to another German, however, with Konstantin Bachor putting in a superb ride to open up a 10 minute lead over Cunnama and Bracht at the transition. He added: “When you win Roth, you are someone in our sport. For me, a dream comes true today.” ‘I am extremely happy’At the finish, he said: “This is an iconic race. You hear about it, you dream about it. You read the names of the big ones that win and now I am standing here. I am extremely happy!” On the final stage, the pair ran together for the first part of the run, but at about the halfway mark Cunnama started to pull clear of the German star. Bachor, meanwhile, was taking strain and Cunnama soon took the lead away from him before pressing on to take an inspiring victory.last_img read more

Managing Job-Site Mud

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first_img This article is only available to GBA Prime Members Sign up for a free trial and get instant access to this article as well as GBA’s complete library of premium articles and construction details. Drive past an average construction site (even a small residential addition) after a summer rain, and the street is usually coated with mud. Gooey, sticky, dirty stuff, the mud that runs off job sites and flows into storm sewers wreaks havoc on the quality of streams, rivers, and other waterways. But beyond the dire environmental consequences of job-site runoff, it’s also rude to mire your neighbors in mud. Plus, there’s the matter of steep fines. It’s the law Although most municipal ordinances include punitive measures for noncompliance, all the building officials I spoke with in my research focus on prevention through builder education and support rather than coercion. But they take the job seriously enough to prosecute those who don’t cooperate. Penalties for job-site pollution range from stop-work notices to thousand-dollar-a-day fines and even criminal prosecution.“It’s a question of influencing the construction culture,” says Terry Ullsperger, a watershed-management inspector for Lincoln, Neb., who describes himself as someone who “has been on both sides of the silt fence.” Ullsperger likens the cultural conversion effort to the famous 1960s “Don’t Be a Litterbug” campaign, which made it unthinkable to toss trash from a car window. “Builders are slowly realizing a clean job site is just good building practice,” says Ullsperger.Similarly, Janice Lopitz of the Keep It Clean partnership in Boulder, Colo., believes that those who would never wash a paintbrush in a stream bed may not realize they are doing the same thing when rinsing paint from their brushes at the curb. When you wash on the curb, the paint enters a storm-water inlet and heads straight to the nearest stream, lake, or river. “Whatever hits the street is as… center_img Start Free Trial Already a member? Log inlast_img read more

Resource Discovery: Narrative Therapy Materials

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first_imgThe One Minute Question: What is Narrative Therapy? Some Working Answers by Eric SweenSween, E. The One Minute Question: What is Narrative Therapy? Some Working AnswersErik Sween discusses a  concise response to the question, ‘What is narrative therapy?’ He provides working answers to questions regarding the application of narrative therapy in the therapy room. You won’t want to miss out of this informative read! This post was written by Christina Herron, MS, a member of the MFLN Family Development (FD) team which aims to support the development of professionals working with military families. Find out more about the Military Families Learning Network FD concentration on our website, on Facebook, on Twitter, YouTube, and on LinkedIn. Down Under and Up Over: Travels with Narrative Therapy by David EpstonEpston, D. Down Under and Up Over: Travels with narrative TherapyFREE BOOK AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD! Part one, ‘Down under’, contains previously published work from different periods of David Epston’s writing career. As always, each chapter reflects David’s creativity, and at times those of his co-writers. Part two, ‘Up over’, contains six examples of David Epston’s current work, all of which are printed here for the first time, including inventive approaches to chronic bed-wetting, relationships between children and their estranged fathers, court reports, stealing, and sibling conflicts, as well as a long chapter on Anti-Anorexia, a subject close to David Epston’s heart.center_img By Christina Herron, MSAre you seeking new information and resources on Narrative Therapy? The Narrative Therapy Library offers free downloadable articles and materials to assist you. This website is based off of the work of Michael White and David Epston, known Narrative Therapists in the field of Marriage and Family Therapy.Heins, T. & Ritchie, K. Beating Sneaky Poo: Ideas for Faecal Soiling.Beating Sneaky Poo by Terry Heins and Karen RitchieFaecal soiling is perhaps one of the most distressing problems that parents can face – and it is just as frustrating for children! This problem can cause family members and friends despair and irritation as they try to get it under control. This article has assisted many families in minimizing the effects of such a problem. Terry Heins and Karen Ritichie have succeeded in making useful knowledge about externalising conversations available in an easy to understand and light-hearted publication. The illustrations by Geoff Pryor and Quantum make the ideas come alive for children. The foreword is by Michael White.last_img read more

