Elvis Tribute Artist Spectacular Takes Over Long Island

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first_imgHeadlined by Cody Ray Slaughter and Shawn Klush as Elvis, both the earlier and later versions of the King had the official stamp of approval of Graceland. The Million Dollar Quartet had nothing on this ensemble, which included Elvis’ original drummer D.J. Fontana, and Estelle Brown of the original Sweet Inspirations. Estelle and Portia Griffin offered vocal backing fit for a king, while D.J. Fontana laid down a steady back-beat to anchor his throne. Brown is the veteran of over 1,000 concerts performances alongside Presley, while Fontana drummed with him long before the Beatles were on Ed Sullivan.The crowd was filled with the Presley faithful, and electricity filled the air as D.J. Fontana first sat down to hold court as his drums. Legend is a word dropped easily like a mustard stained napkin, but Fontana is not embellishing his credentials. Cody Ray Slaughter greeted the folks with Don’t Be Cruel, and the mystery train had officially roared into the station. There was vacancy for the female admirers to check into Heartbreak Hotel, which was followed by Treat Me Like A Fool. The warden through a party at Westbury, as D.J. Slapped the skins as if he was breaking rocks in the hot sun. Spider Murphy may have played the saxophone, but Cody ripped it up as he invited the crowd to do the Jailhouse Rock with him.Long Island’s Steve Mitchell took the mike, and ran up into the crowd for a three song set. Big Boss Man was a new entree for the shows, which was followed by the lovely ballad Love Me Tender. Mitchell worked the crowd from the stands among the crowd, and kissed just about everyone in the arena. If Steve had worn Maybelline, the company’s stock would have risen. The crowd loved it, as many chased after him as he warbled a rollicking Kissin’ Cousins’. Mitchell’s vintage red Speedway jacket was as nifty and outfit as any jumpsuit and cape.Cody Ray Slaughter emerged in Elvis’ 1968 Comeback Special outfit, tight leather. Elvis never would look any better, and Cody had the women fawning at stage side. The horn section called forth Trouble, and Cody found his groove. The set featured a second version of Heartbreak Hotel, Hound Dog, and it Hurts Me. Cody moved his feet and worked the crowd into a froth, leading the show towards intermission with the Carl Perkins Number Blue Suede Shoes. Two show stoppers had to be offered before the break, The Power of My Love, and Kentucky Rain. The highest sentiment Elvis ever offered socially is encapsulated in the MLK inspired anthem, If I Can Dream, which led to intermission.After a break, the audience went back to their seats, and were treated to The Sweet Inspirations taking the lead for their namesake tune. Then Also Sprach Zarathustra played as if it was summoning the King back to his faithful followers. Shawn Klush heard the call, and the audience emitted an air of confidence that a most rare wine had emerged and been opened for them to drink. The perception in the audience was that things were just taken up a notch. Shawn Klush emerged on his game, and was hungry to claim the victory over the challenge set before him. See See Ryder, Burning Love, You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me, and Polk Salad Annie were offered rapid fire. The songs were full of bursting confidence stemming from the assurance Klush had in his abilities. Klush’s performance is easily identifiable by fans as the classiest and closest that they will find honoring Elvis as a tribute artist. They expressed this sentiment collectively all evening. The overwhelming buzz among the crowd is in Klush, with D.J. and the Sweet Inspirations the audience was certain to be witnessing the most original and moving tribute to Elvis.Festivities moved along with a fine bluesy rendition of Steamroller Blues, a rollicking Johnny B. Goode, Suspicious Minds, An American Trilogy, and closed out with the signature goodnight of Elvis, Can’t Help Falling in Love. The crowd held a collective yearning to witness images from their lives that are pressed between the pages of their minds. The Elvis Tribute Artist Spectacular is about just that; Allowing people to go back in time and see before them their fondest memories. Tonight that mission was accomplished with class, consideration, and and more talent that Elvis could have shaken a scepter at.The Sweet Inspirations have agreed to an appearance on Bob Wilson’s Antennae Radio. The date is to soon be determined. The link to the show can be found on the Bob Wilson Antennae Radio page, located on Facebook. Shawn Klush and D.J. Fontana may be on board to join them.[Cover Photo by Kacper Jarecki]last_img read more

North Korea warns of retaliatory actions over defectors in South

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first_imgHer statement, which did not say what the next action could be, came days after South Korea took legal action against defectors who have been sending material such as rice and anti-North leaflets, usually by balloon over the heavily fortified border or in bottles by sea.North Korea said it has been angered by the defectors and in the past week severed inter-Korean hotlines and threatened to close a liaison office between the two governments.As part of the effort to improve ties with the North, South Korean President Moon Jae-in’s administration has sought to discourage the leaflet and rice campaigns, and defectors have complained of pressure to avoid criticism of North Korea.On Sunday, South Korea’s National Security Council meeting was held with security and diplomatic chiefs in attendance, “to examine the current situation of the (Korean) peninsula,” the presidential Blue House said without elaborating further. Separately, South Korea’s Unification Ministry released a statement asking the North to honour inter-Korean agreements reached in the past.”The South and the North should try to honour all inter-Korean agreements reached,” the ministry said in a statement.”The government is taking the current situation seriously.”The escalation of tension comes a day ahead of the 20th anniversary of the first inter-Korean summit in 2000, which pledged increased dialogue and cooperation between the two states.In 2018, the leaders of the two countries signed a declaration agreeing to work for the “complete denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula” and cease “hostile acts.”Analysts say North Korea appears to be using the leaflet issue to increase pressure on South Korea amid stalled denuclearisation talks.”The leaflets are an excuse or justification to raise the ante, manufacture a crisis, and bully Seoul to get what it wants,” said Duyeon Kim, a senior advisor at the International Crisis Group, a Belgium-based independent non-profit organisation.Pyongyang feels betrayed and misled by Seoul’s prediction that the United States would lift some sanctions in exchange for North Korea closing its nuclear reactor site, and is upset that leaflets and U.S.-South Korea military drills continue, Kim said.”They’re upset that Seoul has done nothing to change the environment and is again telling Seoul to stay out of its nuclear talks with Washington,” she added.Topics : The sister of North Korea’s leader has warned of retaliatory measures against South Korea that could involve the military, in the latest escalation of tensions over defectors from the North who have been sending back propaganda and food.Kim Yo Jong, who serves unofficially as one of Kim Jong Un’s top aides, issued the warning in a statement carried by state news agency KCNA on Saturday.”By exercising my power authorized by the Supreme Leader, our Party and the state, I gave an instruction to the … department in charge of the affairs with (the) enemy to decisively carry out the next action,” Kim said.last_img read more