Mastermind Toys ramps up expansion even as Toys R Us flounders

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first_imgTORONTO – Jon Levy’s favourite playthings as a Toronto child growing up in the 1960s and 1970s included Lego blocks and fort-building kits — classics that still fly off the shelves of his Mastermind Toy stores today.“My true innovation in this business is being able to get inside my inner kid and determine whether it is something truly fun to play with,” said Levy, the chain’s co-founder, CEO and chief toy merchant.“Being able to explore that as an adult every day is quite an amazing occupation. And 90 per cent of the things I look at and interact with weren’t around when I was a kid.”Indeed, much about the toy retail landscape has changed since Levy and his brother Andy co-founded Mastermind Toys back in 1984.The latest evidence is the bankruptcy filing this week of big-box chain Toys “R” Us, and parallel proceedings by its Canadian subsidiary. It’s the latest brick-and-mortar retailer to struggle amid the rise of e-commerce and changing consumer preferences.And yet, Mastermind Toys is expanding its footprint across the country at the fastest pace in its history — aiming to grow from 56 stores to 60 by the end of the year, and 90 by the end of 2020.After that, the retailer will hone in on Quebec, where it has identified 18 to 20 potential stores.The chain’s focus on educational and specialty offerings that are harder to find at its bigger competitors — including Walmart, Amazon and Toys “R” US — has created a devoted following of Canadian parents.Mastermind Toys has carved out a nice, profitable niche within the toy business, according to retail analyst Bruce Winder, the co-founder and partner of Retail Advisors Network.“They differentiate by getting exclusive toys. And you can charge higher margins.”However, he added, Mastermind Toys may be moving too fast for a boutique toy store that is a small segment of the overall toy market in Canada — which topped $2 billion in 2016, according to the NPD Group.“There is only so much population in Canada,” Winder said.Quebec, where consumers prefer local brands and retailers must adhere to a different set of regulations, is “always a risk,” he added.“Having said that, I do think on the surface there is the same kind of niche there as in the rest of Canada.”The company’s president and chief operating officer Humphrey Kadaner hails from Quebec and says the province has historically been a stronger market for niche businesses and slower to warm up to mass-market or online retailers.“Conceptually, Quebec should be very receptive,” said Kadaner, adding the company is taking the time to research and prepare properly.Mastermind Toys started with a 300-square foot Toronto store focused on children’s educational software, but it hasn’t been a mom-and-pop shop for some time.In 2010, after 25 years as a wholly family-owned business, Birch Hill Private Equity made an undisclosed investment in Mastermind Toys. It’s now a majority stakeholder, said Levy, who along with his brother remain “substantially invested.”Birch Hill typically makes investments on a 10-year timeline, Kadaner said, and its current plans with the private equity firm take it through to 2020.Kadaner shrugs off the increased competition from the likes of online behemoth Amazon.Next year, Mastermind Toys aims to offer a so-called click-and-collect option for shoppers who want to order on the website and pick it up at the store — a service, Kadaner argues, that gives a physical retailer an advantage over a digital one like Amazon for those who “don’t want products sitting on their front step.”Levy says Mastermind Toys isn’t trying to compete on price with the likes of Amazon, but rather on “experience” by offering customers the ability to try out many products with the help of knowledgeable staff.“That’s absolutely very important, and not a priority at Amazon,” he said. “And if we have to fight on price, that’s a whole different platform. But that’s not where our business is premised.”Kadaner says, for now, Mastermind Toys has no plans to take on Amazon or Walmart on their home turf.“We really feel we’ve got more than enough to keep us busy in English Canada over the next two to three years. We know we have the opportunity in Quebec,” he said.“So, we have no imminent plans to enter the U.S. But of course we certainly haven’t excluded it.”last_img read more

Public memorial for zombie master George Romero set for Monday in Toronto

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first_imgAdvertisement Advertisement Advertisement TORONTO – Fans of influential horror director George Romero are being invited to gather at a public memorial on Monday.A celebration of the “Night of the Living Dead” director’s life will take place in Toronto, according to details provided by his manager.Romero died Sunday following a battle with lung cancer, according to a statement from his family. The director is credited with reshaping the zombie film genre with his classic “Night of the Living Dead” and its various sequels. He also directed a number of other horror films including “Monkey Shines” and “The Dark Half.”Romero moved to Toronto in 2004 where he shot many of his later films.Monday’s public memorial will be held at the Mount Pleasant Funeral Centre from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m.Guests unable to attend the memorial can sign an online guest book: Twitter Login/Register With: Facebook LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment last_img read more