U.S. Open 2019: How Rory McIlroy, Brooks Koepka, others will attack Pebble Beach

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first_imgPEBBLE BEACH, Calif. — If Pebble Beach promised anything its first few days at the 2019 U.S. Open, it’s that golfers will be in for a surprise at almost every turn.The weather is unpredictable as players are first greeted with the promise of sun only to have the scenic views obstructed by fog rolling in from the ocean, like it did Wednesday. The course is difficult as the fairways are narrower and greens that could change on the USGA’s command — or Mother Nature’s. The field is the toughest yet as golfers stare down impressive records and look to continue hot streaks. U.S. Open 2019: Brooks Koepka constantly tries to prove himself wrong U.S. Open 2019: Jason Day says he’s ‘underachieved,’ but new caddy Steve Williams will help Whatever works, right? Well, for one golfer it will mean a U.S. Open championship.Here’s how 5 players will attack Pebble BeachBrooks Koepka”I’ve said it the last time, there’s so much pressure. There’s so many guys that shoot themselves out of it just because it’s a major. They change their game plan from a normal week to this week, added pressure of I’ve got to play well this week.”You never know what’s going to happen. Yes, it is a shorter golf course, but you’ve still got to find the fairway. You’ve still got to hit it close, and you still have to make putts. It doesn’t make it any different than any other golf course. Obviously the views make it a little different. But you’ve still got to go out there and execute.”Rickie Fowler”To me I look at Pebble as not necessarily a place that the more you play it you have an advantage, necessarily. It’s a pretty straightforward golf course. There’s only a couple of tee shots that are somewhat blind that you need to just make sure that you’re comfortable on lines. It’s pretty much right in front of you. Very small greens.”So it’s — I love that about it. It’s not very tricky. You hit it in a lot of the middle of the greens here, and you’re going to be in a good position. So, no, I’ve played well here. I had a chance to win. …”But how could you not like this place and get good vibes, especially the last couple of days with the weather we’ve had and just makes you feel good. It’s a beautiful place.”Jason Day”You have to keep reinforcing positive things. And that’s what I need to do most, is just slowly keep reinforcing that — whether I’m going to get back to No. 1 in the world or I am a good player. Hopefully over time that self-reinforcement of positivity will sooner or later go into my golf game and give me confidence. And I’m definitely guilty of that. I’m on the golf course sometimes and I’m thinking negative things. That’s human nature.” U.S. Open 2019: Tiger Woods explains why he was better at the Masters than the PGA For some like Brooks Koepka, they will stick to their usual script, and like Rickie Fowler will remain calm as they face the challenges that await at the start of play Thursday.Some, including Jason Day, will make sure they take the necessary steps to ensure their mental game is equal to their golf game and others, like Jon Rahm, will use familiarity — in some cases a unique familiarity — to try and conquer Pebble. Related News Rory McIlroy “If you look at the length of this golf course, and it’s obviously not one of the longest golf courses that we play all year, but there’s so many approach shots, if you do drive it well, between sort of 130 and 150 yards, obviously there’s some approach shots that are much longer than that as well, but I just wanted to give myself every possible option in terms of yardages and shots that I could play.”And if I’ve learned one thing about the U.S. Open overall these years is your distance control has to be spot on. That was the reason for putting that extra wedge in. And I got a nice bit of practice with it last week, and feeling good about the setup. …”I sort of started to think about the setup that I needed for this week a few weeks ago. I’ve played two tournaments with that setup, and it’s worked pretty well.”Jon Rahm”Where I grew up in Northern Spain, it’s somewhat similar to California. Very similar coastline and very similar golf courses. So I feel comfortable.”And I think the second reason was growing up in poa annua, poa annua greens, it’s something that I’m comfortable on. I’m comfortable reading those greens. And more so than any other week I know that we’re going to miss putts. It just happens when poa annua comes. And it’s just hard to make them. Unless you’re Tiger in 2000, you don’t miss a putt inside 6-10 feet. That rarely happens. If you can be patient and have a decent putting week, you’re definitely going to probably beat the average on the golf course.”last_img read more

Tiger’s back…Get ready for a Masters like no other

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first_imgby Jim LitkeAP Sports Columnist (AP)—They mocked him mercilessly for four solid months and delighted in every sordid detail of his fall from grace.Now it’s Tiger Woods’ turn.“After a long and necessary time away from the game,” Woods said in a statement March 16, “I feel like I’m ready to start my season at Augusta.” Don’t bet against him winning the Masters, or for that matter, dozens of times after that. The bookies won’t, since the London-based firm William Hill has installed Woods as the 4-1 favorite and lists him at 25-1 to win all four majors this year.Woods might have done that, anyway, whether the sex scandal that sidelined him eventually became public or not. Keep in mind that if even half the stories of his extramarital flings are true, he won a dozen times around the world knowing full well that secret could blow up at any moment.Whether Woods is a changed man away from the course is something only his family and closest friends will be able to answer. But knowing as much—or as little, it turns out—as I do after covering Woods since he was 15, one thing is certain: The self-righteous, self-promoting and self-appointed experts offering opinions and/or advice have provided him with enough motivation to last the rest of his golfing life.It’s not as though Woods needed any more, or even that winning again would somehow scrub off the stain of serial adultery.No matter how he fares at Augusta and beyond, whether he returns in some fan-friendly incarnation or as the same steely-eyed predator, Woods will always be reminded of those sins. The sponsors who walked away from him may never come back. He knows that.But winning will restore a measure of control over the narrative in a way that months of relative silence have failed to accomplish. It will also deny all those haters any more satisfaction at his expense. And if you think he burned white-hot to win before, just wait.We used to make a big deal of the story about a young Tiger taping a list of Jack Nicklaus’ accomplishments to his bedroom wall, and the single-minded devotion Woods invested to beat Nicklaus to every one of them. Next we speculated about whether losing his father or starting a family would detour or eventually derail that pursuit. Then, as the last milestone on Jack’s list—18 career majors—came into view, we wondered whether Woods could be as tenacious as Nicklaus and for as long.The guys he will have to do it against have few doubts.“He’s not going to be a whole lot easier to beat because of what happened off the golf course,” Stewart Cink said.Echoed Jerry Kelly: “He may come back and say, ‘You think this is going to bother me that bad? Maybe it is. But watch what I can do.’”Either way, we’re about to find out. The one thing no one ever questioned about Woods was his ruthlessness. Every fan in his gallery and every guy who played alongside him came away with a story about how cold-blooded Woods could be in moments big and small. Turns out all of those versions sold him short.What we’ve learned in the intervening months is that Woods was willing to risk anything and everything to get what he wants. And no matter what else remains at the top of his list, winning isn’t going anywhere. That was apparent, first by his unwillingness to bend to other people’s expectations and apologize, and then, once Woods got it through his stubborn skull that wouldn’t work, by reversing course. He went to rehab. He went on camera. He said he was sorry.That wasn’t enough for some people and won’t ever be enough for others. Yet the only ones Woods harmed were his wife and those closest to him, and he’ll be paying that debt forever.Winning golf tournaments won’t even any of those scores, let alone all of them. But it’s as good a way as any to prove that for all the things that might be different about Woods, one thing will never change.(Jim Litke is a national sports columnist for The Associated Press. Write to him at jlitke(at)ap.org.) READY TO END LAYOFF—In this April 8, 2009, file photo, Tiger Woods smiles during his practice round for the Masters golf tournament at the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Ga. last_img read more

Nelson’s Coleton Dawson California dreaming

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first_img“He is the kind of player I like to work with and mold . . . can’t teach a kid the will to compete and toughness.”The 19-year-old Dawson, who played all his minor hockey in Nelson, got his start playing three games as an affiliate with Leafs.The next season started with Beaver Valley Nitehawks before finishing the season in Grand Forks.Last season with Grand Forks and Revelstoke Grizzlies Dawson played in 48 games, finishing with seven goals and 13 assists.Ontario currently sits fifth in the Western Division of the WSHL, 20 points behind division leading Fresno Monsters.Shaw said the Western States Hockey League is similar to the KIJHL as a young, developmental league.“Our goal is the same, having moved over 15 players to the USHL, NAHL and NCAA Div. 3 programs, as well as Tier 2 programs up North in the last three years,” he said.Shaw said the biggest difference between the WSHL and the KIJHL is the import rule, allowing up to 12 players from outside the USA.“A lot of European players that give the games and each team a diverse look,” he said. After spending three seasons in the Kootenay International Junior Hockey League, mostly with the Grand Forks Border Bruins, Nelson product Coleton Dawson has given up the cold winters of BC for warmer Californian climate after signing with the Ontario Avalanche of the Western States Hockey League. “I acquired Coleton about three weeks ago,” said Avs head coach Chris Shaw, who also held a similar position with the Nelson Leafs of the KIJHL.“He was a player that I really like when he was 15 years old when he played for us in Nelson as an affiliate player.”The 6’2”, 200-pound Dawson has two assists in nine games for the fifth-place Ontario Avalanche Junior A hockey team.“Coleton has a very solid skill set which I feel gets over looked (as) everyone seems to look at his penalty minutes,” Shaw explained.last_img read more