Kashechewan residents to return home after evacuation order lifted

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first_imgAnnette Francis APTN National NewsThe evacuation order for the Kashechewan First Nation has been lifted.Over the next few days about 1,200 people will begin returning home.It’s become nearly an annual event for the people over flooding.APTN looks at what’s next for them.last_img

Tattoos Not just a fashion statement

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first_imgIt is said that one’s body is a temple, but how long can one live in the same house before redecorating it? Renowned actor Angelina Jolie said once that all her tattoos came at good times, adding that “a tattoo is something permanent when you’ve made a self-discovery, or something you’ve come to a conclusion about”. Tattoo art is an old art, with spiritual connotations in some tribal cultures of the belief to follow the bearer into the afterlife. Slowly but surely, tattoos are beginning to carve for themselves their own niche in the cultural fabric of society as an art form. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfAnd as author Sylvia Plath said, “a tattoo is like wearing one’s heart on one’s skin,” tattoo is now no longer just a tribal ritual but is turning into a fashion statement. The second Heartwork Tattoo Festival is being held in the national Capital at Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium from the December 2 – 4 with the participation of around 110 artists in over 100 booths. The event will feature some of the best tattoo artistes from over ten countries. The event is being organized by the Czars of The Indian Tattoo Industry who formed a group called Creative Skin Graphic Pvt Ltd to revolutionise tattoo art all over India as they realised that getting inked was more than just a ritual. It was in the true sense Heart-work.  Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveHeartwork is the brainchild of four pillars of the Indian tattoo industry: Lokesh Verma of Devil’z Tattooz, Delhi; Sameer Patange of Kraayonz Tattoo Studios, Mumbai; the biggest distributor of tattoo equipment in India, Anu Singh of Tattoo Empire, and Arvind Garg of Tattoo Gizmo. The opening performance will be by the renowned dancer/ choreographer/ actor Remo D’souza with a live tattoo on him. There will also be live workshops by legends of the International tattoo industry. They take upcoming artists through demonstrations on various art practices and design methods.  Participating tattoo artists include Jay Freestyle from Netherlands, Bez 666 from the United Kingdom, Stepan Nagur from Russia, and Fred from Spain – all of whom have already achieved name and fame internationally. There will also be live Tattoo on-the-spot competitions on all the three days of the festival, with multiple categories to compete in. The best tattoos everyday will be eligible for trophies and prizes.On all the three days tattoo enthusiasts will witness entertaining and high energy acts of live music bands and Djs.The list of performers include Kabir Cafe, a fusion Sufi band, Jyoti Ram from France who does some crazy acts with his electronic sitar and crystal balls, and a standup comedian who is one of the best in the country.According to Sameer Patange, “Heartwork has come a long way and has been appreciated not just by tattoo artists but also by general masses in India as well as overseas. The idea of creating Heartwork was to create a general awareness amongst people and that has happened quite successfully. A huge lineup of foreign artists is going to make it to our shores this year. Let them see and know what we Indians are made of when we talk art”.Lokesh Verma added, “My basic idea to initiate Heartwork was to put Indian tattooing scene on the world map of tattoos. Looking at last year’s response and the number of international artists and media interested in this year’s event, I think we are on the right path. Let’s see where it takes us.” Arvind Garg said, “In the first year, Heartwork saw the biggest gathering of professional tattoo artists under one roof in India. With the first year’s success we can already see the tread moving from googling the tattoo design to the customised tattoo, we can see the personal stories in body art has seeped into popular culture. This indicates a dilution in the stigma that is usually associated with tattooing. With this effort Indian artist are able to showcase their skill which is seen at international level and now we can see that more and more Indian artists are being sponsored by international brands. “    Anu Singh Co-organiser expressed  his thoughts about the celebrated tattoo festival, “We began our journey with Heartwork Tattoo Festival in 2015 to give Indian Artists a big platform to showcase their talent. And with the immense love and support of everyone it started a chain reaction. Carrying on the legacy we are back to give the best lineup of international and national performances in music, tattoos and art that everybody has been waiting for. We are pretty sure and excited that this year too its going to be one heck of a ride.”last_img read more