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first_img              PICTURE SPECIAL: MARK AND RYAN McHUGH ARE GUESTS AT FIRST DAY OF MICHAELA CAMP was last modified: July 13th, 2015 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:letterkennyMichaela CamoMichaela foundation DONEGAL star Ryan and Mark McHugh were special guests at the first day of the Michaela Camp at Loreto Letterkenny on Monday.The camps are run all over Ireland – and are named after Michaela McAreavey, the daughter of Tyrone manager Mickey Harte, murdered on honeymoon three in 2011.The camps are aimed at providing a fun environment for young girls this summer, with an ethos of respect for all. last_img read more

Norwegian brings long-haul low-cost flights to Barcelona

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first_imgNorwegian Air Shuttle will add the Spanish city of Barcelona to its growing Boeing 787 network when it launches long-haul low-cost flights from the airport next year.The low-cost cost airline will also ramp up its network from Copenhagen, Denmark, to the U.S. with a new non-stop service to Oakland International Airport (OAK), one of the three international airports in the San Francisco Bay, from March. And the airline’s CEO Bjorn Kjos has hinted it is planning more long-haul flights. “Our low-cost long-haul growth between Europe & the U.S. has only just started,” he told Bloomberg TV.Barcelona El Prat Airport, which features a stunning new terminal, will be Norwegian’s seventh European base offering long-haul services, joining Copenhagen, London Gatwick, Oslo, Paris, Stockholm and the Norwegian city of Bergen. It also offers flights from Guadeloupe and Martinique in the French Caribbean to the U.S.From June 5, Norwegian will connect the Spanish city with direct flights to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), Oakland, New York’s Newark Liberty International and Fort Lauderdale in Miami.  Norwegian’s flights to Newark (EWR) will be the carrier’s first from that New York City-area airport.The airline already flies to New York’s JFK airport, with year-round service from the European destinations of Copenhagen, London Gatwick, Oslo and Stockholm and seasonal services Guadeloupe and Martinique.Norwegian’s long-haul operations in Barcelona will begin with two Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft permanently based at the airport, where passengers can connect to the airline’s short-haul network.The low-cost carrier will offer 325,000 seats on its intercontinental services from Barcelona during the first full year of operations of its long-haul base there. Of these, 170,000 seats are to California – divided equally between Oakland and Los Angeles.Norwegian’s Barcelona – Oakland route will be the only direct, non-stop route between San Francisco and any Spanish airport.Kjos, who founded Norwegian, described the launch of direct flights between Barcelona and the U.S.  as a “new milestone” for the airline.“Spain is an important market for us where we have been very well received since we launched here,” he said. “Many Spaniards choose to fly Norwegian on domestic Spanish routes and routes to other parts of Europe. An increasing number of Americans also fly with us to Europe, and we look forward to welcoming even more travelers from both sides of the Atlantic.”The four new long-haul routes from Barcelona “is only the first step in what promises to be a long journey,” Kjos said, vowing that Norwegian will “develop the full potential of long-haul opertions from Barcelona, ”‹”‹adding more frequencies and more routes than we announced today.”All Norwegian’s long-haul flights are operated with a new fleet of Boeing 787 Dreamliners. Its 787-8s are configured with a capacity of 291 seats, including 32 seats in premium economy and 259 in standard economy class, while the larger 787-9 has 344 seats (35 in the premium cabin and 309 in the economy cabin).Premium service includes a dedicated check-in counter, additional luggage allowance, fast track security, lounge access, priority boarding, seats with a 19-inch width and a 46-inch pitch “sleeper seats, all meals and drinks.  All seats are equipped with touch-screen interactive IFE TV screens and all its 787s are WiFi enabled.At present, Norwegian has a fleet of 11 Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 engines powered Dreamliners, which will increase to 42 units in 2020.The four new U.S. routes from Barcelona will operate throughout the year, according to the following schedule:Barcelona – Los Angeles: Begins June 5 with twice-weekly service rising to three-times-a-week from August 22.Barcelona – Newark: Begins June 6 with twice-weekly service rising to four-times-a-week from August 22.Barcelona – Oakland: Begins June 7 with twice-weekly service rising to three-times-a-week August 22.Barcelona – Fort Lauderdale:  Twice-weekly service from Aug. 22.Copenhagen – Oakland: Begins March 28 with twice-weekly service.Norwegian offers a total 44 routes to the U.S., 37 of which are from Europe and seven are from the French Caribbean. Upcoming routes to the U.S. include Las Vegas from London launching on October 31; Las Vegas from Oslo launching on November 1; and Fort Lauderdale from Guadeloupe launching on December 17.last_img read more

SA, Senegal to cooperate in agriculture

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first_img2 October 2013 South Africa and Senegal signed cooperation agreements in agriculture and arts and culture on Tuesday as President Jacob Zuma’s state visit to the west African country got under way. “The signing of these two agreements demonstrates that both people-to-people relations, as well as agro-industrial partnership for development, are important to our relationship,” Zuma said after his meeting in Dakar with Senegalese President Macky Sall. Zuma added that there was considerable scope for increased cooperation between South Africa and Senegal in trade and economic development, energy, and mining beneficiation, among other areas. Zuma is being accompanied on his trip by a delegation of businesspeople, who were set to take part in the South Africa-Senegal Business Forum on Wednesday. “We have also discussed the need to strengthen the African Union to ensure that it plays its role effectively to promote socio-economic development and peace and stability in the continent,” Zuma said in a statement following his meeting with President Sall. Sall is the chairperson of Nepad’s Heads of State and Government Orientation Committee, which dovetails with Zuma’s role as chairperson of the African Union’s Presidential Infrastructure Championing Initiative. South Africa and Senegal needed to contribute more to the building of stronger regional economic communities, which were the building blocks of the African Union, Zuma said. “Both of us are also only too aware of the importance of investing in infrastructure development on the continent so that we can better promote regional economic integration, intra-Africa trade and tourism.” Source: SAnews.gov.zalast_img read more

Climbers to take on Kilimanjaro for Mandela Day

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first_imgCaring4Girls is a programme under the Imbumba Foundation. Richard Mabaso is the founder of Imbumba. (Image: Nelson Mandela Foundation)There was great excitement when the 27 climbers of the Trek4Mandela campaign got together yesterday to start their journey to climb Africa’s highest mountain.Sport Minister Fikile Mbalula and Miss South Africa Liesl Laurie were among those at the send-off event in Johannesburg earlier today.Mbalula said that he planned to join the climbers in summiting Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro, at 5 895m above sea level, in 2016. He also pledged R100 000 to the campaign this year.Trek4Mandela, an initiative for Nelson Mandela International Day, is in its fourth year. It benefits Caring4Girls, a programme to provide sanitary towels and menstrual hygiene information to underprivileged girls in rural communities. Since it was established in 2012, Trek4Mandela has attracted massive interest from the government, the private sector and NGOs locally and internationally.It has generated support for over 50 000 beneficiaries, mainly in Mpumalanga, KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng.Many of the climbers – as well as those sending them off – made known their enthusiasm on social media:Take action. Inspire change, make everyday a #MandelaDay. Kicking off the @Trek4Mandela climb with @flysaa pic.twitter.com/5bB4aRDahZ— Liesl Laurie (@LieslLaurie) July 13, 2015Equality for our children must be a reality. #MyHeroes #Trek4Mandela https://t.co/2rrjnmZJWe— Greg Maloka (@GregMaloka) July 13, 2015#Trek4Mandela climbers leaving their footprints as they ready for their symbolic Long Walk to Freedom #Caring4Girls pic.twitter.com/2AM4pSL2tx— NelsonMandela (@NelsonMandela) July 13, 2015The #Trek4Mandela team as they ready to leave South Africa for their summit of Mt Kilimanjaro #GirlChild #Dignity pic.twitter.com/YlxUXC6qol— NelsonMandela (@NelsonMandela) July 13, 2015Good luck to the #Trek4Mandela team. That is a real #MotivationMonday ahead of #MandelaDay. Long live the legacy of #NelsonMandela— Real Steven Taylor (@StevenTaylorSA) July 13, 2015These are @GerriLiive ‘s blinged out hiking shoes for #Trek4Mandela . What do you think? #180OnFridays pic.twitter.com/WdxJSeRoep— 180 with Bob (@180withBOB) July 10, 2015Why the climb?The climb is led by Sibusiso Vilane, the first black African to summit Mount Everest, and the founder of the Imbumba Foundation, Richard Mabaso. It celebrates Madiba’s legacy through supporting the education of South African girls who cannot afford sanitary towels.Yase Godlo, the manager of Mandela Day and Outreach at the Nelson Mandela Foundation, said to the South African Broadcasting Corporation that the objective of the climb was to help 270 000 girls across the country, or “30 000 girls per province”.It has been reported that girls miss up to 50 days of school a year each because they cannot afford sanitary towels.The climbers expect to summit Kilimanjaro by 18 July, Madiba’s birthday and Nelson Mandela International Day. There are 27 climbers in the group, one for each year that Mandela was in prison. They include hip-hop artist Proverb and television news presenter Leanne Manas. Each climber aims to raise at least R1.5-million for Caring4Girls.They will return to South Africa on 20 July. For more information on how you can contribute, visit the Nelson Mandela Foundation site. You can also sms the word “girlchild” to 42513 to pledge R30.last_img read more

Nobles Relisting Plans Face a Hurdle

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first_imgzoomIllustration; Image Courtesy: Pxhere under CC 2.0 license Singapore authorities have decided to block a restructuring plan of Noble Group Limited (NGL) by not allowing the commodity trader to transfer its listing status to New Noble.This was announced in a joint statement issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), Singapore Police Force and Singapore Exchange Regulation (SGX Regco).As explained, the decision follows “a careful review” of the findings to-date from the ongoing investigations into NGL and Noble Resources International (NRI) by MAS, the Commercial Affairs Department (CAD) of the Singapore Police Force, and the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).“MAS and SGX RegCo have concluded that there are significant uncertainties about the financial position of New Noble,” the parties said.“It would be imprudent to allow the re-listing as investors will not be able to trade in New Noble’s shares on an informed basis,” they pointed out.Reacting on the above decision, NGL said it “intends to stake steps to preserve value for stakeholders, including through implementation of the restructuring by an alternative process.”Noble, once the biggest Asian commodity company, has seen its stock price fall since 2015 after Iceberg Research started questioning Noble’s accounts. Noble was accused of fraudulent behavior as it allegedly overvalued its assets and underreported debt. In order to ensure its survival, Noble has been disposing of its assets and reducing its workforce.Last month, Singapore authorities said they were investigating suspected false and misleading statements and breaches of disclosure requirements under the Securities and Futures Act by Noble.What is more, the authorities also investigated potential non-compliance with accounting standards by Noble’s subsidiary NRI.On December 6, the authorities said they have been carefully reviewing since 2015 the allegations raised by various parties against NGL and following up on information and leads provided.Notwithstanding the clean audit opinions issued by NGL’s statutory auditors for financial years 2014, 2015 and 2016, the authorities continued to gather and review information. This included information relating to the substantial write-downs that were announced by NGL in late 2017 and early 2018.The review of this and other information provided the basis for authorities to commence overt investigations into potential breaches of Singapore’s laws, according to the authorities.last_img read more